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Street Build Twin Engine Eclipse - Two Engine Car / Spinalsign5357 .

Mitsubishi Eclipse N/T

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  1. JKSleepers
    I’m digging this 100%
  2. Spinalsign5357
    I gotta redesign and match the left side , as you can see in the Twin Engine Eclipse Front End Pic. 4 , compared to pic. 3 , it's different . 7/14/2020 .
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  3. Spinalsign5357
  4. sep596
    Gonna have to see actual pics not just exterior ones. That 0-170 is suspect how did metal panels not go out flying unless the mph is non calibrated correctly
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  5. BLACK'98DSM
    No offense man, but nobody else will say it so I will. This thing is awfully ugly. It is for sure the goofiest Eclipse any of us here have ever seen. You keep saying that you're doing weight reductions, but the whole car is made of that crazy metal which is way heavier than stock! And sand, how'd you manage to cover your whole car in sand? And what's up with the Camaro front end? LOL

    No bad intentions with this comment. I think it's sick that you have a twin engine Eclipse. That's cool and fast as hell. But the external designing and execution definitely could've turned out better. Just something to think about a bit... Good luck on your future ventures and projects,

    - Solomon
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  6. Spinalsign5357
    Running both engines it's awd . Running single , it's either fwd or rwd .
  7. BLACK'98DSM
    Some pictures of your drive shaft setup would be interesting.
    Like how you have 2 engines driving the same wheels. Is it FWD RWD AWD?

    For the Eclipse I mean. I can't wait to see this...
  8. Spinalsign5357
    The Geo is twin engine now .
  9. Spinalsign5357
  10. Anthony909
    I’m sorry but this is goofy looking. probably will smash on me if you mean twin turbo instead of twin engine but probably still be dying when passing meno offense btw
      rabenne, bling5tatus and BLACK'98DSM like this.
  11. Spinalsign5357
    It's sand . I don't have a great camera , so to capture the full detail , I'd have to move in real close and take a photo . I did that awhile back in a clip " Washy-washy " . Also in a prior build thread , that they deleted . It was a great example to a large fraction of what the internet is . Even amongst' those " knowledgeable " to a specific car brand .
  12. BLACK'98DSM
    It looks like the car was coated in concrete. What's up with that texture?
  13. Spinalsign5357
  14. mitsuowner1991
    That eclipse is crazyyy!! Bout to go check out your tube..
  15. Spinalsign5357
    Last front end pic . It will be slightly different down the road , but that's the base . 6/2/2019 .
  16. BLACK'98DSM
    Why did you make it look like a Camaro? That's blasphemy!
  17. Spinalsign5357
    Geo pic with fenders is more progression than what's shown in the current video 4/23/2019 .
  18. bling5tatus
    Lol, on the 4th picture the cutout for the rear wheel is all heeee heeee heeee heeeeeeeeeee.
      BLACK'98DSM likes this.
  19. Spinalsign5357
  20. 99-420a
    Since you have both the 6g and the 420a, do they both have the same inlet on the fuel rail? I am asking because a 6g inlet looks to be similar to the 420a and could be very useful for doing -an lines since no one seems to make a 420a adaptor.
    1. Spinalsign5357
      I have a 1995 ( 420a ) , which has a return . 1996-1999 don't , if I remember right . It might not do you any good , telling you , unless your car has a return fuel system . And , I don't know if the return-less , differ in size .
      Spinalsign5357, Jul 8, 2018
    2. 99-420a
      I have the 99 returnless style. Was just curious if it fit any years. Seems not many people have done things much other then off the shelf or same ol stuff with the 420a and if so haven't documented
      99-420a, Jul 8, 2018
    3. Spinalsign5357
      There's nothing needed to the fuel system , until you start make 10 or more hp . Sometimes visiting , a local " U-Pull-and-Pay " junkyard , may be best , for different model type questions .
      Spinalsign5357, Jul 9, 2018
  21. 99-420a
    Can we get some details of how you have the power going down and why you wanted to do this?
    1. Spinalsign5357
      I shift both motors together , so they're push and pulling . This is my second twin engine project . The first , I sold off , and was semi complete , due to money shortage . This time , with more experience , and a better game plan . I was able to pull it through . Now , what's left , is busy work ( light interior / cosmetic ) . As I'm gearing up , for the next one ...
      Spinalsign5357, Jul 8, 2018
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