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Drag Race Build twicks69's Eclipse GSX

Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
  • Ownership Status:
    Currently Own
    Turbo Type:
    GT42 Variant
    Transmission Type:
    Build Type:
    • Drag Race
    Intake: K&N 5” inlet 7”X12” Air Filter, 5”-Diameter Aluminum Intake Pipe.

    Intake Manifold / Throttle Body: Beyond Redline Performance Sheet Metal Intake Manifold with 1991 60mm Throttle Body Swap.

    Valve Cover: Frontline Fabrication Billet 6061 Aluminum Valve Cover with -10AN Fragola 100010 low-profile banjo fittings. Matching COP plate

    Intercooler: Custom 2.5” Powder-Coated Stainless Steel Short Route Intercooler Pipes, Precision Turbo 34”x12”x 3.5” Large Intercooler Core with Cast End Tanks, TiAL Q BOV. Turbo Smart Manual Boost Controller, -4AN Vacuum Lines, Custom Cold Air Ducting, Custom Headlight Vent.

    Wastegate: TiAL 44mm HP Dual Spring (29.5 psi) External Wastegate, Divided Turbine Housing Feed.

    TURBO: Borg Warner S400sx3 74mm Turbocharger P/N:177101:

    EXHAUST: DNP Performance T04 304 Stainless Steel w/ Ceramic Coating, Tubular Equal Length Exhaust Manifold w/ TiAL 44mm Divided Wastegate Flange, 304 Stainless Steel Tubular External Wastegate Atmospheric Dump Tube, Custom 4.0” to 3.5” Mandrel Bend 304 Stainless Steel Down Pipe with Flex Section, 3.5”x 18.0” Burns Stainless Steel Muffler to 4" 18-gauge 6061 Aluminum "cat-back", with heat wrap.

    IGNITION: 300M Coils with Mil-Spec harness, NGK BR8ES Spark Plugs on E85/C16 mix or NGK BR9ES Spark Plugs on C16, DynaTek ARC-2 Ignition, Odyssey PC680 Dry Cell Battery, Modified Jay Racing Alternator Relocation Bracketry with Saturn 220A Alternator.

    FUEL: Race Components Inc (RCI / AFI) 2200cc High-Impedance Fuel Injectors Primaries, Race Components Inc (RCI / AFI) 1000cc High Impedance Fuel Injectors Secondaries, Twin Walboro 255L HP Fuel Pumps In-Tank Hardwired, and Twin Walboro 255L HP Pump In-Lines Hardwired, Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, Aeromotive Fuel Rail w/ Twin -6AN feed fittings and center-mounted –6AN return fitting, -6AN Aeroquip XRP Stainless Lines w/ Reusable Fittings for Feed and –8AN Return From AFPR to Tank, Frontline Fabrication 2G AWD Custom 10-gallon Bolt-In Fuel Cell with in-tank pickup assembly and 3x -10AN external fittings.

    COOLING: Custom C&R Race Radiator, EVO III Oil Filter Housing w/ Large Setrab Remote Oil Cooler, Aeroquip -10 XRP Stainless Lines w/ Reusable Fittings, SPAL 12" Cooling Fan, Davies Craig EWP115 Electric Water Pump with Pump/Fan Controller, Frontline Fabrication Custom Water Neck and Water Pump Blockoff with -16AN Aeroquip Startlite and -20AN BMRS Icore Ultra-Light Hoses.
    Block: 7-Bolt Split Thrust Bearing; Balanced, Blueprinted, Line Honed Mains,
    Torque Plate Bored, Balanced Rotating Assembly, Bore 0.005” Over.

    Displacement: 2.3L

    Bore & Stroke (mm): 85.125mm & 100.0mm.

    Compression Ratio: ~7.5 : 1

    Pistons: CP Custom Stroke, Custom Pin Height, 0.005" Overbore.

    Coatings: Piston Skirts: Xylan 1010 Low Coefficient 0.002”.

    Piston Rings: Total Seal Customs.

    Rods: Custom Oversize Groden Aluminum Rods.

    Wrist Pins: Custom CP 23mm 0.220”-Wall Tool Steel Pins.

    Locks: Wire Locks

    Rod Bearings: Mitsubishi Aluminum with Custom Machinework for Groden Rods Locator Dowels.

    Rod Bolts: ARP L19 Oversize Rod Bolts.

    Crank: 2.4L 4G64 7-Bolt Stroker, from 2002 Kia Optima.

    Main Bearings: Clevite Custom Split Thrust 99-Spec Bearings.

    Main Studs: ARP - 8740 Alloy.

    CYLINDER HEAD: 1991 Cylinder Head Swap w/ Valve Job; BogusSVO port work.

    Head Gasket: Mitsubishi Multi Layer Steel (OEM).

    Head Studs: ARP CA625 Alloy 7-Bolt.

    Camshafts: Crower Custom’s ~292i/292e, High-Lift Cams.

    Cam Gears: HKS (X 2).

    Valves: Ferrea 1mm-Oversize Stainless Steel Swirl-Polished Back-Cut Valves.

    Valve Guides: GSC Shorty Bronze Valve Guides.

    Valve Seals: FFWD Connection “Low Rider” Viton Performance Valve Seals.

    Valve Springs: Supertech High Spring Rate Dual Valve Springs.

    Retainers: Supertech Titanium.

    Valve Cover: Frontline Fabrication Billet Aluminum Cover w/ Fragola -10AN low-profile Banjo Bolt Hose Connections.
    Mods-EMS & Logging:
    AEM EMS, AEM 5-Bar MAP Sensor, GM AIT Sensor.

    PLX M300 Wideband Gauge, Autometer Ultralite 30-0-45psi Boost Gauge, Autometer Ultralite 2 Coolant Temp Gauge, Autometer Ultralite 2 Oil Pressure Electric Gauge, Mach-V Molded 2-Gauge Center Vent Panel, Boost Gauge Mounted on Autometer Cage Mount Gauge Pod.
    Transmission: TMZ Performance Full Race Custom Stage 4 Cryo-treated/Shot-Peened Transmission, with Evo 1 Tall 1st/2nd & HD DSM 3rd/4th Gearset, Evo 3 5th Gearset, HD Synchros, Modified Rails, HD Shift Forks, HD 3/4 Hub/Slider Upgrade, Center Differential Spool, Ralliart Clutch-Type LSD Front Differential, B&M Short Shifter, Symborski Steel Shifter Base Bushings, Torque Solution Shifter Linkage Bushings, Hal's Cable Bracket Aluminum Bushings, Custom 90A Urethane Motor and Transmission Mounts.

    Rear Differential: Evo 8 Clutch-Type Differential with Clutch Pack Modifications, TRE Ninja 4130 chromoly steel side cover, Frontline Fabrication Billet Rear Differential Cover with Load Bolts, Boston Hatcher Billet Aluminum 4-Mount bracketry.

    Front Axles: Raxles Race Front Axles w/Custom Outer Cups, ARP wheel Studs

    Rear Axles: DSS Stage 5 Rear Race Axles and Wheel Bearing Assembly with ARP Wheel Studs and Pro Series Evo 8 Inner Cups w/ 300M shaft and 6-Ball CV's.

    Clutch: Quarter Master Gear-Drive 7.25” V-Drive 7b AWD RACE Twin Disk with Race Friction Disks (7#), Competition Clutch Forged Steel Clutch Fork, OEM Pivot Ball, OEM TOB, OEM Clutch Master/Slave.

    Driveshaft: DSS 2-Piece Aluminum 3.5" HD Driveshaft w/ Upgraded Yoke.

    Transfer Case: Boostin Performance 300M Output Upgrade w/ Modified Tail Housing, Frontline Fabrication Custom Billet Aluminum TCase Brace.

    Safety: ThreeSpeed Stainless Steel Scatter Shield, Metal Valve Stems, Frontline Fabrication Front and Rear Driveshaft Loops.

    FRONT: K-Sport Kontrol Pro Fully Adjustable Coilover Kits (36-Way Adjustable Dampening, Adjustable Spring Perch, Adjustable Body and Pillow-Ball Mounts), Specialty Products Billet Aluminum Adjustable Camber/Caster Control Arms with HP Ball Joints and Urethane Bushings.
    REAR: K-Sport Kontrol Pro Coilovers w/ 550# springs preloaded to 985#, Ingalls Camber Correction Kit, Deleted Rear Sway Bar.

    FRONT: 12.2” Custom TMZ-Spec Vented and Scalloped UltraLight-Weight 2-Piece Rotors with Custom Coleman Hats and Modified TCE Caliper Bracketry, Wilwood Forged Super Light 4-Piston Floating Calipers, Wilwood Race "P-Friction" Pads, Earls’ Stainless Steel Lines.
    REAR: 11.75" Custom TMZ-Spec Drilled/Vented/Scalloped UltraLight-Weight 2-Piece Rotors with Custom Wilwood Hats, Custom TMZ Performance Caliper Bracketry, Wilwood Forged Dynalite 4-Piston Floating Calipers, Wilwood Street/Track "E" Pads, Earls’ Stainless Steel Lines.

    Wheels (street): 17”x7.5” Rota Sub Zeros – Steel Gray.
    Tires (street): 245/40/17 M&H / Scott CamberTire R-Compound Tires.
    Wheels (race): 16”x7” Rota Slipstreams – Flat Black.
    Tires (race): 26”x9.5”x16” Hoosier Quick Time Pro DOT-Approved Slicks.
    Parts Wishlist:
    Other parts/safety:
    Fire Suit: Sparco Pro Driver 3-Layer Nomex 1-Piece Suit, SFI 3.2A/5
    Helmet: HJC FS-15 Carbon Custom w/ Iridium Lens, SNELL SA2005/ SFI 31.2A
    Neck Collar: RCI, SFI 3.3
    Shoes: Sparco Race Model Nomex Shoes and Nomex Socks, SFI 3.3A/5
    Gloves: Impact Pro Race Gloves, SFI 3.3
    FE-36 Fire Supression System
    Shooting for 8's in street mode. 3310# vehicle weight. 7-bolt 2.3L, 5-speed with helical / synchro gears, full panel and interior street car.
  • 1/4 Mile E/T:
    1/4 Mile MPH:
    1/8 Mile E/T:
    1/8 Mile MPH:
    60' Time:
    Timeslip Video Link:
    Watch Video
    Timeslip Photo Link:
    Timeslip Details:
    Track Name : Great Lakes Dragaway
    Nitrous : No
    Fuel Used : 93 Octane
    Vehicle Weight : 3250
    Tires : DOT Slicks
    Altitude : 800
    Sponsored Car : no
    Dyno HP:
    1020 bhp
    Dyno TQ:
    720 lb/ft
    Dyno Type:
    Dyno Sheet Photo Link:
    Dyno Video Link:
    Watch Video
    Dyno Shop Name:
    Late Model Throttle, Waukesha, WI
    Dyno Session Details:
    Nitrous : No Nitrous
    Fuel Used : Race gas
    Turbo : BW 74mm
    Boost : 48
  • 779AWHP at 41psi on a partial dyno run - Tim Zimmer - Twicks69
    Here's a short vid of my Eclipse on the dyno with the new engine for 2009 running a 7-bolt stroker with aluminum rods and custom pistons on a Borg Warner S400SX 74mm turbo with a 1.1 A/R divided T4 housing.

    The dyno pull was cut short at 6400rpm due to maxing out the twin fuel pumps and 1350cc fuel injectors.

    More to come next year!

    640AWHP at 30psi - Tim Zimmer - twicks69
    Tim Zimmer's 1999 Eclipse GSX 7-bolt street-driven 2.3L Stroker and Borg Warner S400SX 74mm turbo setup. Produced 640AWHP on 30psi base tune revving to 8500rpm.

    This boost level with lower ignition timing (4-8 degrees only) achieved a best ET of ~10.20's and high MPH of 146mph for 2009 during test/tuning sessions.

    More to come for 2010!

    Tim Zimmer - September 2009 Import Wars Racing on new setup
    Here's some videos from the first track passes with the new turbo/engine setup for 2009 doing some test/tuning passes and competing in Quick 16 class.

    Timing was at 4-6 degrees on a very conservative tune to get a feel for the car and make sure everything was functioning properly.

    Best ET for the day was a 10.2x, and 143mph traps.

    First time to the track since 2007, so I needed to clear out the cobwebs and I need to get better with the driver mod. Only 1.5-second 60's for the day, and several bogs/mis-shifts. Again, Driver Mod.... ROFL

    Tim Zimmer - twicks69 - [email protected] - 30psi.
    Tim Zimmer - twicks69 - www.tmzperformance.com

    1st pass of 2009! Import Wars #6 - September 2009.
    1.516 = 60-foot
    10.278 = 1/4mi ET
    136.19mph = 1/4 mi MPH

    30psi on extremely conservative tune with 4-degrees of timing on Q16.

    This was a shakedown pass to see how the car felt after being on jackstands for a year. As you can see, it did pretty decent!

    Look forward to seeing some 8's out of this car in 2010!

    Tim Zimmer - twicks69 - 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse - 2009 Import Wars #7 In-Car videos!
    TMZ Performance - Tim Zimmer
    October 2009 Import Wars #7 at GLD (Great Lakes Dragaway, Union Grove, WI)

    Five 10-second passes back to back on 30psi on safe tune. Highest MPH of the day was 144mph.

    The transmission took a hard mis-shift at the prior race causing shifting issues this time out. Oh well, transmission is refreshed and ready to go for 2010! I will also work out the bogging issue off the launch, as it really hindered the ET's for the day due to poor 60-foots all day long.


    Back-to-Back 9-Second passes in the 2G; In-Car video!
    9.97 @ 152mph and 9.94 @ 151mph in 90+ degree air temps/120-130+ track temps!

    Slow launches; oh well! :thumb:

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