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The Fast and the Furious replica eclipse

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
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Mitsubishi Eclipse N/T
Transmission Type
Build Type
  1. Street
  2. Showcar
Turbo kit on a 420a, venom intake, venom fuel rail, aftermarket radiator, HKS bov, msd coil pack and wires
Receipts that came with the car show the cylinders have been bored to “max”, no clue about the pistons or anything else about the motor.
Parts Wishlist
Aftermarket ECU, head gasket
Bought the car almost exactly as it is now, body mods are an off brand robocar body kit, park bench spoiler with fake carbon fiber, real carbon fiber hood and a quick release steering wheel. The engine has low compression on 2 cylinders and has a broken injector but the previous owner started it up for me using ether so I know it’s timed and will start. He showed pics of the motor out without the turbo on so it’s had a lot of TLC and money dumped into it, even gave me a box of injen I have other wheels to be put on that look closer to the 7 spokes from the movie and a bone stock 420a so I’m going to put that in and tinker on the modified engine because the car has the stock ecu still and definitely deserves an aftermarket ecu and a tune. Not sure where to get a good ecu though. Since owning it I have installed a head unit, subs and black leather OEM seats in a car I’ve never driven lmao, I also have speakers to put into it too just so none of those things sat around while I parted out my old eclipse.
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