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Street Build The Bluebird

Eagle Talon N/T
  • Ownership Status:
    I own it
    Transmission Type:
    Build Type:
    • Street
    Parts Wishlist:
    Engine, transmission, drive train and catalytic converter.
    I got the car from my father when I got my license. I loved the Bluebird when I was younger and I still do. It was my fathers project car and I wanted it to be mine. Not much work was done on it. He had more important things going on and just didn't have the time or money to do much to her. He got her new rims and gutted the catalytic converter. Put fog lights on, put a nice sound system and speaker box in the back and replaced some of the bulbs to match the color theme more. The windows have a mild aftermarket tint that is worn and I want to remove. Not much more than that was done to her as far as I know. When I got the Bluebird, officially, I was quick to knock the dust off her and get her back on the road, as she had been sitting in the sun for a good few years. I got her a new battery and tires and she started right up. Almost like she knew me. Sometimes she needs encouragement but if you really want her to, she'll treat you well. So she was back on the road and I had my first car. I loved the thing. Like you always do when you first get your license and a car you just want to drive. So hat's what I did. I spent as much time driving as I could. After a while the alternator went out so I replaced it and she was running just fine again. I put a good 20,000 miles on her in the first year or so. I still love this car and miss driving it dearly. When I stopped driving her I had just changed jobs and she just couldn't go where I needed her to. I worked at a ski park. On top of that 5th gear had now gone out. It still works, it just wont stay in gear unless you are fully resting on the transmission while going a good 60 miles an hour. If you hold it in you can use 5th but I just avoided it all together, trading any somewhat reasonable gas millage for just a little bit more time with her before I knew I had to stop. That just about brings us up to present. Battery is dead, dash lights are out, 5th gear doesn't want to cooperate and i'm hurting not being able to drive her. Such simple issues. I'm eager to get her back on the road, but before I really do, I want to do some work on her. Next time she's really on the road she's feeling better than she has in years. And my god do I look forward to that... If I give her a good strong jump start she'll start right up and drive wherever you want. If it weren't for the battery i'd trust her for a 150+ mile drive easy. I've taken her from worn and washed out dirt and gravel roads to long, smooth, straight paved roads alike. She's never let me down. I had the time of my life in this car and I just can't bare to let her go. So I've got work to do and a lot of it.

    She deserves more than that stock 92 horses and I hope to give it to her. I'm currently working on painting the hood. Not much else I can do for the time being. I just can't afford it. But little by little I will make this the car of my dreams. I'm hoping at least a good 150 horses and i'd be happy. I want to split the exhaust in the back and take the dents out of the body. Re-paint her the original "Electric Blue" but with some matte black in the middle. Matte black hood, roof and gate. The rest stays the original color. I want the dash lights and cruise control functional again along with 5th gear obviously. The fog lights need to be working again for the sake of it and the window tint either lightly replaced or completely gone. Besides the paint and dents, I want her body to be as original as possible. The upholstery and dash on the passenger side is worn, warped and all together toast. Id like that dealt with. Maybe put some of the potential button slots to use in some way or another but that's completely not necessary. I just want her generally a little prettier than she is. A little more intact with some more power under the hood. If I could manage to get all this done, i'd be ecstatic.
    That about sums up the backstory and my plans. I tell myself it's not much but I know damn well it'll take a lot of time, work and money. Not to mention learning anything about how to do it. Oh, did I not mention, I know nothing of how to get started. Not mechanically inclined with cars whatsoever. But I have dreams and i'll be damned if I don't at least try.

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