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1997 Eagle Talon TSi Vehicle Profile & Build Thread

talontsi97's Talon TSi

Specs & Mods

Eagle Talon TSi
Transmission Type
Car is currently torn down, new build under way!
new 2.0L engine w/ ported head in progress!
JMF race intake mani
Mods-EMS & Logging
DsmLink v2.5
AEM UEGO wideband
Prosport boost guage
JNZ built 2g fwd trans with Quaife
RM Racing
Parts Wishlist
Twin disc fwd 6bolt clutch, BW s362 or gt3582r T3 turbo, e85


1/4 Mile E/T
1/4 Mile MPH
1/8 Mile E/T
1/8 Mile MPH
60' Time
Timeslip Details
Sponsored Car : no
Dyno TQ
0.0 lb/ft
Dyno Session Details
Nitrous : No Nitrous
Fuel Used : Pump gas
Turbo : T25


Dsm2gnick Eclipse Spyder 10.4@140 New Spyder World Record!
World's Quickest & Fastest Spyder! Dsm2gnick 1st trip out to the track this season! Broke his own World Record on the 2nd pass of the day running a 10.4@140. More info inside the video.

Eclipse GS-T hx40 billet wheel e85 slicks 11.0@136 track passes 2g
Corn fed, hx40 turbocharged 2g Eclipse GS-T running at the track. Went 11.0@136 on the cars first pass of the season. On the second it broke the TRE stage2 trans but still went 11s. 20gbeast on dsmtuners

Dsm2gnick Eclipse Spyder street pulls after running 10.4@140 650whp s362 meth
Taking dsm2gnick's car out a few nights after running 10.4@140. This a 653whp car with no changes to it from the track other then cold city streets under it. World's Fastest & Quickest Spyder!

dsm2gnick Eclipse Spyder AWD swap dyno 650hp 550tq s362 35psi
Dsm2gNick's AWD swapped Spyder aka the World's Quickest & Fastest Eclipse Spyder doing a few off the street baseline pulls at 35psi. Ended up putting down 652awhp and 531wtq on a bw s362 and meth. Check out my other videos for track times, and in-car pulls.

'91 Galant VR-4 pte 5857 turbo 11.8@120 track runs
Old-school Galant VR-4 (#108/2000) hitting the track for the first time. Running a built motor & pte5857 ball bearing turbo on pump gas. Meth & high boost will be dialed in for next season!

2g GSX pte5031e turbo dyno 361whp/350tq K.P. Tuning
Here is a 2g GSX with a nice selection of mods on the local dynojet getting tuned by K.P. Tuning. More to come from this car in the next few months.

2g Eclipse GSX 2.3l fp hta68 fly by big flame pull teaser video
Here is a 2g eclipse gsx doing a fly by pull running a 2.3l built motor (stock cams) with a FP hta68 turbo on a base tune. The car made 350whp/340tq on 93oct. Car is running a custom 3" exhaust with no muffler. Hopefully a set of cams, dsmlink and full re-tune go down soon. Car should be making over 400whp at that point.
The civic was not racing in the video, so dont hate.

Steve93Talon 1g 14b e85 fwd budget build 24psi 321whp 336tq dyno runs
1g Talon on a budget built for 2011. Stock 14b turbo, e85, 24psi & supporting bolt on modifications running on the local dynojet. Check back for track times soon!

Eclipse Spyder awd swap 18g stock 7bolt 25psi 372whp dyno pull
Car showed up to a local dyno day so i grabbed a few videos and a mod list. Not everyday you see a AWD swapped Sypder.

Mustang dyno 372hp and 379lbs/ft @ 24/25psi
Stock 7-bolt engine w/ ARP headstuds
BC 272/272 cams w/ Fidanza cam gears
Pte 880s/ Walbro 255
Greddy 24R FMIC kit
Greddy type RS BOV
1g Throttle body
Custom 3" catback/ "high flow" 3" cat/ Megan Racing downpipe & o2 housing
FP 18g turbo w/ 21PSI Wastegate
FP race manifold
Dsmlink v3

2g GSX 613whp 2.3L s362 30psi 93oct pump gas dyno pulls K.p. Tuning
A good friend of mine's 2g GSX making 613awhp at 30psi on strictly 93oct pump gas. Built 2.3l 4g63 with a s362 (divided t3 .85ar) & supporting mods tuned by K.p. Tuning. More info in the video.

2g Eclipse GSX 2.3l s362 22psi 93oct 488whp/380tq dyno pull K.P. Tuning
2g GSX with a 2.3l 4g63 running a bw s362 ett turbo at 22psi on 93oct (only). Street tuned by K.P. Tuning. Made 488whp/380tq at only 22psi!
Meth injection, more boost, and big power coming soon!

1g Eagle Talon GT42r turbo 9.65 Andriotis drag car englishtown 10/23/10
Gary Andriotis 1g Eagle Talon TSi AWD running 9.65@123mph
Englishtown raceway park dsm/evo vs. sti shootout 10/23/10
Built 2.0l 4g63 motor, shep driveline, Triple Disk Tilton clutch , DSS Axles, Ford 8.8 Rear, 42R Ballistic BB Garret turbo, Long Tube Header, MOTEC Electronics, 8 Injectors, Race Gas, Magnus Drive Sump, Magnus Heads, Magnus Fuel Rails, TE 37's, Willwood Brakes, MI Performance Chassis.

'97 Eagle Talon AWD 562hp 512tq 38psi Holset HX-40 dyno
Here is Mindblowin03's '97 Talon TSI AWD on the local dynojet. At around 38psi it put down 562whp 512tq. The car completed a 350mile day + the dyno runs without an issue. Hopefully see some track times out of it soon! Self-built, self-tuned!

-Left the night setting on all day, sorry for the glare :(

Worlds Quickest & Fastest Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder 10.88@133 DSM2gNick
dsm2gnick aka assault187's self-built AWD swapped 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder convertible. Atco Raceway on August 15th 2010
Full specs and build details can be seen here:

Record has been updated to a 10.4@140 (10/15/2011)

1995 2ga Talon TSi AWD 14b 71 SM SCCA AutoX 6/27/10
1g bov, hard intercooler pipes, intake, 14b turbo, Apexi N1 exhaust, kuhmo tires ripping around the auto-X cross back in 2010.

K.P. Tuning's 2g Eagle Talon Tsi 691hp 10.7 Summer 2009 highlights
Video highlighting a friends Eagle Talon through the summer of 2009. Hitting 691awhp and running a best of 10.7 at the track all on pump gas & meth on dry rotted 215 street tires, while continuing to drive the car on a daily basis was pretty impressive to see. Check out my youtube channel for other K.P. Tuning built cars.

'91 Eclipse GSX auto awd 16g e85 dyno 292whp K.P. Tuning
A stock block automatic 16g GSX getting tuned on E85 by K.P. Tuning on a dynojet. 50 + whp gain!
Car had some issues so the peak power wasn't as high expected but the car runs pretty strong. track numbers coming soon!

'91 Eclipse GSX 16g auto e85 11.8@113 K.P. Tuning
GVauto's Auto AWD 1g GSX finally hit the track and got some solid high 11sec passes in with a best of 11.88@113 on a stock block/head/cam car with a 16g and e85 fuel. Tuning done by K.P. Tuning.

'98 Eclipse AWD built 2.0l bw s362 billet 11.7@125
1st run at the track with the newly AWD swapped gs-t. Running a built motor, s362 billet wheel turbo (t3), and supporting mods on pumpgas. Car is self-built & self-tuned by the owner.

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