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Street Build Super clean GSX

Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
  • Ownership Status:
    I own it
    Turbo Type:
    Transmission Type:
    Build Type:
    • Street
    -Polished aluminium intake pipe
    -Megan racing front strut bar
    -Custom-made MRT 3" straight-pipe turbo-back exhaust with HKS Hi-Power muffler
    -Greddy Type-S blow-off valve

    -VIS carbon fiber hood
    -Carbonetics carbon fiber lip
    -XXR 526 wheels (18x9.5 and 18x10.5) for summer, Evo MR9 BBS wheels (17x7.5) for winter
    -Oracle Lighting LED headlight conversion kit
    -Lumen LED bulbs (reverse lights, side marker lights, turn signal lights, license plate lights)
    -Blanked-out center tail light
    -Glowshift triple pillar pod
    -Braum reclining racing seats
    Mods-EMS & Logging:
    -GFB G-Force II electronic boost controller
    -Innovate LC-2 wideband oxygen sensor
    -Prosport electronic boost gauge
    -Hotsystem water temperature gauge
    -Prosport EVO fuel pressure gauge
    -Megan Racing V2 coilovers
    -Strictly Performance Big Brake Kit ( 4-piston Brembo brakes, 13" high-carbon rotors, Hawk HP Plus brake pads and steel braided brake lines)
    -Moog suspension components (upper and lower control arms, lateral control arms, ball joints, tie rods)
    -RM Racing sway bars (front and rear)
    Parts Wishlist:
    Holset HX35 twin-scroll turbo, 1200cc fuel injectors, Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator, Walbro 255lph fuel pump with STM rewire kit, Cometic MLS head gasket, ARP head studs, ECMLink V3, JM Fabrications top-mount v-band exhaust manifold, Tial MVR external wastegates, flex-fuel sensor.
    Bought January 2017 for $6.6k with only 77,000 miles on the engine! Car has been pampered and treated with care, only minor rust spots in the engine bay and wheel wells, runs like a dream and looks mint thanks to a respray some 10,000 miles ago. This car is SUUUUUPER clean
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User Comments

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  1. godprayzer
    Super clean GSX man, like the clean white look. Are you still in East Lansing? I'm not that far from you. Do you go to the MSU Racing Club meets?
    Hope to see you around! Be blessed.
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  2. motomattx
    Clean looking Dsm man! looks like we have the Dsm ying and yang.
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  3. COVR4355
    Gorgeous GSX man, definitely super clean...keep up the great work and most importantly thank you for your service!
    God Bless
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  4. raptoranderson
    After a deployment to Africa in April and 2 months at the School of Infantry, i'm back!!! :D And in a big way too!

    I have torn-out the old suspension from my GSX and am finally getting around to installing the Megan EZ-Coliovers I have had for almost a year now. Many bolts have broken along the way and I had to cut my sway bar links in order to remove the old struts, so I will be fully replacing all of the control arms, tie rod ends, sway bar links and struts holding my suspension together along with brand new bolts and nuts so as to ensure that, should I ever change suspension again, it won't be a P.I.T.A. the second-time around ROFL

    I figured since I had the entire suspension system pretty much apart that I would also invest-in and install Strictly Performance's Big Brake Kit for the DSM market. I am currently awaiting the brakes to be powder coated before installing them and also installing my coilovers. The aim is to have a 1.5" drop in the front, 1.0" drop in the rear and brand new 13" High-Carbon brake rotors, 4-piston Brembo brakes, Hawk HP Plus brake pads and steel braided brake-lines in the front. I will have to wait for the Evo brake kit to restock before I can upgrade the rear brakes too though :( but when the front brakes and coilovers are installed, expect comparisons on ride height for before and after and also some shots of my new brakes! :thumb:

    In the near future I will also be completing my conversion of having all of my exterior lights be LEDs and also looking at investing in a carbon fiber lip, because carbon fiber fetishes :sneaky: i.e. it'll match my hood
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  5. raptoranderson
    Just got my car back from MRT Customs in Plymouth, MI and the new exhaust sounds amazing :D straight pipe 3-inch stainless steel with v-band clamps from the O2 housing back with an HKS Hi-Power muffler. When I eventually swap the turbo out the O2 housing will be 3-inch too, but for the time being it's stock ...

    A couple weekends ago I installed an analog boost gauge, a water temperature gauge and my GFB G-Force II electronic boost controller as well as a triple gauge pod replacement for my A-pillar and the interior is starting to look mean and clean :thumb: this weekend I will be installing the Innovate LC-2 wideband I just received in the mail, replacing the side marker lights so that they are both clear and brand new and also doing some minor cleaning of the engine bay. More pics of the interior to come once it is all pieced together, but the central heating bezel I got custom made by Ortiz Custom Pods looks sick and works perfectly to hold my electronic boost controller and wideband sensor gauge and the A-pillar is doing everything it should be.

    I'm excited to send my ECU off to ECMTuning to get it chipped so I can start tuning my GSX and also start making preparations to get the engine bay cleaned up before my quest for power :hellyeah:

    To hear my exhaust, go here to my YouTube channel:

  6. Kryndon
    Congrats your new DSM man! Sure looks well taken care of and clean. On one of the pictures your headlights are a really nice bright-white color. Are they a complete conversion or just swapped out bulbs? If so, what kind did you get?
    1. raptoranderson
      To my knowledge they're stock blubs ... I'll pull them and check for you this weekend. I'm actually looking at getting some LED bulbs that are a bit of a brighter and more clean white. I also want to change the orange side marker lights for clear ones
      raptoranderson, Feb 22, 2017
  7. raptoranderson
    Absolutely unbelievable weather for President's Day weekend (60*F in MI in winter?!?) so of course I went out and took some photos with the car and my buddy's Jeep SRT8 :thumb: spent the weekend wiring-in and plumbing an analog boost gauge, a water temperature gauge (need to find a clean way of installing the sensor itself ...) and a GFB G-Force II electronic boost controller. All working as they should!

    A more thorough update will be posted next Friday (Feb. 23rd) after my custom exhaust is installed :D there's also a proper Innovate LC-2 wideband oxygen sensor kit in the mail and an EPROM ECU which I cannot wait to send off to get chipped!
    1. raptoranderson
      Feb 24th. Calendars are hard LOL
      raptoranderson, Feb 20, 2017
  8. raptoranderson
    Since I want to keep the major components of the car stock (namely the powertrain components) I have planned to modify the car as far as cleaning up the interior and also changing some of the 'aesthetic' parts of the car.

    I just booked an appointment with MRT Customs in a few weeks time to get a custom 3" stainless steel turbo-back exhaust with v-band clamps and a test pipe (with a hi-flow catalytic converter on standby just in case) all ending in an HKS Hi-Power muffler. Needless to say I'm incredibly excited :D

    I also have a BOV adapter in the mail so I can install my Greddy Type-S BOV in place of the stock 2G BOV which is notorious for leaking under low boost. I'll be sure to post a video of the HKS Hi-Power exhaust and the Greddy BOV once both are installed so you get an idea of some of the sounds you can get out of the Type-S (fully vented, half vented and fully closed).

    Also in the near future are some new headlights which I need to install, a set of orange indicators, some Braum reclining bucket seats and LED bulbs all around to give the car a clean and crisp look :thumb: (rather than the dull, burnt yellow color of the stock headlights)

    I also have a set of webpages saved in a bookmarks folder (I'm a bookmark freak ...) from which to draw inspiration for my super clean interior. I'm currently toying with the idea of flocking the dashboard and also replacing the carpets with some new, clean charcoal plush carpets to help clean up the interior. I'm even pondering how it would look if I flocked the entire center console trim and then left the heating units, cup holders and center arm rest their natural color to help give the car that clean track look :hmm: I have my old Eclipse waiting to be pulled apart and parted-out so I may even use some cheap fabric and mock up a faux flock job to see how the center console would look flocked ...

    Expect more updates and pictures over the next few weeks as parts begin to arrive and the build gets underway! ;)
    1. doubleclutch
      If you would like to part with those "dull, burnt yellow..stock headlights" let me know. You know where to find me.
      doubleclutch, Feb 3, 2017
  9. raptoranderson
    Just bought this car a few weeks ago and so far it has been flawless. It needs a few small repairs/ mods such as side marker lights (currently one is clear and one is orange), the rear window brake light needs repairing and the passenger's side door and window control switches are missing their retaining screw, but it drives perfectly. It seems as though love it too much to modify it :cry:

    Almost too much .... some reclining bucket seats, a front mount intercooler, new halo projector headlights, a custom 3" turbo back exhaust and HKS Hi-Power muffler are in the pipeline to get the car to where I want it cosmetically and get the shell looking the way I want it. Pictures and more updates coming soon :D I will also be stripping my old green Eclipse and keeping the parts I like (20g turbo, Greddy Type S BOV, 3" dump pipe, etc) and prepping a grand plan for getting my new Eclipse into the 11 second range :thumb:

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