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Street Build Spyder 2g gs

Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder N/T
  • Ownership Status:
    I own it
    Transmission Type:
    Build Type:
    • Street
    Kyb adjustable front struts
    Adjustable camber kit
    18x8.0 machine-faced wheels
    Owned since ‘06
    Just keeping her running
    This is my third 2G

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  1. DSM2GMitsubishi
    When you say oil on the plugs is it on the outside of the plugs?
    That could be what's causing the idle issue and bogging..
    It could be just old spark plug seals on the valve cover leaking and in turn causing weak spark or no spark conditions intermittently.
    Other than that I'm at a loss if your TPS, MAS, MAF and IAC were replaced..
    1. Jennicko
      I’m gonna clean the throttle body and see if that helps, seems to be everything surrounding it. I think the valve seal in the 2nd cylinder needs to be replaced, and that’s why the plug gets saturated...my valve cover seals are fairly new and it’s only on the spark side of the plug. There’s so much blow-by, maybe the engines just too dirty and worn...I can usually keep it running fairly well, but the bogging out started maybe a year ago. Texas has a program where they pay up to 600 bucks to help older cars pass inspection, I’m waiting for them to authorize me and then i guess I’m gonna take it to a shop and see what they can diagnose...I hate letting anyone but my dad or I touch my car. Plus they charge a ridiculous amount for something I can do myself for a few bucks. It’s driving me crazy trying to figure it out, though
      Jennicko, Feb 10, 2019
  2. DSM2GMitsubishi
    Is it a misfire or just a messed up idle?
    Is timing all good?
    1. Jennicko
      No misfire, and the timings good. I’m confused, I get throttle/pedal position sensor A circuit as confirmed and then closed throttle pending. Just replaced the tps and there’s no sensor on the pedal I can see...just the throttle cable connecting to the pedal. The book doesnt show a sensor there. There’s freeplay where the throttle cable connects...not sure that would trigger a code. The idle is real rough and at certain speeds, the car will start shaking like your rpms are too low for that gear (55mph). I usually upshift or downshift and avoid those speeds. Messing with these codes, I found the recommended drive cycle for Mitsubishi and the exact moment when I completed the 02 sensor cycle the cel popped up for the pedal. I’ve got an issue with overconsumption of oil, but I’ve had that forever...even with the 97 2.4l I had before. I just keep oil in it, the temperature of the 2nd cylinder is lower than the other 3, I just change the plug more often (always saturated with oil)
      Jennicko, Feb 8, 2019
  3. DSM2GMitsubishi
    Nice wheels, and its cool to see the soft top still in great shape.

    Any future plans for it?
    1. Jennicko
      Thanks, I just put that junkyard canvas on it and window welded the window to it. I’ve got it posted for sale, but I’d rather keep it for a few more years. I’m trying to pass inspection with 5 not readys. I did finally get a cel to pop up, so now I’ve got something to work with, already got a new Map sensor, Mas, and tps, but she still drives like crap. I think once I replace this app sensor it will fix my idle and let the computer cycle to the 02s....I hope.
      Jennicko, Feb 8, 2019
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