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Showcar Build Spyder 2.4l 4g64 DOHC 4g63 Stroker Turbo Swap Fully Built Tucked Engine Bay Street/Show Vert

Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST
  • Ownership Status:
    I own it
    Turbo Type:
    Transmission Type:
    Build Type:
    • Showcar
    Chrome intake with K&N filter

    Large FMIC and Greddy BOV Open Dump

    Apexi 2.5" down and full 3" catless exhaust

    EGR delete

    SS clutch line master to slave

    SS turbo oil feed line with .70 restrictor

    SS turbo drain line

    STM block PCV breather adapter + recirculated catch can valve cover SS hoses

    Walbro 255 rewired

    Silicone coolant hoses, Aluminum radiator and overflow, slim line fans

    -6an from filter to rail and to AFPR

    Hallman manual boost controller

    Stainless Tubular exhaust manifold, ported stainless o2 housing

    FIC 850cc injectors

    70mm Throttle body with FIAV and ISC delete, intake ported to match

    OBX intake manifold gasket thermal spacer

    Tons of dress up

    Polk dB 6.5" components up front and 6x9" 3 way in rear Marine grade speakers powered by their own amp.
    DOHC 4g63 head on 4g64 2.4 block

    Wiseco pistons for 4g64 dohc stroker 9:1 ratio

    Eagle H beam forged rods /w Arp

    Arp head studs

    MLS head gasket

    King bearings

    Fully machined and balanced - Thanks Small World of Eugene Oregon

    Brian Crower valves springs and titanium retainers

    Running strong LLC one piece undercut SS 1mm OS high performance valves

    Head oil port mod

    OFH port

    BS delete

    Crank ball journals cleaned replaced

    3g lifters

    Kevlar belts
    Mods-EMS & Logging:

    GM lt1 3" MAF

    PLX Gen 4 Wideband and DM-6 gauge
    PLX Oil pressure
    PLX Boost pressure with 3 bar map logging
    Manual swap, New master and slave cyl, new axles, XTD lightweight flywheel, ARP flywheel bolts. Act2100 PP and street disk, spec clutch fork.

    Short shift kit, solid shifter base bushings, solid cable bushings at trans
    All new stock bushings, control arms, tie rods and joints upfront. Adding rear sway bar and rear disk brakes for the Spyder.

    Poly motor mounts
    Parts Wishlist:
    Headlights! New drop top, body kit, exterior paint, taillights (This completes the body)

    Shocks/Springs, Adj cam gears, Cams... ect...

    Racing seats, roll bar?

    In that order about
    This is my friends 1997 Spyder GS. I work as a private mechanic and since my friend got the car in fall 2013 he has wanted to upgrade it. Through determination he saved enough to do just that, starting with the engine. It started to have a lot of problems, mostly auto transmission related, but with 230k miles on the engine it has run its course.

    The plan was set into action when a 1995 gst manual was purchased with a blown headgasket.
    This car was completely stripped, parts needed kept and not needed sold. Ended up being a great deal.

    We are starting with a fully built block and head with only light outer mods. Stock cams, tuning and fuel delivery for now. First upgrade after the car is running will be EPROM computer and ECM link, then fuel delivery, then turbo. Do it right I say.

    Then he will need to go AWD to handle the power ofc...

    Project officially started with planning and purchases March 2014, engine pulled July 5th, car is hoped to be running by Aug 2014.

    *Very close Sept 21st... Lots going on in everyone's life amazing car is getting worked on at all but we are pushing through it.*

    ******NOV 12th 2014 AND Literally a few hoses away!******

    See all the pre planning and parts car here.


    ****** Car was running in Dec, but a few delays and now Jan 20th 2015 it is on the road!*****

    ****** May 25 2015, Oil pressure sensor cracked and friend kept driving it even seeing oil press dropping. Had to cut the crank .25mm and redo bottom end.*****

    ****** July 26 2015, engine rebuilt and dropped in, bay painted . 20g turbo ecu+ and lots of upgrades *******

    ****** Aug 20 2015, screwed on 2 turbos, now running a used something 16g, car runs again. ******

    ****Oct 1st 2015 After buying a new 20g from Justin it is running good again finally.***

    ****Dec 1st 2016 Car has been down for a few months, only 3000 mi on the XTD 6 puck and it took a crap. Mostly due to weak pressure plate and failing/unadjustable master cyl. Has new act street disk and new OEM master and slave, back to running.*****

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  1. S4n
    perfect and nice built car
  2. darknezz7
    Long time no updates. Cars been down for a few months, crap xtd clutch toasted its self after about 3000 miles.

    400 miles on a used act 2100 pressure plate and a new act street disk. Put in a new spec clutch fork while in there. Cheap XTD Flywheel was slightly warped but no money for a new one. Put that all in and it would not go into gear well and no reverse.... New OEM master adjusted properly and new slave cyl later and good to go. Both were less than 2 years old but autozone parts....

    Soon will put in all new act clutch and fidanza flywheel.

    Waiting for break in to be done and back to tuning the issues, I think I need to pull timing and fuel...
  3. darknezz7
    Long time no updates

    400 miles on a used act 2100 pressure plate and a new act street disk. Cheap XTD Flywheel was slightly warped but no money for a new one. Soon will put in all new act clutch and fidanza flywheel.

    Waiting for break in to be done and back to tuning the issues, I think I need to pull timing and fuel...
  4. Zcrum123
    I do like the colors of the exterior.
  5. boosted jarhead
    Hey bud. I'm doing a 4g64 block with a 6 bolt 4g63 and got tons of questions if u don't mind give me a call here is my cell. 516-317-4330
  6. darknezz7

    Clutch pedal install







    Its now sound matted up in this corner.

    Heater back together, new core and weather stripping. I got 3 heater core from different places and non of them ft quite right, this one was close but still had to bend tubes and force it in. bracket still did not go over tube like oem.



    A lot of sound mat...


    Whole engine bay is getting shaved filled and painted. Tons of work to do this...



    Got most of the interior back together today, every piece cleaned, and more sanding.

    Got block back from machine shop too.

    Still prepping and painting parts, should be putting engine together over the weekend along with hopefully the bay fully prepped.
  7. darknezz7
    Build costs and future plans off my notes. ** are bought parts.

    1997 Eclipse Spyder 2.4 4g64

    DOHC swap and engine prep for big power:

    Machine shop clean and inspect, hone, surface block - $275

    Machine shop balance rotating assembly and assemble short block - $340

    2 rebuilt axles - $130

    Oil changes and fluids - $100

    **Wiseco Pistons K548M865 - $510

    **Eagle forged rods, ARP hardwarecrs5900mb3d - $280

    **Brian crower valve springs, titanium retainers BC0100 - $225

    **RSLLC Valves 1mm os intake, .5mm os exhaust, one piece -$140

    **ACL Main and rod bearings - $98

    **Camshaft sensor -$35

    **Second timing belt adjusting pulley -$12

    **Clutch excedy and 11lb flywheel -$265

    **Freeze plugs -$10

    **BSE KIT -$15

    **ARP head studs - $120

    **ARP flywheel bolts -$50

    **Oil Pump - $80

    **3g revisedLifters -$80

    **MLS Head gasket kit - $85

    **Machine shop clean and inspect head, valve grind, surface -$380

    **brake pads c-tek ceramic $40

    **manual boost controller $14

    **oil drain line $25

    **rear leather seats $150

    **dynomat $145

    **wire loom, zipties, tape $60

    **trans seals $10

    **Polk DB691, DB6501 speakers $200

    **front control arm, link, bushing set $200

    **heater core $100

    Total =$4174

    **Cleaning supplies and paint $95

    *big power*

    Adj cam gears, ebay cheap $80, skunk2 $200

    Rebuilt 500 hp turbo 20g td06 $450

    EPROM ECU and ECM Link chip tuning and logging $700

    Fuel injectors and fuel pump $250

    Wide band, afr and other gauges sensors $250


    And a lot more...

    Lambo doors $1000

    Eclipse spyder purchase $1000

    Eclipse gst parts car purchase $1000

    7/16/14 made back $600.

    Used leather front seats and door panels, power mirrors, rear disk brake and sway bar, bass knob eq, dohc head and all parts, manual transmission and all parts, 2.5" intercooler and piping, greddy bov, gauge pod and 2 gauges, ecu and wiring harness,
    1. darknezz7
      some more to the list

      ** Blue coolant hose kit - $65
      **Oil catch can - $17
      ** 15ft 6an braided hose - $50
      ** hose fittings - $35
      ** coolant overflow tank - $29
      ** 30 blue led strips - $30
      **Cleaning supplies and paint - $200
      darknezz7, Jul 25, 2014
  8. darknezz7
  9. darknezz7
  10. Spyder Sean
    is that pretty much plug and play or what did you have to change?
  11. agarcia
    When you installed the gst wire harness, Dios you Jane trouble connecting it to the 4g64 fuse box?
    1. darknezz7
      Honestly I have not gotten to that. Doing a ton of beauty work to the bay first. Cant be too hard to splice if needed though.
      darknezz7, Jul 20, 2014
  12. darknezz7

    Car is at my place finally, In a day the head is off, axles out and block is ready to pull and be dissembled tomorrow.

    Last time it will look like this.

  13. Spyder Sean
    Hey too turbo this what did you have to do to you're engine harness. In the process of doing this
    1. darknezz7
      I'm swapping the whole GST harness over
      darknezz7, Jul 6, 2014
    2. agarcia
      I'm attempting to do this now, i am using the gst harness but cannot connect to the engine fuse box, both are male plugs, how did you manage at this point?
      agarcia, Jul 14, 2014
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