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Project Zero Day - 2g Holset GST (AWD Swapped)

Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
  • Ownership Status:
    I own it
    Transmission Type:
    Build Type:
    • Drag Race
    7blade Hx40 w/FP-T31 housing (.68 a/r) w/Tial 44mm external wastegate (dumped)
    FP vband o2 housing
    FP race manifold
    FP Intake (no maf)
    Walbro 450lph pump (rewired)
    6an tank-to-rail braided nylon w/SS Russell filter
    FIC 2150cc injectors
    Fuel Lab afpr
    VRSF intercooler w/greddy type-s BOV (vented)
    STM 3" Exhaust
    w/BR7ES plugs
    Prothane motor mounts
    EGR/vac delete
    Felpro headgasket
    ARP head studs
    BC 272 Cams
    BC valve springs
    Rear balance shaft delete
    Gates timing belt
    Grade 1 Motor Oil (BPO-009-7150)
    WIX Oil Filter (51381)
    Mods-EMS & Logging:
    ECMLink v3 full w/speed density, NLTS, and boost-by-gear :)
    Tuned by c2ypt1c
    Ingersoll boost control solenoid
    Innovate LC-1 Wideband (@FrontO2)
    Omnipower 4-bar MAP
    GM IAT
    Gauges: boost, afr, and oil psi (turbo feed)
    AWD Swapped
    SouthBend SS-X w/full ceramic unsprung disc
    ss clutch line
    Extremepsi brass bushings
    Motul Gear 300 Oil (MTL-100118)
    RedLine 80w140
    Ground-control coilovers (600F/1000R) /w upper mounts
    Koni yellow shocks
    Volk Racing front lower control arms
  • Dyno HP:
    524.5 bhp
    Dyno Type:
    Mustang Dyno
    Dyno Video Link:
    Watch Video
    Dyno Shop Name:
    Import Auto Pros, CA
    Dyno Session Details:

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  1. c2ypt1c
    So after 7 years I finally decided to install an adjustable fuel pressure
    regulator. I was interested to see how far my FP 255 pump could go so I
    activated the pump via Link and increased the pressure up to about 70psi.
    Assuming a linear increase with respect to boost pressure, I'm thinking this
    should hold me over until about 27, maybe 30psi of boost. I didn't push it much
    further than that, I just wanted to see if I could at least get to 70psi.

    Pulley Gremlin:
    So over the course of owning my dsm, I've always noticed that I would lose power
    whenever turning on my AC, and I mean a very noticable loss of power. Recently,
    I've also been hearing a squeeking noise whenever I turned on the AC. So I
    chaulked it off as the compressor is taking a sh**.
    However, during the AFPR install I noticed something out of the corner of my
    eye. An old piece of rag was wedged in between the AC compressor pulley...WTF?!?
    How long has that been there for? After I removed it, there was a night and day
    difference in overall driveability, I couldn't believe this. No more loss of
    power, no more squeek. :hellyeah:

    Wastegate update:
    I'm still having wastegate/boost control issues, which I suspect my ebay pos
    gate to be the culprit (moreso the unknown spring pressures), so I also took the
    dive and bought a tial mvr 44mm. Great...now I want the damn tial blow-off
    valve. The wg is coming in tomorrow, should have it installed by the weekend and
    rock-solid boost control. I can't wait to get back to WOT tuning and take this
    baby to the track.

    I'll edit this post with pics. More updates to come...
  2. c2ypt1c
    Here's an update of what I've been up to in the last few months:
    My dsm is also my daily driver, and I'm slowly getting her ready for some track time coming up. That said, socal was hit with a nice heat wave and the coolant temps shifted my focus slightly. I realized I needed some additional cooling especially if I wanted to use the AC to/from work.

    Slim fan:
    I've been running the factory radiator fan on the passenger side since my Hx40 install, but the external gate didn't give me enough clearance for the factory AC fan. I picked up a 12" SPAL slim fan from summitracing and installed it using the radiator zip tie things, which are working out pretty good. I soldered the factory connector to the slim fan, so now it's plug and play with the factory harness.

    ECU repair:
    I initially intened to wire up the fans to have Link control them based on coolant temps alone via the programable FPS output. Me, being the dumbass that I am, didn't realize you need a relay to separate the current draw from the ecu...and yeah I fried the ecu driver which also controls the electronic boost solenoid...bye-bye boost control, not that I had very much control with my pos ebay wastegate...Anyway, sent the ecu in for repair and the boys from ecmtuning had it back to me in no time.

    I temporary ditched the Link controlled fans idea (I'll save it for later) and just wired it up to the factory plug. Now I can use the AC :)
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