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NHerron's Eclipse GSX

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
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Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
Turbo Type
Transmission Type
Build Type
  1. Street
INTAKE; Injen Cone Filter/Adapter to MAF/Intake Pipe.

INTERCOOLER & PIPING: LunarPerformance Intercooler, Turbosmart Blow Off Valve, Perrin Manual Boost Controller.

FUEL; Walbro 255LPH HP Fuel Pump, 780cc PTE Injectors, Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator.

EXHAUST; 2G Exhaust Manifold, EvoIII 16G Turbo, Megan Racing 2.5" 02 housing, 2.5" to 3" Cast Adapter, 3" Turbo back Exhaust -All port matched.
BLOCK: 90' 4G63T .020", G4CS 100MM crank, ACL Race Bearings, Kiggly Main Cap Support Girdle, Eagle H-Beam Rods, Wiseco 8.8:1CR Stroker Pistons.

HEAD; Skunk2 Camshaft Gears, FP2X Camshafts, Supertech Titanium Retainers, Supertech Dual Valve Springs, Ferrea Standard SS Valves, Viton Valve Seals, and all held together with full ARP Hardware and Spinning in harmony with OEM timing belt & components
Mods-EMS & Logging
ECU+ Latest Silverbox EMS, Innovate Wideband 02 Standalone, Greddy Metric Boost Gauge, REVO Oil Pressure Gauge
ACT 2600 Clutch, Shepherd Racing Stage 3 Transmission, RRE SS clutch line, Skate bearing mod, Symborski shifter kit, Mirage short shifter, OEM weighted shift knob.
Drilled/slotted rotors,

and...In the works!
Parts Wishlist
-Kiggly 6 bolt crank sensor
-2G head
-AN modded valve cover
-Zakleen clear timing belt cover
-Calan catch can
-ARP stud/nut kit for exhaust manifold
-FP inline filter/restrictor for turbo oil feed
-EGT sensing setup
-2G intake manifold
-M/W injection kit
-DSMlink (to run speed density)
Finding a DSM was much easier (to find)/cheaper out of state rather than buying in Montana- I took the chance and bought one while on vacation- still no regrets!

On vacation I bought the car in New Mexico and traveled straight home to Montana. Before leaving the state, turbo failed. No tools on vacation :)! Well the PO had a nice expensive OEM Evo316G on there, that I paid dearly for again. Something like a 3k total repair bill from the shop that I was at the mercy of. Yup I paid, I really needed to get back to work, boss was expecting me back. Fast forward just 101 miles before home and timing belt fails :). Oh well, I had AAA, free 100 mile tow. Drop it at the house and the guy writes a bill for the one extra mile. Must hate DSMs.

Yup it's been a money pit but it wasn't going to be a daily driver. Yeah they're cheap cars to modify, just don't buy out of state unless you got some extra cash.

So I rebuilt the whole setup minus the brand new turbo. I first wanted to get a feel for the car and how to tune before modding. Well one day, in the driveway I took something apart and ended up waiting for a part. What the hell lets fix this other thing up while I'm waiting. And delete this. And rewire that. Notice something? Well that pattern never changed. I haven't driven the car 3 months total and going on 2 years owning it. SO, currently, I'm giving it an entire wire tuck, redesigning the shifting setup (full ball bearing/bronze bushing system), redesigning cooling system (expansion tank vs overflow, like a GM), possibly DIY twinscroll manifold for an HX35 I got for free, among typical things.

I'd like to have the car widely known one day -when time permits to complete the project, and who knows maybe sell it after to get 50% of the money back on it ha! I'll try all the kinds of racing one day but I'm fairly certain I'll still like working on the design of -and custom building of cars over any of the possible end results like driving the damn thing or racing :)


1/4 Mile E/T
1/4 Mile MPH
1/8 Mile E/T
1/8 Mile MPH
60' Time
Dyno TQ
311.0 lb/ft
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