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Street Build My Eclipse GSX

Specs & Mods

Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
Turbo Type
Transmission Type
Build Type
  1. Street
AEM 340LPH Fuel Pump w/ Rewire
Fuel Lab AFPR
MCR Saturn Alt 1-Wire (200A Version)
Unknown (Haven't Torn Open the Block)
Mods-EMS & Logging
Ceddymods (BigMaps) / EvoScan
Need to buy gauges
Spec Stage 2 Clutch (Previous Owner Installed this)
8lb Aluminum Fidanza Flywheel
Drilled/Slotted Rotors w/ Stock GSX Calipers
SportMaxx (OG XXR) 006 17x7
Currently Running a set of Nexen N3000 @ 215/50/17
Koni Orange Struts w/ 2inch Lowering Springs (I rub in the front due to blown struts since i got them in a trade)
Rolled Fenders
Parts Wishlist
Everything haha, i want a reliable 350-400whp setup that i can daily around.
Originally my next door neighbors personal car that was left to sit as he move to Thailand to go on and start a family w/ his Wife, etc. Left a note one day asking about it since I always noticed it just sitting in the driveway never leaving that one spot, next day the owner calls to give the details on the car (What's up w/ it and things that he's done personally which was basically just clutch/flywheel maintenance). So I asked around to ask "Is it worth buying this GSX? and how much should i offer for it" in which my father said to offer 4k which seemed very reasonable at the given time (April 2022), messaged the owner back about the offer and he agreed w/ no hesitation. Fast forward about 2-3 months of me Saving up all my paychecks to buy the GSX and I get a call from his wife during work stating that he passed away due to Stage 4 Colon Cancer that he was hiding from everyone since it was pretty much terminal (life sucks damn). So to continue on w/ the Deal the Title was already signed at one point during the ownership and was ready to be sold at any given time so I continued the deal w/ his older brother. I came up w/ the 4k in cash and he gave me back 500 bucks + the Keys saying "Here's to getting it back up and running". From there on it was my goal to get the GSX back up and running, which didn't take much to do either, although the car did sit in my garage from April 2022 all the way till January 2023 since I didn't have tools at the time, but I had a bunch of parts laying in the corner that i was buying over the course of a few months that would get installed once i got my tools. Since then it was finding and tweaking things that had to be fixed that weren't apparent at first (Bad Coil pack/Alternator/Boost Leaks/Axle Popping Out etc etc). All of that got fixed and haven't had a single issue since then, besides me snapped a few bolts here and there doing suspension work, but that's just life of a car that's from up north after all. The Undercarriage could be cleaner but most of the stuff is covered w/ Surface Rust, etc (nothing compromising thank god) and for some reason all the rust that is there on the car is only in the rear? Aside from bolts that get wet at the front of the Car, etc. I will note that I need to get my Shock Towers reinforced ASAP since I have a thumb-sized hole on my Driver side, but its holding up as if the hole isn't there since the roads here aren't all the great either (time will tell). As of Recently I've flashed on Ceddymods, but haven't done anything as far as tuning goes aside from modifying the cooling tables/enabling the ceddymod features like 2step/Antilag, etc (no NLTS tho, since im not trying to blow up my trans and I don't want to try and see if it works haha). Overall, Great car, but it could be even better if I had the funds to throw stuff at it. Thanks for Reading
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