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Street Build My 12 year project

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Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
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  1. Street
  2. Road Course
16g (lucy goosey), header, hacked 2g intake/maf, and no supporting mods or tune. (Most likely why i broke it when i was a kid) 😂
None yet, was freshened up by a local napa shop about 10 years ago. Head was reworked by reputable shop a few years back. Oe rebuild .020 over
Mods-EMS & Logging
None yet
Stock lsd 4 bolt rear,
Unmolested besides a set of enkie wheels
Parts Wishlist
Oh man….. my wish list basically consists of obtaining knowledge first. I wish to have the ability to intelligently select performance parts, before i build a wish list of said parts!
I bought this car at the tail end of 2009 just before i went to wyotech.
It had a 16 g slapped on it, and zero supporting mods or tune. Ran LEAN AND MEAN!!! For about 2 months.
A friend of mine had a gti, told me that he ran 25psi.
Being a knowledgeable 17-18 year old, i made the reasonable decision that vw’s are girl cars and thus i can run 25 psi too!
(My friend warned me not to, btw, but did not explain why…)
I found that manual boost control knob and gave it about 5 cranks, slammed the hood and took off like a streak of… well…. It Boosted hard for about .6 seconds, and proceeded to smoke screen all of my mirrors with this beautiful all encompassing cloud of white smoke!
Some how i was able to get it back home while billowing smoke.
Turns out, you melt stock pistons if you turn up the boost!

For the first few years i saved money and had machine work and stuff done as i could afford it, but i just did not have the funds. And this poor girl has sat ever since.

I only had 4 high school sweethearts, she was one of them! (3/4 had wheels, unfortunately i was not a ladies man!)

My goal now that i am in a better financial position and finally have a garage, is to get this old girl back o the road again!
I would love love love to build this car for one purpose only…: to walk my brothers 2018 shelby gt350 like its a 3 legged dog! 😂😂
I wanna go fast, i wanna go fast, i wanna go fast!
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