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Street Build Monarch GSTX (AWD swap)

Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
  • Ownership Status:
    Currently Own
    Transmission Type:
    Build Type:
    • Street
    instagram @Academi_
    PTE 6266 TS ---> HX40 6 Blade TS T4 17cm
    Underground Racing T4 TS Exhaust Manifold
    Twin MVS 38mm external wastegates
    Custom 3" DP & Exhaust to Thermal R&D Tail Pipe
    Mishimoto M Line Intercooler ----> VRSF
    Evo III Intake Manifold
    Evo III TB
    Evo III OFH
    B&M Supercooler
    Scirocco Radiator
    -16an Radiator Hoses
    Mishimoto Slim Fan
    Mishimoto Thermostat
    Calan Catch Can
    Tial Q Blow-Off Valve
    4" Forced Performance intake
    Jays Racing Alternator Relocation
    MCR 160a Saturn SE
    Taylor 10.4mm Wire
    Injector Dynamics 1000cc
    STM Fuel pump rewire
    Fuel Lab 515 fuel pressure regulator
    Fuel Lab 818 fuel filter
    Magnus fuel rail
    Walbro 450 fuel pump
    Custom "Under-Bumper" Mounted Yellow Top
    Kelford 272/272 Camshafts
    Ferrea Valves
    Supertech Dual Springs & Retainers
    3g Revised Lifters
    Eagle Rods
    Manley 9.0:1 Pistons
    ARP Custom Age 625+ Headstuds & Mains
    Kiggly HLA
    ACL Race Bearings
    Balance Shaft Elimination
    Mods-EMS & Logging:
    JohnFreundRacing PiLink
    ECMlink V3 w/ NLTS, SD, & Boost by Gear
    AEM Digital Wideband
    AEM Digital Oil Pressure
    AEM Digital Boost
    OMNI 4 Bar MAP
    GM AIT
    Southbend Clutch SS-X TZ/FE
    ACT Streetlite Flywheel
    SS Clutch Line
    Symborski Kit
    B&M Short Shifter
    Paul Volk Tubular Rear Subframe, Rear / Front LCA's, & Toe Arms
    ecl17se bump steer kit & front upper arms
    CompWorks 2g Fender Braces
    Feal Suspension Custom Coilovers
    Stainless Steel Brake Lines
    Front & Rear strut tower bars
    3G BB & MBC
    EVO IX Brembos
    MR2 Hydro Power Steering
    Avid Racing Motor Mounts
    Nardi Classic 330mm + Nrg 2.5
    Gst to Gsx AWD Swap

    SBC Enkei RPF1 w/ Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
    Parts Wishlist:
    TRE Tranny w/ Quaife Lsd
    This car was a hand-me-down from my eldest brother.
    He blew the engine and let me keep the car if I promised to work on it. Circa 2010
    All work done on this vehicle was done in garage by myself and with the help of said brother.

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  1. JeffGS-T97
    That car is way too cool! You did a really good job!
  2. 91dsm
    Is that a stock front bumper with the mustache cut out ? Looks more like an aftermarket one thats been cut. Im looking for a good stock style one that I can cut.
    1. dskagr
      When the car was monarch green was it had an aftermarket bumper. Currently have an OEM with the mustache cutout
      dskagr, Jun 20, 2020
  3. 1GAWD87
    Beautiful car and what a great story! What engine? Sorry if i missed it
    1. dskagr
      The same 4g63 that came in the car, a 7 bolt still
      dskagr, Jun 20, 2020
  4. GSXbooster
    Wow that thing is slammed! But yet you have an impressive suspension/handling setup. Well done sir!
      dskagr likes this.
    1. dskagr
      Yup! She's my daily and I take her to autox when I can. Thank you
      dskagr, Mar 10, 2020
  5. Cameron Eddington
    Looks really good and how much did it cost for parts and all to make it awd? I've got a 1999 gs and I'm wanting to make it awd
    1. dskagr
      I just found a cheap donor car, so it depends on how much you can find one. But for the gs I believe you'll have to do the whole custom evo awd route rather than the gsx way.
      dskagr, Jan 22, 2020
  6. OGofTAMPA
    Your 2G looks amazing.
  7. Limegrntaln
    Making me miss my DSMS. I kind of gave up when parts are so hard to find for it. And I dont mean mechanical parts. I mean window seals and interior. I wish someone remade that stuff. I would be looking for my 6th DSM.
  8. Marcel
    This engine bay is simply un-real.
      210 dsm and Mister_Rogers like this.
  9. Tuna no crust
    That car is beautiful is that the stock color or did you do a respray?
    1. dskagr
      It is the stock monarch green
      dskagr, Mar 5, 2017
    2. Tuna no crust
      It looks really good I'm looking to get back into dsm's I sold my 98 rs over 8 years ago and have regretted if ever since.
      Tuna no crust, Mar 5, 2017
  10. raptoranderson
    The stanced look of this car is just gorgeous af OMG I assume you're running some degree of camber to get those wheels to fit underneath the car, right?

    Also how did you manage to get your engine bay looking so clean and neat? It looks like half of the stuff is missing honestly (power steering pump and reservoir, power steering lines, main fuse box, cruise control solenoid and throttle cable just to name a few things :D )
    1. dskagr
      I was just running the standard natural camber that the car gets when lowering it. Those xxr's had a healthy stretch, and a lot of pulling and rolling all around.

      Alternator Relocation, MR2 power steering, and no cruise control, although I could have tucked that as well. Fuse box is in the passenger side airbag spot.
      dskagr, Feb 27, 2017
    2. raptoranderson
      I totally dig the clean engine bay look you've got going on. It's definitely something I could see myself screwing about with over a weekend in pieces here and there. Would you mind if I pressed you for ideas about how you cleaned it up and more specific talk about how you did it?
      raptoranderson, Feb 27, 2017
  11. rdroguett
    Hi please tell the size of rims and whell
    so pretty car!!
    1. Michael0110
      I did my research when I was looking for mines ;)
      He is running 18X9.75+20 with 225/40 tires.
      You will have to pull/roll fender to run that large.

      I am answering everything for him LOL !

      Take a look at his stancenation page, everything is in it:
      Michael0110, Dec 20, 2015
    I used an Image of your car in a video I made. Just wanted to let you know. I didn't realize it until I saw you on the forums, I originally got the image off of google.

  13. TheMahlerMan
    What color are your rims bro?
    1. Michael0110
      It is chromium black ;)
      Michael0110, Jul 27, 2015
  14. Maroon4g
    Beautfiul car man, wish i could hear it Idle.
  15. Michael0110
    She is just beautifull!!
    I wish I had your skills and transform mine like yours.

    Btw can you tell me what rims you are using and what is their size? As well as tires?
    They fit so nicely!
    I am thinking using the same ones :3
    1. dskagr
      Hey thanks for answering everyone's questions for me and for the support. Sorry that I haven't been active on here and thanks to everyone else on here!
      dskagr, Aug 12, 2016
  16. racker
    nasty and beautiful!
  17. Syko
    My first car was an eclipse this color. I didnt like the color all that much at the time but now, even more so after seeing yours, I really like it. Great car you have there.
  18. Matthew Hamilton
    Damn bro, this is by far in the top 5 cleanest 2g's i've seen, i hope i can get into my car more and fix it up and make it as clean as yours.
  19. tylersevo
    It's cars like yours and Nick's that keep me from repainting my car. Those of us with clean monarch green cars are in a very small group.
      nickfromfortfun likes this.
  20. slowwhite
    Where did you get that center vent pod?
  21. buhay6
    Your car is sexy as all hell man, I'd love to see what those XXR 527's looked like on a 1g.....I'd love to get a set haha
  22. nickfromfortfun
    this is absolutely stunning!!! very good job!!!
  23. Crowder13
    I love it
  24. dfootedsm
    Masterpiece super clean bro
      915dsm likes this.
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