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Rally Build Martin Community College(MCC) Automotive Systems Technology(AST)__Rallycross/Autocross(?TBD?) Build

Plymouth Laser RS Turbo AWD
  • Ownership Status:
    Currently Own
    Turbo Type:
    Transmission Type:
    Build Type:
    • Rallycross
    1) KSPORT COILOVERS-89-94 Mitsubishi Eclipse – Gravel Rally Spec GR 36-Way
    Adjustable Damping, 55mm Inverted Macpherson Strut
    2) Mookeeh Front Solid Adjustable upper strut Pillar mounts.
    3) Aluminum Billet Flywheel (SPEC?/FIDANZA?) Brand TBD
    4) SPEC Stage-2 Clutch Cover w/ Kevlar Sprung Full Face Street Clutch disc, Identified
    from pictures in "for sale link".
    (TBD by Spec upon receipt)
    5) Front Strut Cross Stabilizer Bar
    6) Rear Deck Accessed Plastic Fuel Cell w/ Twist lock fill cap(10-15 Gallon)
    7) Full Interior Roll Cage including Passenger extending into rear lift gate area.
    8) KIRKEY roll bar padding. U Shape design gives more padding towards driver and fits
    closer to interior finish. Fits 1-1/2" to 1-7/8" diameter tubing. Fire proof (self-
    extinguishes) high density energy absorbing padding. USE IN ALL AREAS WHERE
    8) CORBEAU VX2000 Adjustable Back Seat
    9) SPARCO SFI SPEC.16.1 2-point Drivers lap belt
    10) SPARCO SFI SPEC.16.1 2-point Co-Pilot lap belt
    11) Pilot Motorsports Aluminum Gripper Brake Pedal Pad
    12) EGT Gauge set up
    1) ARP Cylinder Head Studs
    2) Lightly polished Cylinder Head (FWTW Quality TBD)
    3) Balance Shaft delete conversion Parts (USE TBD)
    Mods-EMS & Logging:
    1) EGT Gauge
    2) Coolant Temp Gauge
    3) Boost PSI Gauge
    4) Taboo Speed Shop 1G emission controls/vacuum hoses elimination = "Race-only"
    5) Presently w/ OEM Instrument Cluster
    1) Newly Remanufactured/Rebuilt AWD 5-speed (Dark Gray Painted)
    2) Aluminum Billet Flywheel (SPEC?/FIDANZA?) Brand TBD w/ SFI SPEC 1.1 I039207
    MIT4-7999 Sticker & Engraved Information on bolt side of flange.
    3) SPEC Stage-2 Clutch Cover w/ Kevlar Sprung Full Face Street Clutch disc same as link:
    (TBD by Spec upon receipt)
    1) Ksport_COILOVERS-89-94 Mitsubishi Eclipse – Gravel Rally Spec GR = 55mm
    Inverted shafts w/ 18 position dampening adjustability.
    2) 15" Alloy rims for Rally cross tires
    3) 205/70-15" Dunlop SP-60 Gravel tires
    4) Adjustable rear upper camber links w/ inner poly bushings
    5) Mookeeh 1/2" thick, 6" diameter front Solid Adjustable upper strut replacement
    Pillar mounts.
    6) Front Upper Strut tower support bar
    7) Rear Solid upper strut replacement Pillar mounts
    8) Rear upper strut tower support bar
    9) Plastic Fuel Cell w/ Twist lock fill cap (10-15 Gallon) rear deck accessed for >COG,
    OEM filler system deleted.
    10) Battery relocated into RR passenger footwell w/ quick disconnect
    11) Front Strut Camber/adjusting bolt system (Re-use?-TBD) Most likely not needed
    due to fully adjustable Solid upper strut mounts.
    12) Rear control arm ball joints modification(TBD) for Rally travel/set up? (TBD)
    13) Complete Interior stripped out-OEM Instrument Gauge cluster presently utilized.
    14) Rear Deck lift door removed, Replaced w/ Plexiglass (Re-use? = TBD)
    15) Windshield film for Vision Quick cleaning/clearing like a tear-off for goggles
    Parts Wishlist:
    TBD (To Be Determined)
    1) 3-Bolt or 4-Bolt rear axles?
    2) Piston/Valve clash damage to piston crown valve reliefs
    3) Piston ring land quality for collapsed due to valve clashing
    4) Port/Inspect 2 Cylinder heads for Proper Set up purchased w/ vehicle @ $200 ea.

    1) Send Flywheel/clutch assembly to SPEC for Inspection/Refurbish/Adjustments
    (clutch cover bolt missing and bolts loosened from PRIOR POOR Workmanship)
    2) Balance all Internal/External rotating engine components as assembly (Wilson, NC
    Engine Builder)
    3) Replace rings, reuse OEM pistons after T-belt job failure (Idler pully bolt fell out)
    4) Timing Belt, H2O Pump, Idlers, Hydraulic Tensioner Brands (TBD)
    5) Valve Springs w/ Titanium Valve spring retainer
    6) Overhaul all calipers
    7) Teardown/Inspect Brake M/C
    8) Teardown/Inspect Clutch Hydraulics
    9) Properly Bolt-in/attach Interior Roll Cage System (Shoddy Install)
    10) Properly Re-Mount CORBEAU Fixed-Back Seat (Shoddy Install).
    11) Properly Install/Mount 4-point Seat Belt Harnesses for DS & PS seats
    12) Proper 3-Gauge Pod Install
    13) Install Instrument cluster for Co-Pilot monitoring of Engine Vitals = 2nd set of eyes
    14) Inspect Turbo for wear/damage due to Massive amounts of dirt/dust passing
    through Air from improper sealing of filter
    FA = Fall Semester (Aug-Dec) SP = Spring Semester (Jan-May), Numbers = indicate Semester year

    1-1-2016: Bought car not running from estate of deceased PO. Plugs had been pulled
    out assuming (Ass-u-me) possible head gasket since compression check showed
    #3 & #4 w/ <50PSI. T-belt not broken. Head gasket Set & ARP stud kit with car,
    paid estate $500 for car. Bought 2 additional Cylinder heads for $200, both w/
    valves, 3-Gauges w/ Pod mount.

    1) Start of Vehicle Evaluation/Diagnosis

    FALL 2016_Aut-116 ENGINE REPAIR:
    1) Upon further diagnosis to Engine class found t-belt jumped timing due to idler
    pulley bolt about to fall off.
    2) Upon removal of cylinder head all intake valves bent, w/ 3 & 4 being worst.
    3) All Components of intake track full of large amounts of dirt/dust debris up to
    turbine wheels due to poor sealing of Hacked/modified air filer housing.

    1) Class removed engine/trans assembly to find Spec clutch cover missing 1 bolt of 6
    & multiple bolts loose.
    2) Aluminium flywheel and Spec Pressure Plate hot spotted about 4 inches on
    3) Missing bolt not found and no indications of it's where-abouts.
    These issues found have just been a few of many to correct.

    1) Class removed fuel pump in rear deck mounted fuel cell to inspect condition, clean
    tank & Inspect slosh foam quality.

    FALL 2018_Aut-116 ENGINE REPAIR:
    1) Engine class cleaned block, pistons for inspection, removed water jacket & oil galley
    plugs out for Pressure/Heated parts washer cleaning.

    SPRING 2019_

    FALL 2019_

    SPRING 2020_Aut-116 ENGINE REPAIR:
    1) Measured cylinder bores for ring end gap, piston to cylinder clearance
    2) Verified damage or lack there of to rear cylinder bore

    1) Class diagnosed strut brake hose bracket issue = Found PO had installed struts on
    improper sides creating Brake hydraulic hose brackets to be on wrong side of strut. 2) Removed all 4 struts for Quality/Set-up/Inspection.

    1) Remove Front Calipers for Overhaul
    2) Remove Rear Calipers for Overhaul

    1) Estimate/research pistons t-belt parts TBD for build.
    2) 12-29-20_ Identified Spec Clutch Cover, disc as Spec Stage-2 clutch w/ Kevlar
    sprung street disc.

    1) Additional inspection of Replacement Cylinder head (missing 1 valve keeper!!)
    2) Pistons appear to be reusable (TBD)
    a. measure ring land clearance
    b. Clean up Valve/Piston Contact in piston crown (TBD)
    3) Polish/Measure Crankshaft
    4) Inspect rods/polish balance.
    a. 1-15-21: Quoted $300-350 to balance rotating assembly
    5) Polished Cylinder head (Looks Like Ready to be Installed) Initial Visual Inspection.
    a. 1-25-2021_Initial visual Inspection: 1 of 2 valve keepers missing from 1 Exhaust
    valve = This head APPEARED ready to go? Guess NOT!
    b. 2-8-21: Started Removal of all 16 valves from head.
    c. 2-8-21: Surface rust on valve retainers & Springs = Bead blast or Replace?? (TBD)

    1) Rebuild all caliper Assemblies:
    a. ALL 8 Slide Pin Boots Destroyed, all pins are dry, but moving.
    b. ALL caliper brake hose anchors not properly installed (!hoses just dangling!)
    2) 1-4-21: Verified Front Calipers Twin Piston w/ 276mm/10.9" diameter rotors.
    3) 1-20-21: Disassembled 2-piston calipers for inspection = fluid very dirty, 1 pistons
    w/ rust but not stuck. Other 3 with slight tarnish and presence of rubber assembly
    4) Removed all rubber components for cleanup & additional inspection.
    5) One Caliper recently replaced = found pistons still coated w/ Rubber Grease,
    Caliper housing appearance much cleaner & less dirt stain
    6) Opposite Caliper w/ major Rust on 1 piston and in bore:
    a. found piston boot sealing retainers rings not seated properly, allowing moisture
    into both boots
    b. 1-28-21 = Cleaned up Pistons w/ 320+ grit Emory = Very Rusted piston coating is
    deteriorated, possibly past reuse.

    1) Determine/Repair fuel cell needs
    2) Fuel pump frozen, soaking in ATF (use TBD)
    3) 1-21-21: Start Disassembly of Turbocharger for Inspection & rebuild
    4) 2-10-21 = All 16 valves removed:
    a. Findings = Looks/feels like valve lapping compound between valve face & seat
    (?Could also be sand/debris from poor storage?). Retainers/Springs have slight
    surface rust from poor storage conditions.
    b. Valve faces/Seats freshly machined = blue tested seat/face contact on 1
    Exhaust valve = Actually centered & looks okay for THAT ONE so far.
    c. Exhaust valve guide also ground kinda' flush w/ exit radius of that exhaust port.
    Assuming all Exhaust guides are cut in same manner (TBD).
    d. Porting on cylinder head is STILL of questionable quality, but I have SEEN much
    worse HACK jobs.
    e. Spring base seats all there so far, Springs, retainers & Keepers are OEM.

    1) Inspect/Assemble all 4 struts
    a. 1-19-21: found Mookeeh upper ball mount bushings to be beat/wallowed out
    due to excessive clearance between upper shaft and adapter bushing.
    b. Pressed bushing & adapter bushings out.
    2) Suspension adjustability modifications:
    a. Rear Camber adjustable upper control arms w/ Poly bushings
    b. Mookeeh Front Upper Pillar mounts w/ Adjustable Camber
    3) Properly mount CORBEAU adjustable back seat.
    a. 1-25-2021_Removed CORBEAU seat to find out it IS AN ADJUSTABLE back seat.
    4) Install shoulder harnesses for DS/PS

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