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1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST Vehicle Profile & Build Thread
Road Race Build 

Journey of an auto Time Attack car

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
Turbo Type
Transmission Type
Build Type
  1. Road Course
* Fueling...
FIBA custom flat bottomed fuel tank/cell W/ multi shut off balls, vent and breathers ~ Holley Hydra fuel matt ~ Window fed quick fill system ~ Dual DW350 IL fuel pumps ~ Coolant swirl pot ~ 8AN feed lines - RCI 10 Micron SS fuel filter ~ RCI fuel rail ~ FIC Hi Z 1200cc injectors ~ Radium engineering multiport AFPR ~ 6AN return lines.

* Interior...
90% ish interior delete ~ Flocked dash and center console ~ Driven flat steering wheel ~ RR engineering quick release hub ~ NGR hub adaptor (nasty hub) ~ full roll cage (to be redone) ~ OMP and Mirco GT bucket seats ~ Titon 6 point harnesses ~ FIA regulated fire suppression system ~ Custom ABS door panels ~ Alloy panels for displays and cut off switches.

* Exterior...
Full Time Attack body work made mostly from alloy ~ fully ducted intake from bumper out the hood ~ Carbon, Kevlar, Fiberglass vented hood W/ 4 quick release catches ~ air directing wide arch panels and side skirts ~ rear diffuser ~ formed rear poly window ~ poly side windows W / window slider and cooling duct ~ Chassis mounted aero foil mount ~ DJ engineering SM132 aero foil by Simon McBeath.

* Other bolt on's...
Avid billet auto trans mount ~ Torque solutions timing side billet mount ~ Galant 90amp alternator.

* Engine block internals. 2.0 LR spec...
Stock 2.0 block with 7 bolt oil jets ~ Molnar 88mm Billet Crank ~ CP Carrillo H beam 156mm rods W/ Carr bolts ~ Custom CP Stroker pistons 9:0.1 W / 3x coatings and thicker DLC pins ~ King rod/crank bearings XP coated ~ Balance shaft deletes (BOTH) ~ ARP mains stud kit ~ Volk SS pilot bush.

* Engine block add on's...
Frontline Fab billet oil pump W / race filters ~ FIBA Modified 7 bolt oil pan / Baffled ~ Kiggly Racing V3 trigger wheel kit 12 - 1 wheel ~ Fluidamper pully / ARP crank bolt ~ Kiggly racing diamond shims for crank and flexplate.

* Cylinder Head...
Mild port / smoothing and full deburr inside and out! W / smoothed bowls ~ Oil port mods ~ Engbldr stock size SS valves ~ GSC Valve guides ~ supertech viton valve stem seals ~ Kiggly Racing HP beehive valve springs W / TI retainers ~ GSC S2 Billet cams ~ GSC zero tick lifters ~ Kiggly Racing HLA ~ SCE vulcan cut ring head gasket ~ ARP L19 head stud kit ~ FIBA head stud hardened load spreader washers ~ OEM mitsu ALL NEW gaskets/parts where required ~ Skunk racing PRO lightweight cam gears ~ Toda Racing Kevlar timing belt ~ Frontline Fab Billet V1 valve cover.

* Cylinder head externals...

* INTAKE side...
Apex'i super intake filter ( Enclosure ) ~ FIBA SS intake pipe ~ Treadstone TR8 intercooler ~ FIBA SS intercooler pipes ~ HKS SSQV 4 bov ~ EVO 3 60mm throttle body ~ EVO 2 intake manifold.

* EXHAUST side...
Forced performance Race manifold ~ Hybrid 16G / Clocked ( KTS billet 7x7 compressor wheel, upgraded internal thrust bearing package, race Inconal 718 9 blade high flow turbine wheel ~ Forge Actuator w / 20PSI spring ~ Modified o2 housing now for EGT bung and V band ~ FIBA 2.5" DP - 3" exhaust system Straight pipe to central raised exit.

* Exhaust heat management...
Ceramic coated manifold and turbine housing ~ FP manifold blanket ~ FP heat shield (modified) ~ Turbine housing blanket ~ wrapped o2 housing ~ custom ALT heat shield.

* Ignition...
Stock coilpacks ~ NGK spart plug wires W / thermal barrier / arc sleeving ~ NGK BPR7 plugs.

* Cooling system...
Custom radiator core crossflow ~ Davis Craig EWP150 water pump W / display ~ Frontline Fab stock pump block off plate ~ FIBA coolant swirl pot (head outlet) ~ FIBA coolant overflow can ~ Dual hi flow fans 1350 CFM ~ pure distilled water W / 5% coolant and Water wetter ~ Fully ducted system - HKS 1.1 rad cap.

* Oil...
Fuch's Pro Race S ester oil 10w50 ( Race ) or 10W40 ( Winter ) ~ setrab oil cooler / 10AN lines ~ (1st inline) Calan VS3 catch can modified for volume only ~ (2nd inline) FIBA dual baffled and filtered catch can ~ all 10AN lines.

* Full PS delete.
* Full AC delete.

Mods-EMS & Logging
* ECU...
Dsmlink v3 full ~ SD GM W/harness ~ 4 bar omni map sensor ~ IR boost control solenoid.

* Logging DATA...
Innovate lc-1 A/F kit ~ innovate mtx-d boost gauge ~ innovate mtx-d oil pressure/temp ~ HKS type 1 turbo timer with all warning functions ~ mainline sensors auto trans temp sensor and intercooler air temp kit

* Transmission...
Quaife ATB diff ~ Translab shift kit/valve body ~ modified trans pan ~ Cartek digital gear indicator / shift lights - morrison fabrications lower auto shift cable brackets ~ Racing trans temp sensor and gauge ~ Setrab trans cooler ~ Redline D4 ATF.

* Transmission contol...
Road surge V3 shift kit W / big display ~ Track formula 8 channel wireless carbon fiber paddle shift system.

* Wheels...
Konig Hypergrams 18x10.5 ET25 ~ (RACE TIRES) Pirelli Trofeo R 295-30 ~ (ROAD TIRES) Veredestein Vorti+ 275-35 ~ Project KICS R40 lug nuts.

* Brakes...
* Front...
FIBA Motorsport anodized 6 piston radial mounted race calipers W/ AKB springs ~ FIBA 360mm fully floating 2 piece race slotted rotors ~ Gloc R10 brake pads ~ Millers 300+ brake fluid.

* Rear...
Stock EVO rear Brembo's W/ Stainless pistons ( soon to be removed for the FIBA rear caliper kit ) ~ comline 1 piece race slotted rotors ~ Carbotech XP8 brake pads ~ Millers 300+ brake fluid.

* Brake system parts...
Custom floor mounted Dual master cylinder pedal system W/ balance bar - Bias control ~ Dual Tilton master cylinders ~ Tilton 3 chamber res chamber ~ Tilton rear lever prop valve ~ Full chassis stainless brake line kit front to rear.

* Chassis / suspension...
* Front...
Fully tubed nose end of chassis ~ OEM front lower arms (soon to be FIBA arms) ~ Hardrace front compression arms (soon to be FIBA arms) ~ FIBA tubular front upper arms ~ FIBA V2 bump steer kit ~ FIBA adjustable drop links ~ FIBA/Quaife Quick race rack and pinion kit ~ DCE pro street EPAS kit ~ FIBA front tubular RACE subframe - 4 point brace - front crossmember - billet arb brackets ~ OEM ARB.

* Rear...
FIBA tubular lower control arms W/ adjustable droplinks ~ FIBA trailing arms ~ FIBA tubular upper arms W / Roll center adjustment ~ FIBA adjustable bump toe arms ~ FIBA (LIGHTWEIGHT) T45 tubular FWD subframe ~ FIBA EVO arb adaptor brackets ~ EVO 22mm ARB.

* Coilovers...
Modified BC racing coilovers W / spherical bearing upper mounts F/R ~ 4Lbs Helper springs F/R ~ F spring rate 672Lbs / R spring rate 784Lbs

* Extras...
Modified OEM front axles ~ Modified EVO 5 wheel bearings W/ ARP wheel studs ~ Modified front Galant knuckle ~ Modified rear AWD knuckle ~ Modified EVO rear wheel bearings W / ARP extended studs ~

Parts Wishlist
* Actual wish list is a drysump setup, redo the rollcage to allow a halo seat to be used,

* I would like to do a rwd conversion with a new age evo block converted to inline with a trans adaptor for a seqential gearbox possibly R154

* Ecumaster ecu / pdu and dash display

* BC ZR coilovers

* 4 or 6 piston racing caliper rear brakes customised with spot calipers and custom backing plate

* Make more custom body panels / molds


1/4 Mile E/T
1/4 Mile MPH
1/8 Mile E/T
1/8 Mile MPH
60' Time
Dyno HP
175 whp
Dyno TQ
180.1 lb/ft
Dyno Type
Dyno Dynamics
Dyno Sheet Photo Link
Dyno Shop Name
power engineering
Dyno Session Details
Fuel Used : Pump gas
Turbo : T25
Boost : st


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