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Street Build Fry's FlyinTalon

Eagle Talon TSi AWD
  • Ownership Status:
    I own it
    Turbo Type:
    Transmission Type:
    Build Type:
    • Street
    62mm Forced Performance dsm86 hta turbo__ Fp black 4an inline turbo oil filter on feed line __-10an push lock oil drain line__ Port and polished Fp race exhaust manifold done by me also nitro plated inside and out flat black along with turbo hot side__ Fp v-band dump tube and o2 housing coated in nitro bright done by Nitroplate.com out of Nashville Tennessee__Fp 4inch cast aluminum recirculated turbo intake__ Tial v44mm wastgate __ custom fabbed down pipe and full 3inch straight pipe exhaust done by me__ 1g rebuilt and shaved throttle body, no iac Jmf block off plat __ Jmf (race) sheet metal aluminum intake manifold__ Jmf stainless ss upper and lower radiator pipes__ Jmf Deluxe coolant catch can__ Jmf 1g race billet oil catch can -10 lines __ Jmf billet cnc brake reservoir cap__ Jmf billet oil cap__magnus heat barrier intake manifold gasket__ crushed and modded 1g bov__ custom 2.5inch short rout aluminum intercooler piping __ sperco 3.5inch Fmic __ koyo radiator __ F.A.L S-blade slim fan __ Power enterprise 13lb radiator cap __ shaved valve cover no baffle with -10 lines__shaved and Polished thermostat housing__ rewired wally 450lph with STM bulkhead fitting__ custom hanger by me __ Fuelab fiberglass fuel filter and fuelab mini afpr__ 6an russal lines and AN fittings from the pump to a FIC fuel rail__ FIC 1450cc blue max's low-z injectors __ black prothane solid engine mounts__ battery located in the trunk along with 2.5lb fire extinguisher__ stainless hardware throughout the engine bay.
    Fully rebuilt engine using oem parts and gaskets__ heads been polished up some__ all the head works been done by me, hot tanked, recut valves, seats ,vacuum tested, and assembled__0 decked block__ balance shafts removed__ Power enterprise timing belt__ ofh ported for lower oil presser__ 2g pistons 1g rods__ Kiggly HLA__ GSC valve stem seals__ GSC zero tick lifters__ Supertech springs Ti retainers__ GSC s2 274 cams__ Arp stainless ss exhaust studs__ Arp head studs __ comatic multilayer head gasket__ __ngk plugs __ ntk o2__MAPerformance CnC billet aluminum (CAS) cover.
    Mods-EMS & Logging:
    Aem wideband __ Autometer ultra lite series 30psi boost__ 100psi electric oil presser__ and 250f water temp. gauges__ capped and chipped Eprom done by JST__ECM link v3__unmodded 2g maf __ hallman Pro boost controller with russal 4 AN fittings and lines__hks turbo timer. Blevin's Tuned FTW! !
    Shep rebuild transmission __ Goodridge stainless ss clutch line __ ball bearing shifter cable ends__ rebuilt shifter with solid shifter plat bushings__ completely rebuilt driveshaft with torque solution's carrier bearing bushing mounts__ fidanza aluminum flywheel__ Kentucky clutch duel friction disc with 2700lb pressure plate.
    Power slot rotors__ ebc yellow stuff pads up front , thermal quite out back __ goodridge stainless ss brake lines all four corners __ front and rear sturt tower bars__ 13lb Rx7 fd wheels/black wheels are gt3000 both wheels are 16x 8 both with same tire 26lb difference in total weight between the two __ 225, 50, 16 street tire__ Custom made cnc aluminum spacers made with center hub to fit mazda fd wheels 7mm spacer's in the front 14mm out back __ 330mm Nardi/Personal neo grinta red stiched steering wheel with matching red stiched evo X final edition shift knob and custom red stiched shifter boot__ Nrg quick release hub with working horn, yep working horn!!!
    Parts Wishlist:
    2g head, Magnus v4, built bottom end
    Sold my running Honda civic ef hatch to buy my first DSM this 91 Talon Tsi AWD factory lsd, eprom car none sun roof, bone stock not running blown turba with a hole in the block when I was a sophomore in high school, from that day I've lived my life a quarter mile at a time. Rebuilt the engine in my parents basement and put it together in the gravel driveway talk about some good times . BUILT NOT BOUGHT! I've saved all the money and done all the work myself from engine building, custom fab, welding, wiring, also shaving the valve cover, sand and polishing the thermostat housing, fuel rail, turbo and a lot other stuff. I have done alot of cleaning and organizing of the engine bay to make people say wow or at least take a second look especially in person, while leaving the outside clean and settle something you would not suspect. Everything other than tune the car I have done, shout out to Adam Blevins of Blevin's Tuning for awesome tune, best tuner in the Midwest, Blevin's tuned FTW .This is my first dsm and my first time ever on a dyno, mustang dyno at that, the car made 440whp 395tq with a fat power band with only bolt on 20g, bc 272, and e85. This is a true street car, full interior, full exhaust , both steel bumpers, radio, power steering, power windows , everything but a/c is retained in the car. I do it all in my DSM race it, boost through the country side ,boost down to wal mart, boost to the star bucks. I take it to meets and out to car shows, out for Friday night fun, scare my old lady that's also fun, at one point it was my daily driver for few years. Eight plus years now I've been trying to make my vision of a good DSM street car with more power than it needs as I'm pretty happy were the cars at its far from being finished. In the future as of now (lol) I plan on building a high compression engine, get a paint job and basically restore the hole car with tasteful mods, staying dsm turbo housing, "FP HTA DSM86 going on in the winter" and make a 9sec gear bangin, bunghole puckering, street monster. Love the 4g63 and I love my 1g no ...I'm abased maybe a little crazy about my 1g , I'll never let my eagle fly away.....!!!!! "DSM FOR LIFE''!!!!!...Check out my dyno videos and don't forget to Like. Thanks and happy bootin Tuner's !!!!!!
  • Dyno HP:
    440.4 bhp
    Dyno TQ:
    395.5 lb/ft
    Dyno Type:
    Mustang Dyno
    Dyno Video Link:
    Watch Video
    Dyno Shop Name:
    Automotion located in louisville, ky
    Dyno Session Details:
    Hot day car still did really well, mods at the time of the dyno was Mitsubishi 20g cast wheel turbo__7cm hot side unported__ fp cast manifold__Jmf o2 housing__tial f38mm wastgate__ bc272 cams__e85 and 28psi. Best tuner around Adam Blevins tuning the car.
  • Adam Blevins tuning the car in the dyno alley at Automotion located in Louisville, KY

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  1. Sbgriffin
    Man you change valve cover setups more than I do. Beautiful transition, I like. A car like that is all I really need out of life. Maybe a kid someday, LOL...
      FlyinTalon likes this.
  2. rscott
    Beautiful beast!!
      FlyinTalon likes this.
  3. Derek Goodreau
    your ride looks so sweet. what radiator is this you have, and do you happen to have a link to buy it? i want it.
      FlyinTalon likes this.
    1. FlyinTalon
      I used to run mishimoto but I kept having problems out of them, that and a f.a.l fan and shroud will not fit in between the middle with out setting on top of the end tanks. I run koyorad now and fan and radiator fit perfect now and I log about 10 degrease cooler as well. Extremepsi.com is were I picked it up checkout the supporting venders.
      FlyinTalon, Jul 24, 2015
  4. Zcrum123
    Very clean car.
      FlyinTalon likes this.
  5. turtlebain
    Black Ceramic (I assume) is a huge improvement from the rusty manifold. I did mine in Ceramic Black as well.

    Really liking this car .... really need my GSX back ... wanna help?
      FlyinTalon likes this.
  6. stage3sleeper
    Nice clean setup. Inside and out.
      FlyinTalon likes this.
  7. GST with PSI
    Beautiful 1G. Nicely done.
      FlyinTalon likes this.
  8. 90gsxProjectCruiser
    your car is really clean man! I checked out some of your videos on the tube. (dang srt4...) really impressive though!
    I'm at square one with my 90' gsx. currently trying to figure out why I'm not getting spark..im deffinatly a newbie. that said, I was wondering if I could bum some knowledge off you. noticed you have a 2g maf wired up and was wondering how hard it was to do? $$$? I hear there a lot better then what I'm working with and ive wanted to convert but I don't know anyone who knows how to do it and im not even close to an electrical guy.
    you think that fp race manifold is a better route then tubular headers? probably last longer.. im on the fence on that and just like to hear your opinion.

    yep down to the interior of the flyin talon im envious!
    take it easy
      FlyinTalon likes this.
    1. FlyinTalon
      Thxs dude glad u like my dsm. Sounds like u got a bad ecu. 2g mafs are pretty cheap, you need the maf and wire harness plug from a 2g , get on Vfaqs.com for everything you need to know bout wiring it up. This web site will help you out a lot. If your gona stay dsm turbo housing then Fp manifold all the way don't waste your time with a cheap knockoff.
      FlyinTalon, Jul 11, 2014
    2. 90gsxProjectCruiser
      thanks for the info!
      90gsxProjectCruiser, Jul 13, 2014
    3. FlyinTalon
      vfaq.com no "s" if you were having some problem finding the site sorry and Good Luck!
      FlyinTalon, Jul 14, 2014
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