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Replies on Comment by El Cuervo

  1. bling5tatus
    Hi, sorry for the late response. The pictures of my setup right after I assembled it are here: http://dsmecu.com/viewtopic.php?id=852 Let me know if you have any questions. It's definitely surprising to people because they're always looking for an FMIC in the bumper then they assume it's not fast when they don't see one.
    bling5tatus, Oct 1, 2018
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  2. El Cuervo
    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I can't see the pictures. They just take me to a log in place. What kind of water lines are you using? Also, how exactly did you route your water lines, water tank and how did you wire your water pump? I apologize for all these questions. I just never done a W2A intercooler. I want to do something different than what everyone does. I also read your posts and you have very good things to say about the w2a system. Have you thought about doing a "1g w2a system writeup" with pictures here in dsm tuners? That would be awesome! Thanks.
    El Cuervo, Oct 5, 2018
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  3. bling5tatus
    I would make one, but my system is already built. The DSMECU page requires an account but it's free. It's my domain, and that's where I host all my information. There's a lot of REALLY smart DSM people that have made a home on there so you shouldn't have any trouble getting what you need answered there. I'm also not so interested in showing everyone what I've done. I did a 2g head on a 6 bolt block a long time ago before everyone else thought it was a good idea. There's really not much special about my setup in terms of W2A. I do have the core under my hood covered in DEI reflect a gold for max bling factor and because it is great for rejecting heat from external sources... like the engine bay. I've got more tricks that will keep the DSM scene alive for some time to come as long as people still have good 1G cars that aren't trashed.
    bling5tatus, Oct 6, 2018
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  4. El Cuervo
    You are very right. I'll make an account on dsmecu and check out. I used to have one when it first open. I think this was when "Flux capacitor" left dsmap. I had the account there but it got deleted. Then I just did not open one. I had also stopped visit here on tuners since it kinda became stale for a bit and alot of people moved to other platforms. Not to mention that most people here follow a cookie cutter system and nobody is open to new ideas. Look at the whole A2A vs W2A systems. Still people think that s W2A is strictly for drag racing and not street friendly. In any case, thank you very much for the information and taking your time to answer my questions. I'll open an account on dsmecu and check out your build and such.
    El Cuervo, Oct 6, 2018
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  5. El Cuervo
    So when I click to the link that you sent me to check out your information on dsmecu, it sends me to a page that says: "The link that you have followed is incorrect or outdated". What do you think?
    El Cuervo, Oct 6, 2018
  6. bling5tatus
    Check "FluxCooler" on "Project Logs". I didn't leave DSMap, the owner of that site had some differences in opinions, revoked my access, lied to the user base about what happened, and to this day holds a grudge against me. I didn't get into DSMs for drama, so I don't miss that bs. You are right about a lot of people not being very open to new ideas.... I've got another cool idea that, after we test it on my friend's Laser, we will be willing to talk about it more. It does involve a water to air intercooler system and should provide even better efficiency than mine does.
    bling5tatus, Oct 8, 2018
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  7. El Cuervo
    I'm very excited to hear all about this new idea of yours. Wait a sec... by any chance, were you flux capacitor at dsmap? If So, I never got to thank you for helping me with learning how to tune with jackal. You answered all my questions that I had in regards to tuning and wideband setups. All of that information seemed like it got deleted and I could never go back to check it out. Things died at dsmap real quick after what happened. In any case, thank you very much for all the help and I really look forward on hearing all about this new project that you have going on.
    El Cuervo, Oct 8, 2018
  8. bling5tatus
    Yes, and you're welcome. I spent a lot of my time on that site helping test things and answer questions for people. What was told to the people there was a pretty decent fabrication of what really happened. I don't want to get into it because it's in the past now but there's a reason that site is dead and dsmecu.com is still being posted on.... and it's not because any info was stolen. Dsmecu.com was started fresh from the ground up, for the record.
    bling5tatus, Oct 9, 2018
  9. El Cuervo
    Absolutely, I remember. That's great! Well I'm glad that I'm a member of dsmecu again and I'm looking forward in learning more and contributing on whatever I can.
    El Cuervo, Oct 9, 2018
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  10. bling5tatus
    Btw, I actually named the red car Poncho... my name/handle online isn't Poncho lol. Glad you found us.
    bling5tatus, Oct 9, 2018
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  11. El Cuervo
    . My apologies. The thing here is that Poncho is a name in Spanish. Well it's the nice name for Alfonso. So your cars name is Alfonso. Had a friend in Mexico who's name was Alfonso but we called him Tocho. That's another nick name for it.
    El Cuervo, Oct 10, 2018
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  12. bling5tatus
    Lol, I named it after one of my grandfather's favorite songs. Poncho & Lefty, give it a listen if you haven't heard it. I'm left handed, so I'm Lefty and the car is Poncho :). I think it's got a lot of analogues to racing cars if you think about it.
    bling5tatus, Oct 15, 2018
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  13. El Cuervo
    Awesome! Yes, I have heard Poncho and Lefty. I believe It's by Willie Nelson. A good country song. I'm left handed too but I was forced to write with my right hand. So I never developed my writing skills with my natural hand and I have shitty handwriting with my right hand. Hahaha.
    El Cuervo, Oct 18, 2018
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