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Street Build Black 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX Built Auto/ 2.3L Stroker

Specs & Mods

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Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
Transmission Type
Build Type
  1. Street
FP Green - FP Race Exhaust Manifold - ID1000cc Injectors - Walboro 455 Fuel Pump -6 AN line from tank to rail and return - Fuel Lab Fuel Pressure Regulator - Automods Manual Boost Controller - Megan Racing 3" Downpipe - 3" Aluminum V-Band Exhaust from downpipe to v-band connection at Megan Racing Stainless Muffler - Tubular O2 Housing - Mishimoto Aluminum X-Line Radiator and Fan Shroud - Mishimoto Silicone Radiator Hoses - Ohm Racing Silicone Heater Hose Kit
2.3L Stroker - Wiseco Pistons - Eagle H Beam Rods. Clevite bearings - Balance Shaft Elimination Kit - Kiggly Beehive Springs - Kelford 272 Cams - JM Fab Catch Can - JM Fab Coolant Overflow
Mods-EMS & Logging
DSMLink - AEM UEGO FailSafe Wideband/Boost - AEM Transmission Temp - Speed Density Conversion
Kiggly Front Clutch Kit - Kiggly 7 Bolt Flexplate - Precision Industries "Dragon" Torque Converter - Translab Shift Kit
Megan Racing Street Series Coilovers - Evo 8 Brake Conversion - JDM Galant Knuckles - Evo 8 17' Enkei Wheels
Parts Wishlist
Drive Shaft Shop Aluminum Driveshaft - Paint Job - Engine Bay Clean Up - Pull Rear Subframe to sandblast and powdercoat - FD RX7 16' wheels and slicks
In highschool, my girlfriend and I owned two DSM's. I had a 1996 GST and she had the 98 GSX. As both our careers started to take off in 2008, we realized we needed reliable transportation. I sold my GST and bought a 2007 Chevy Impala. We kept my girlfriends GSX and she bought a 2007 Nissan Altima. The GSX has been stored away all these years with the hopes of making it a beast again one day. Our automotive shop is well established and we are financially stable so we decided to start working on the GSX. This car is meant to be a fun vehicle to Autocross, Drag, Cruise, Show off, whatever we want. If we break something, so be it. That just means we have a reason to upgrade it. The GSX is extremely clean with any rust seen being surface rust and can easily be sanded and cleaned up. Plan is to get the vehicle running again and slowly continue improving the vehicle. Following almost all Mitsubishi's the clear coat has faded and the vehicle needs a paint job. The car is also almost 20 years old and many bushings are worn. Time will tell and hopefully I'll remember to take pictures along the way.


Dyno HP
450 whp
Dyno TQ
368 lb/ft
Dyno Video Link
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Dyno Session Details
24 PSI
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