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Drag Race Build beastONboost

Eagle Talon TSi AWD
  • Ownership Status:
    I own it
    Turbo Type:
    GT35 Variant
    Transmission Type:
    Build Type:
    • Street
    • Drag Race
    PTE BB 6165 gen1 turbo.
    - Ported "s" .70 a/r compressor housing
    - T3 .63 a/r turbine housing (3"v band)
    -- T3 turbo blanket
    3" V band turbo back exhaust
    - Wrapped downpipe
    Tial 38mm wastegate
    -custom dump tube
    Wrapped T3 cast manifold
    Fic 2150cc fuel injectors.
    Walbro 255lph fuel pump (non e85)
    Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator.
    Unorthodox adjustable cam gears.
    -ARP cam bolts
    HKS clear cam cover
    2g MAF to 4" K&N filter
    (Full engine is in mid build)

    7 bolt 2g head (machined for 6 bolt block)
    ported and polished.
    HKS 272/272 cams.
    Supertech nitride coated SS valves.
    Kiggly valve springs.
    - high lift steel seats.
    - titanium retainers.
    3g revised lifters.
    Felpro stem seals.
    Evo roller rockers.
    1g CAS

    6 bolt block
    86mm Manley pistons
    - PowerKote CBX ceramic coating
    Manley H beam rods
    - tri-metal bearings
    Eagle 4340 steel crank
    - New std main bearings
    ARP head studs
    Mods-EMS & Logging:
    1990 Eprom ecu.
    ECMLink v3.
    AEM Wideband.
    Autometer Boost gauge.
    Autometer Oil pressure gauge.
    Act 3200 pressure plate
    Act 6 puck sprung disc
    Act throw out bearing
    Drilled and slotted rotors.
    Bosch premium pads
    Stock 1g wheels (for now)
    205 55 r16 michelin snow tires (for now)
    Parts Wishlist:
    Block needs (//wants):
    Bore .040" over.
    Hot tank.
    //Kiggly girdle

    Head needs:
    GSC bronze valve guides.
    GSC stem seals
    Intake manifold tapped for MAP

    Drivetrain needs(//wants):
    Stage 3 or 4 TMZ transmission.
    -shot peened gear set.
    -4 spider center diff.
    4 bolt rear.
    //600 minimum rated hp driveshaft
    //600 minimum rated hp axels

    Fuel system needs:
    double pumper hanger.
    2x walbro 255 e85 in-tank fuel pumps.
    6an 90° male fittings x2 (feed, on hangar).
    6an to 8an Y fitting (feed).
    6an teflon core fuel line x3 (feed x2, return).
    8an teflon core fuel line (feed).
    8an feed fitting to stock rail.
    6an return fitting from stock rail.
    Fuel lab or aeromotive fuel filter
    GM Ethanol sensor

    EMS needs:
    GM Speed Density bundle (ecmtuning)
    - omni power gm 4 bar MAP sensor
    -- MAP pigtail
    - gm IAT sensor
    -- IAT pigtail
    -- IAT bung
    -plug and play harness
    -ethanol cable

    Wheels/tires needs(//wants):
    17x8 rims, 225 35 r17 street tires
    //15x9 drag rims, 265mm DOT slicks

    Suspension needs (//wants):
    Coilovers (undecided on brand).
    //Bushing kit.

    Brake wants:
    Big brake kit (undecided on brand).

    Bolt on wants:
    T3 .82 a/r turbine housing.
    (Eventually) T4 twin scroll .94 a/r housing.
    (Eventually) T4 twin scroll top mount manifold.
    (Eventually) Sheet metal intake manifold
    [I'd like to evetually make my own in/ex manifolds.]
    Polished catch can.
    Polished coolant reservoir.
    SS Braided coolant hose/lines
    JAN 11, 2017..

    I got my first dsm in 2006 or 2007 I forget. It was my DD and it lasted no problems for about 2 years straight then it seemed I was going through transmissions in no time at all. So I sadly got rid of it.

    I've had a bunch of cars since then, but never lost the love of a spoiling awd launch. In early 2016 I decided to get another one. I found one pretty clean close to my house, of course the guy told me "the motors built, eagle rods, wiseco pistons, 2.1l, 272 regrind cams, but it doesn't have an ecu or turbo or manifold. So for a little bit of money you could have a proper racecar!

    So I said w.e I listened to him, I bought a manifold, an ecu with dsmlink v3, and a garrett 60 trim turbo, assuming maybe a few people are honest in this world. Turns out there are... He just wasn't one of them. Not only was the motor bone stock, but the crank had a wiped bearing causing a horrible knock. So i replaced the bearing hoping the journal was still okay but no such luck, the knock was still there.

    But almost every messed up situation has a backwards silver lining. This took me from planning to keep the head and motor stock and throwing a 60 trim on there.. To first finding a crank.. I came across an eagle 4340 crank for pretty cheap so I first threw that in there.

    I started to put it back together, when I quickly got bored with the setup before I even finished it. Then came the "well, why not?" attitude, and the build started.

    I was looking for standard pistons on h beams and I bought this manley set. The seller claimed they were standard (he was very honest about other things though so I think he really didn't know) and without checking the numbers on them I just did an impulse buy because they were very cheap. I then found out that they're 86mm. So now I have to get the block out and disassemble it again to get it bored out, honed, and hot tanked. I already found the shop that's going to do it I'm just waiting on slightly warmer weather to go out and work on it. I don't do well outside in winter.

    In the mean time, I removed the head and brought it inside. I started buying up parts for it. I started out buying supertech ss nitride coated valves, then I got crower springs, titanium retainers, 3g revised lifters, and evo roller rockers. I was on the lookout for 272 cams, and upon further research some people who used crower springs with 272s got valve float. This was more than likely just a few isolated incidents but I didn't want to be one of them, so I got my HKS 272/272 cams and unorthodox gears and arp gear bolts, and sold my crower springs and titanium retainers. I then bought my kiggly beehives, titanium retainers, and high lift steel seats. I heard nothing but positive reviews on these and not one negative, plus if I ever want to upgrade to 280s or even 288s I know I'll be safe with these.

    I then decided to try out a DIY port and polish job. I still haven't totally finished it. It's a lot more work then I thought it was going to be, but I'm not quitting. Just so much light wetsanding involved.

    I was shopping for a turbo, and I now had a goal of 600whp, which seemed feesable now that I had my eye on this pte ball bearing 6165. I bought it right away without asking the necessary questions that I should have. The 600whp goal quickly shrunk down to 500 now that I see I only have a .63 a/r hotside. At least it will be better on the street and will spool quicker. Also even at 500whp this Will be the fastest car I've ever owned. It will allow me to get used to it again before I build up another 100+hp, then I'll hope to work another 100. And once I get close to 700 way way way down the line, I'll upgrade to either manley turbo tuff rods or a nice set of either vader aluminum or carillos or something.

    That's way down the line though. Before I even get to 600 I'm going to need to get a built trans. I'm a little shy on getting a second hand one, because sure it might be built. But it might have been built 10 years ago and might be a basic built when the seller could claim it can hold 800whp.... It's a shame some people lie about stuff like that and that we all have to be leery on what we buy second hand. Those few liars mess it up for everyone buyers and sellers alike. Oh well. On something like that I'll just save my pennies and be sure what I buy can handle what Im going to through at it.

    But before that even, I mean very next on the list to finish my head I'm getting GSC bronze valve guides, and GSC Stem seals, and the get to work on the fuel system.

    For the fuel system Ive decided to go double pumper walbro 255. As you can see in my parts wishlist.

    well, that pretty much puts me up to date. I'll be back with updates as time goes on. Thanks for checking in.

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  1. Geeb
    Few updates..
    Mar 2, 2017

    I got an SARD fuel rail..
    Got a 4 bolt rear.. With axles and cups..
    Got a gm speed density setup..
    (Still need e85 fit into it)
    Got an OMP steering wheel..
    Got a sparco quick release hub
    Got a BOSS steering wheel adapter..
    Got a 900hp garrett fmic (1g specific)..
    Got a jm fab drag intake manifold
    Got a q45 throttle body
    -remote mount ISC

    Getting soon.. A built trans, by dogbox racing, with double synchros..

    Got an 11 blade gt35r billet compressor wheel for my pte gen1 6165 dbb turbo
    Still need a gt37r turbine wheel.
    -it will basically be a gt35r/gt37r hybrid

    I'm also in the middle of shaving my valve cover, only leaving mitsubishi on it.

    Put the port and polish job on hold, just got tired of wetsanding the same stuff over n over LOL but I'll get interested again soon.

    Still have to make a trip to extreme PSI and get my GSC shorty stopper valve guides.

    Decided to just go single 450 instead of double pumper 255s.. It's just more practical.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff but ya know.

    Still have a lot to buy and do.
    But progress is progress.
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