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Street Build 91 GVR4 #476/2K

Specs & Mods

Mitsubishi Galant VR-4
Transmission Type
Build Type
  1. Street
T4 Divided Top Mount Morrison Fabrications Header, Dual Tial 38 MVS external gates and dumps, Borg Warner SXXX Turbo, 4" Morrison Fabrications Downpipe, JMF Street SMIM, Blitz BOV, -10AN PTFE fuel feed line with Fragola fittings everywhere, -8AN PTFE fuel return, FIC 2150cc injectors, Magnus fuel rail, Fuel Lab AFPR, Magnafuel pre and post pump fuel filters, Magnafuel 4303 fuel pump w/voltage fuel pump controller, AFCO radiator with 10" Spal fan, Bulfab braces, 3" FMIC with 2.5" piping, 1G NT throttle body, custom 5.5" CAI w/AFE air filter (passenger side fender area), Saturn SC2 relocated alternator (Jay kit), Fluidamper pulley, Stock coils, NGK wires and NGK BR8ES spark plugs gapped "small."
2.0L 8.5:1 C.R. Wiseco HD (22mm pin) pistons, Howard I beam connecting rods, BSEK, Stock crank, King XP Bearings, GSC S3 camshafts, Mitsubishi EVO III OEM MLS HG, ARP L19 headstuds, Kiggly "HP" springs/retainers, AEM adjustable cam gears, Kiggly HLA, unported head with o-rings (professionally rebuilt by "DTR" Darren Thomas Racing,) 3G "big bore" lifters, Mitsubishi EVO IX OEM timing belt, -8AN vents on valve-cover, catchcan by my buddy Brad Bench, N/X 100HP wet Proton Nitrous System (plumbed pending wiring.)
Mods-EMS & Logging
ECMlink V3 Speed Density, GM AIT sensor, AEM 5 bar map sensor, AEM Boost X EBC (also has ECMlink boost control), AEM UEGO, cheap Jegs oil pressure, coolant temperature, voltage monitoring gauges.
4 bolt LSD rear end swap, ACT Twin Disc or ACT3200 w/4puck disc, welded center diff in stock 5 speed trans, DS aluminum bushings, Competition clutch fork and ball,
D2 street coilovers,17x9 Aodhan with 2454017 Federal tires (street), 2256015 Hena all seasons on 15s (street), Powerslot rotors all around, 4WS eliminated. 17"x7.5" Maxxim Sixx Silver wheels with 26" M&H slicks (track). Mustache bar has POLYs. Rear subframe has all POLYs (except the control arms.) 26mm Whiteline anti-sway bar in the rear. Alternate (cut QA1 springs with AGXs for drag or high HP street pulls.)
Parts Wishlist
Paint job, Dogbox or Auto-swap.
I have owned the car circa 2013. It is self built and tuned and has gone through several iterations; Bolt on 550awhp'ish with a Holset HX40, 790awhp'ish with a T3 PTE 6466 and now with a Big Borg Warner. The car had an Eagle/Wiseco combo that made 710awhp in 2014 with the 6466. It's in full street trim other than the removal of AC, AWS, emissions, cruise control and 99% of the interior. It has the leather interior, sunroof, radio, heat and just a downpipe. It weighs 3380lbs with me (I am 210lbs) in current trim with the 17" true street radials and half a tank of gas. I would like to see it get into the 9's eventually in the same trim w/slicks. It is not a race car or a show car...I drive this car occasionally on the street and do take it to the track once in awhile. So, it has made over 700awhp for the majority of my ownership. It recently made 790-800whp in 2021 (with the 6466) with some issues (valve float) that were later resolved after I had the head rebuilt by DTR.

Quickest time to date is 11.25@130mph on the old setup. This was on wastegate boost on the street radials. Car went 139mph in a higher boost setting on the last setup. Drivetrain issues are always a problem due to its heft and relatively stock drivetrain. I only run it on street radials because it destroys drivetrain parts all the time with the slicks on. No times (dyno or track) on the new setup. Photographs with the 15" black wheels and JDM bumpers are the most recent. It is my little toy that I built to enjoy and not trying to prove anything to anyone. :)

PS: This car has not been to the track or dyno with the current setup. <--Dyno video on old 64mm turbo setup


Dyno HP
788 whp
Dyno TQ
588 lb/ft
Dyno Type
Dyno Video Link
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