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Road Race Build 90 plymouth laser project

1990 plymouth laser
  • Ownership Status:
    I own it
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    • Street
    • Drag Race
    Just bought the car from a complete jackass, who told me f*** all what was all wrong and then makes me drive 5hrs. Lucky him i still liked what i saw.

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  1. Mech Addict
    I see new flywheels advertised on RTM Racing, Extreme PSI, Rock Auto, STM, JNZ. I would imagine one of these should work. Did the motor and transmission in your car ever work together? Getting a broken flywheel bolt out of the crank sounds like a pain. Those bolts are pretty stout!. Hopefully you can drill enough to get an extractor on it, and not have to drill it out entirely and helicoil. I might consider a new crank at that stage, especially if you have performance intentions. Is your set-up a 6-bolt or 7-bolt?
    1. Benny neufeld
      All this info is actually awsome, this is my first DSM build. And its forsure alot different then regular cars. Idk if the tranny ever worked with the engine, the broken bolt in the crank was taken out no problem with a small drill bit and then turning it in reverse and came out no problem. The crank setup is a six bolt with a smaller hole between two on the main bolts.Like i said i dont know to much just yet about the whole dsm thing, but everyone has to start that way. So you guys are actually awsome
      Benny neufeld, Jun 5, 2020
  2. Mech Addict
    Welcome to the forum. So this was a Laser RS that had a 1.8L and was swapped to a 2.0L turbo? How much modification for drag racing does it currently have? Sounds like you have inherited someone else's unfinished (non-running?) project, and you should prepare for all manner of "curiosities" that make no sense. Missing fasteners, parts, modified stuff, disconnected lines/wires, janky repairs. Sometimes these cars have a mish-mash of aftermarket performance parts, but not a cohesive system of parts that work together, and you may have to figure out just how to make that happen. Other owners, time, and dwindling OEM parts availability have had 30 years to devise the most interesting assortment of "puzzles" for you to solve now. But don't give up! Pose questions on the forum, see how others have solved similar situations, and don't give up. Hopefully this car is in no way intended to serve as your source of transportation for a while.

    good luck
    1. Benny neufeld
      Yes it was swapped to the 2.0lturbo, i posted drag racing because those are my intensions. But so far i have not done and aftermarket parts, all i have done is fix stuff and replace bushings, fix the break lines, re weld and fix the rotted out bumper where the engine brase mounts to,buy new rad with new fan,buy power steering pump, new control arms and sway bar links,put on the filler neck hose for fuel and the breather hose,had to add a new break line, new calipers and pads all around,new starter,radio deck,and a shift nob. In the guys kijiji post he said that the engine was just rebuilt by a dealer, and said its got 40k on it. If thats original km or after the build me and him dont know, if its original that would be nuts, its got a hi flow fuel intake starter, and and aftermarket intake side mount inter cooler short ram intake turbo timer. Thats all what he told me was aftermarket and thats all ive found. Now about all of the other f***ed up sh** i have found, trust me man its just thing after thing. The damb flywheel was only holding on by four bolts which were hand tighted and missing one and the other snapped off inside the crankshaft. The guy said the clutch was sticky,it wasnt sticky it just wasnt hooked up. Come on buddy have more common sence then that. My only issue right now is finding the proper flywheel for my tranny, and its being a huge struggle so far. Not to mension that no auto wreckers have these cars or engines so pretty much everything has to be ordered
      Benny neufeld, Jun 4, 2020
  3. Benny neufeld
    hey guys I'm new to this, hope this is how I ask for help. I have a 1990 plymouth laser rs with a 4g63t fwd 5 speed DOHC 16valves. And its got a kf5m332spzs tranny in it, now my concern is that the guy I got the car from kept the 1.8 flywheel and put it on the 2 litre tranny and now my flywheel and my pindex gear on my starter do not touch they are about an inch apart, now my question is does anybody know where I can buy the right flywheel for that tranny
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