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Street Build 2Ga Talon

2Ga Talon

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
Eagle Talon TSi AWD
Turbo Type
Transmission Type
Build Type
  1. Street
K&N Cone, Injen Intake, Full hard pipe intake from turbo to side mount then throttle body, Tial BOV, Deleted some vacuum lines, Optima(now dead) Walmart lightest battery that would work. Fr&R nylon tow straps bolted to frame. Fuel pump re-wire 4gauge. New fuel pump (autozone special) new fuel filter. AN-8 on fuel pump hanger to pump, AN-8 45* to larger diameter fuel line. Front bumper and headlights off of a 1997 eclipse. Skate board bearings in shift linkage mod. Full 3" Turbo back, (ebay & STM cat back combination) mishimoto radiator. Aero on rear hatch window.
Smoked and rebuilt head, Bread pan heat shield- literally a bread pan from value village (been removed), Driver fan on with ignition mod (currently disabled) Removed passenger side fan, Modded Coolant cap +seal, Red coolant cap cover, Red oil fill cap, have since decided to run penzoil platinum 10w30 after blowing out turbo seals, Mitsubishi oil filters. Fluidamer pulley. Evo9 80c Thermostat Cut to fit into the DSM housing which is smaller (since have gone back to mitsubishi stock). 450cc Injectors cleaned and flow tested by Mr. Injector. ECM Link V3. ARP head studs. Ported 2G exhaust manifold runners and outlet to turbo port matched, 7cm Hot side with ported waste gate.
Mods-EMS & Logging
ELM327 OBD2 reader BT - Torque on Android
ECM Link V3
AEM Falisafe AFR gauge with logging
Replaced master and slave clutch cylinders, bled system and high temp brake fluid. Old Amsoil Synchromesh Transmission Fluid 5W30. Next royal purple max gear 75w 90. Now Redline MT90. Napa front axels, Napa front carrier bearing. New rear bearings both.
Motegi MR116 Rims 17", Cross Dril slotted rotors /ceramic pads, Winter tires ipike studded random 17" silver rims.
Front upper strut bar (ebay) works.
Rear dc sport upper sway bar.
Koni yellows, Ground control, Japan lower control arms, new tie rod ends, rear camber correction, fresh alignment.

225/45/17 Riken Raptors

Actual readings on laser printout after alignment within spec
Front camber: -1.7 & -2.1
Rear camber: -1.6 & -1.8
Parts Wishlist
Have - Magnetic oil drain plug waiting for the next oil change. (always forget this thing)
Done - 16g waiting to go on.
Done - ECM Link -(needs installed)
Done - AEM Afr failsafe gauge -(needs installed)
Done - Fix fuel line issue (has a kink in it)
Done - Replace one rear wheel stud
Done - Replace both front axels and carrier bearing
Done - Resurface rotors and pads
Done - fix transmission rattle
Done - valve cover gasket and clean pcv
Done - mishimoto rad, oem themostat
Done - custom water lines.
Done - Both rear wheel bearings.
Need - Install bushings for rear control arms.
Bought it burned out and ready for a scrap yard as the next step. Replaced wiring harness, sensors and all intake plumbing. Its been wrecked at least once I know of and lost compression twice. :) gotta love DSM's

Goals are just to be a nice drivers car that's decently quick. Not looking to set records just want longer engine life and some passing power.

OLD: The turbo has .45AR marked on it, t too small.
NEW: Evo 3 16g +special compressor wheel

Rules I fallow religiously:
Winter - shut off fuel pump, crank car twice (3 sec shot) then turn on fuel pump
Never get into heavy boost until operating temp
Always heavy oil and a mitsubishi oil filter
Always no clutch to start


1/4 Mile E/T
1/4 Mile MPH
Timeslip Details
I was running insanely hot and found out that I had loose intake to block and exhaust to block #thankslocalDSMshop. Also full weight plus some. I was about 100lbs over full weight + self with stuff in the hatch. I would estimate 3900# approximate. Heavy loaded spare and all.
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