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Street Build 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS Sleeper

Mitsubishi Eclipse N/T
  • Ownership Status:
    Currently Own
    Transmission Type:
    Build Type:
    • Street
    This is a rebuilt 420a non turbo 2.0L

    All work was done by me

    Honed and cleaned for new Wiseco 10:5:1 pistons (Eagle Rods)
    Stock exhaust header (Looking for a replacement)
    Stage 2 cylinder head (ported)
    Crower stage 2 Racing camshafts. 248 intake / 248 exhaust
    Crower valve springs and titanium retainers set
    PEP stainless steel valve set (exhaust/intake)
    Felpro valve seal set
    SBI valve keeper set
    Top-line 3g lifters set
    ARP cam tower stud kit
    Felpro head bolt kit
    New Felpro gaskets top end and lower end sets
    OBX Adjustable Cam Gears (Silver)
    Reman crankshaft
    New gates timing belt
    New 55mm throttle body
    New water pump
    New high volume oil pump
    New Deatschwerks 415LPH fuel pump
    FIC 1000cc Injectors
    Clutchmasters stage 2 clutch
    New starter
    New battery
    Aftermarket 7.0mm spark plug wires
    3a racing exhaust
    Mods-EMS & Logging:
    Stock ECU (waiting on ECM-Link to get here :) so I can use my 1000cc injectors properly
    Clutchmasters Stage 2 Clutch
    Bone Stock Suspension
    Parts Wishlist:
    A Turbo, EVO 8 Swap
    Bought it from my mom's for $1000 been upgrading ever since! This car's motor has been thru it all thru a rod with little to no damage on cylinder walls so was able to patched the hole with JB weld steel stick and coated the internal part with extreme heat epoxy it has been holding pressure and oil ever since with no leaks

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  1. BLACK'98DSM
    Those are the stock rods and bolts in the pics you posted. If somebody sold those to you as Eagle rods then you got ripped off. From the pics it looks like you just washed the stock rods and re-used them? Also I must have read over it before but you said that 625whp is reachable? It's definitely not reachable being N/A. You could get there being turbo but you'll have to strip that engine to the bare necessities of running with a huge turbo and tuning that it not possible on the stock ecu, even if you think it's "reprogrammed". I also hope you didn't pay much for the "stage 2 head". It's just a stock head that's been cleaned and resurfaced. Those cams may be stage 2 but that doesn't make the whole head stage 2.

    I'm not trying to call you out on anything or piss you off but based on everything I'm seeing here I thought you need some enlightenment.
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      the head is ported stage 2 and cleaned think what ya want I know what has been done and what I paid for
      KYLE JORGENSEN, Sep 13, 2020
    3. BLACK'98DSM
      Well somebody got really defensive. Only trying to help, or bring you to realization.
      BLACK'98DSM, Sep 14, 2020
      well, look at it this way when you try to "enlighten" all your doing is just being an asshole with useless knowledge, or with stuff that is already known. you were scoping my build pic's for some reason, but like I said I know what I bought and Installed and I don't need someone else's opinion/criticism unless I specifically ask for it. I know more about a 420a and 4g63t engine, then you know your way around a toothbrush
      KYLE JORGENSEN, Sep 15, 2020
  2. BLACK'98DSM
    Why did you get 1000cc injectors? That's way too much for a N/A 420a. You could've made passed with 500cc with that mods list.

    Also fyi, there is no such thing as ECMLink for the 420a. Megasquirt is really the only option.
      1000cc injectors is what I went with, this is why @ 90% cycle on 50 psi Naturally Aspirated
      Horsepower supported @ crankshaft: 735
      Horsepower supported @ wheels: 625

      with proper connecting rods, pistons, and tuning Its reachable

      Ecmlink is available to the 420a if you option for socketing on 2G dsm which i did but I had to send my current ECU in but that was awhile ago I don't know if its still offered its easier to just buy the ECU already to go
      KYLE JORGENSEN, Apr 2, 2020
      I'm now building on the 1995 GSX I just bought for $1000
      KYLE JORGENSEN, Apr 2, 2020
    everything done to this car was by my hand no machinist help & no mechanics help
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