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Street Build 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX - Complete restoration from bare chassis

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Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
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  1. Street
Parts Wishlist
Maxspeedingrods coilovers (Temporary)
New ABS wheel hub assemblies
Complete gray leather interior
2g sunroof assembly
2g hood
2gb front and rear bumper, side skirts
Evo 8 or OEM GSX wheels
Front and rear sway bars with links
6 bolt 4G63T with 7 bolt head
Injen intake
Stock T25
1000cc injectors (Have some laying around)
Upgraded fuel pump (Future prep)
I was searching for a rear subframe for a possible AWD swap and I found a guy selling one, along with the driveshaft, gas tank with fuel hanger, rear knuckles, brakes but he was throwing in a shell. I asked about the shell and he said it was a GSX that he bought for the AWD swap parts, but that he needed engine work for his daily GST so he's selling it all and giving up. I ran a VIN check and it turns out this GSX shell has a clean title, no salvage history, last reported mileage was 106k in 2010. It was gutted and stripped for parts and then abandoned like a sick dog on the side of the road.
I was skeptical of taking the body and honestly thought about junking it out as soon as it arrived since the price he gave me for everything I would've been net positive.
Upon closer inspection, I realized this GSX deserved a second chance at life.
This car used to be someone's dream car. They used to look back at it after they parked, admiring it. They took someone out on their first date, giving off a first impression of someone with taste. They took it to a meet-up with their tuner friend buddies and showed it off. Some time in the last 15 years, things took an unfortunate turn. Maybe the owner couldn't keep up with maintenance. Maybe it broke down and he let the tags roll over. At some point, someone decided to just strip the car for parts and then leave it for dead. That's sad to me.
I wanted one of these in 2000/2001 but my mom insisted I get a new, practical car and not a used, performance oriented one. She had a point. If I got one of these when I was 18, I would've treated it like crap. I could not afford the DSM turbo upkeep.
I'm sure this car wanted an owner that would continue to cherish the car and take pride in driving it, even 26 years later.
Maybe through a difficult journey, we can give each other what we want.

I also thought, maybe you guys can get your early punches in so you can come back and say "I told you so" in six months if I give up and part it out.

I'm Sonny, a 40 year old husband, a father to a toddler and I am going to attempt to restore this stripped down, abandoned 1997 Eclipse GSX.
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