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Street Build 1992 Colt AWD Space Runner RVR EVO

Specs & Mods

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1992 Plymouth Colt Vista Wagon
Turbo Type
Transmission Type
Build Type
  1. Street
~3" Intake to turbo with K&N cone filter
~12"x20"x3" Front Mount Intercooler
~Subaru front bumper for better intercooling
~Custom 2.5" intercooler pipes
~Vibrant silicone couplers
~T-Bolt clamps on all charge pipes
~DodgeGarage modified & Crushed 1g BOV
- Cold Air Box with cold air ducted from bumper opening

~Fuel Injector Clinic 660cc Injectors
~Fuelab FPR 43.5psi base fuel pressure
~340lph Stealth Aeromotive fuel pump
~-6AN fittings on stock fuel rail
~-6AN Braided fuel Line from pump to rail

~3" Downpipe wrapped with DEI exhaust insulation
~3" Vibrant 6" Flex Joint with inner liner for Turbo
~3" Full exhaust system, mandrel bent tubing
~3" MagnaFlo offset muffer

~Rockford Fosgate 200w amp
~Rockford Fosgate 10" subwoofer in small enclosure
~Kicker rear 6"x9" speakers
~Alpine 4" in the front
~Pioneer deck

~Prothane 1g DSM motor mounts on transmission and timing side
~DakotaDigital tach adapter for stock functioning tach
~3g Eclipse leather steering wheel with stock cruise control arm
~Triple gauge pillar
~Mini DEKA battery
~ECI MULTI Cyclone Manifold with Ecmlink activation
~Re-surfaced Head
~OEM Mitsubishi MLS Headgasket
~ARP headstuds 100ft/lbs
~2g intake flange on 1g throttle body
~Head Oil Supply port mod
~Spark plug ES gap .022
~2g coils on custom 2g mount
~new NGK spark plug wires

~Fresh rebuilt 6 bolt 4g63t
~2g 8.5:1 Pistons on 1g rods
~ACL Race main and rod bearings
~Balance Shafts elimination
~Decked Block
~Oil pressure Relief porting mod

~Rebuilt and upgraded internals Evo III 16G turbo
~1g stock exhaust manifold unported
~1g stock o2 housing
Mods-EMS & Logging
~1g ECMlink V3 full
~Custom hybrid 1g DSM 4g63t/Colt 4g64 engine wiring harness

Tuning Option:
~Speed Density

~Innovate LC-2 to Ecmlink Front o2 input
~Autometer Colbalt Boost -30hg to +30 psi
~Autometer Colbalt Pyrometer 0-1600(EGT)

~Fuel pressure sender to Ecmlink EGR temp input
~OmniPower 4 bar MAP sensor to Ecmlink Baro input
~GM Intake Air Temp sensor to Ecmlink Intake air input

~ECI MULTI Cyclone intake manifold with Ecmlink activation FPS output
~Dodgemod BOV control with Ecmlink EGR output
~Dodgemod control solenoid from Mazda 3 - newer Mitsubishi 3 port solenoids
~Turbosmart in cabin boost controller
~6 bolt Fidanza Aluminum flywheel

Pressure plate:
~2200lb Gripforce pressure plate

Clutch disk:
~Gripforce ceramic puck/organic street disk

~OEM rebuilt 2 piece driveshaft
~Custom Short shifter
~Redline Shockproof in front and rear diff
~Redline MT90 in transmission
~Stock suspension

~180/75/R14 winter tires on steel rims
~200/65/R14 summer tires on 5 spoke alloys

~New front stock discs
~New front stock pads
~Rear stock drums
~1 1/16" Brake master cylinder(17/16")
~ 8"+9" 3g Galant Brake Booster
~Earls Brake fittings and hoses to adapt Galant Master Cylinder to Colt Proportioning valve
Parts Wishlist
~15" rims for my big brake combo
I have a 1g Talon TSI and a homemade AWD 4g63t Galant that are overbuilt for my new family so I needed a van type vehicle. I also wanted/needed AWD and turbo.

I saw Leon Reitmans Eagle Summit drag and oval racing videos. I decided right then to build my own out of leftover 4g63t parts in my garage. Found the van online on Kijiji in B.C., bought it on Paypal unseen in person for $1200, shipped it on a train to Alberta for $900.

I ran the stock 4g64 motor for 6 months and did tune ups and tried to fix as little as possible but make it run correctly until i did the swap. I almost decided against doing the swap because the van was so reliable with the 4g64. But after fighting a Check Engine Light issue involving the ISC, I decided to go the 4g63t route for proper ECU monitoring and control and of course, fun factor.

I got the van with an old cracked timing belt. I wanted to see if it would last till the swap but I snapped the timing belt at 263000kms on my way home from work. I had bought a replacement because I didn't want to be down for long if it snapped, So I towed the van home and did the belt replacement. It was the first time I had done a timing belt job involving the balance shafts.

Swapped out the engine to a 4g63t in September 2015 for my birthday present to myself and because I wanted it finished before winter hit..

It's running around 330hp / 350 torque Ecmlink estimate on Speed Density at 22-25psi.

Goal is about 380hp with a nice TD05 20g. This is my current daily driver/work vehicle. Very reliable van. Very comfortable ride. Still has functional A/C and Cruise. And a decent aftermarket stereo system too! My datalogging computer sits perfectly on the dash and I can view it with ease at all times. I had to Velcro it in place because of crazy acceleration G forces , and it's better than my setup in the Talon and Galant which is the passenger seat and I can't see it safely when I drive.

On June 18 I installed a rebuilt Small 16 G turbo to upgrade from my 14b. It lasted until I got greedy and turned up the boost to 30psi. It was a very responsive turbo, but I wanted more. So I then upgraded to the Evo III 16g compressor wheel with the 6cm turbine housing running 30 psi. Pulls very nice now.

The Plymouth Colt Vista Wagon is also known as the Mitsubishi Chariot, Nimbus, Space Runner, Space Wagon, Expo, Expo LRV, RVR, RVR Hyper Sports Gear, Resort Runner GT, Eagle Summit, Eagle Vista Wagon,Plymouth Colt Vista, Hyundai Santamo, Galloper Santamo.
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Oh my gosh that thing is both gorgeous and impressive! I just snagged myself a 1992 Plymouth Colt Vista AWD 5 speed manual with the 2.4L. I love it! It’s plagued with rust all over but it’s been surprisingly reliable and capable in snow and sand! I really want to put money into this guy as i can afford to but parts have been difficult to find! Any tips?
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