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1991 Eagle Talon TSI

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Eagle Talon TSi
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  1. Street
My first “dsm” was a 2g but with a 420a motor in my junior high school year in 2011. ( yeah I know it’s not a dsm) that was way before I know about 4g63t. Once I saw the first fast and furious of green eclipse. I fell in love of the look of the eclipse and thought all eclipse out there was the same. I didn’t know there was options of different motors and drivetrain at that time.

In 2014, I decide to purchase copper 2g GS-T fully stock for $2,000, my actual first DSM. I was shock and impressed how fast by having 4g63t motor. I was young like 22 years old and was going to night car meet and illegally street racing. No lies, I was scraping them most Honda out there and that felt so good. I had smile on my face the whole time.

In 2015, I also had a motorcycle and winter was nearby so someone I know had a white 2g gsx shell so we made a trade for my motorcycle. I was plan to spend ton of money into it but realized there was bad rotting rust on chassis. So I junk it and that same year I blew a hole in my gs-t and gave up dsm.

Fast forward to this day of 2023, I found and purchase a great deal of rust free 1g awd! I also became a better mechanic and certified ford tech for a living. This project should be a good one. Stay Tuned
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