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Street Build 1990TSIAWDTALON's Talon TSi AWD

Eagle Talon TSi AWD
  • Ownership Status:
    Currently Own
    Turbo Type:
    Transmission Type:
    Build Type:
    • Street
    Holset HX40 7 blade,38mm Tial Waste gate with 22lb springs, 3" Exhaust with Electric Dump, Cold Air Intake, 5 Speed, LSD, Dragonfly T-3 Header, .70 BEP T-3 Housing, DSM Link V3 Full, AFPR, MBC, LC-2 Wideband, VRSF FMIC, 1G Crushed BOV, Adj. Timing Gears, B&M Oil Cooler, Speed Density,OmniPower GM-style 4-bar MAP sensor, GM IAT sensor, AEM Water/Meth, Aeromotive 340 Fuel Pump, Fuel pump rewire, FuelLab E85 Filter, FIC 2150's running 40lbs/boost on the Holset.
    ARP L-19 Head studs, Cometic MLS Headgasket, Eagle Crank, Manley H-Beam Rods with ARP625 Rod Bolts, ARP Main Studs, Kiggly Main Girdle, ACL Race Bearings,Manley 10:1 Ceramic coated Pistons, Supertech Valves, guides, seals, Springs, retainers and Manley locks., BSE, oil passages smoothed and Kiggly HLA - Short block from BUILT4G63
    Mods-EMS & Logging:
    DSM Link V3, LC-2 Wideband, Speed Density
    ACT Streetlight Flywheel, Southbend Stage 2 Kevlar/Ceraminc Clutch, New CV Shafts, Jacks Stage 2 Race Transmission
    Dual Piston Calipers, Drilled and Slotted Rotors and Ceramic Pads. Upgraded suspension would be nice.
    Parts Wishlist:
    Get my 4 bolt rear and QM Twin installed and a better tune than my "hillbilly" tune....but she still gets down the road better than one would expect.
    Been building cars since 1975, DSM's only since 2012 but having fun doing forced induction.
  • 1/4 Mile E/T:
    1/4 Mile MPH:
    1/8 Mile E/T:
    1/8 Mile MPH:
    60' Time:
    Timeslip Details:
    91 octane, 20g turbo, full weight car at MoKan Dragway in Asbury Missouri
    This was before I went to E85 and a HX40!

  • We lost the clutch with too hot of a tune. Can't win em all. 12.0 car and I was just ready to let the car EAT in 3rd!!! :(

    Just running the car like she likes to be ran. She's fun.

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    Got some work done on the motor today. All looks good. A re-hone and new rings and rod bearings and she is wanting to get back to prowling. :cool:
    She has Manley Hbeam Plus rods, ACL Race bearings on Manley 10:1 ceramic coated slugs. I can't wait......upgrading cams too!:thumb:
    Well its been over 2 years I think since I updated my good ole Red Talon. She has been sleeping but I tore the head down today (Kiggly Beehives & Titanium Retainers, SuperTech Nitrided Valves) from a fresh valve job to have the surface refinished. It had a few places that I could feel and DEFINITELY not good for my MLS seal. All valves are in a flat piece of cardboard that is marked and all parts are tagged and bagged. I'll drop it off at the shop in the next day or so and as soon as that is done, I can freshen up the 10:1 bottom end and try to get her back up and running. The other cars have just kept me busy but I am happy to get her going again with the 272 Kelfords and the QM Twin Disk. High hopes!
    Thanks for following!
    Pops :)
    Found a spare 2g head....in my barn. The new head will sport Kelford 272's, new guides and springs/retainers and valves. I would like to have a spare anyway so that is my new plan to get the car up and running again soon....I hope.:pray:
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    2. 1990TSIAWDTALON
      I am trying to get a quote on a small shop or big 2 car garage so I can really work when I want and call it a day when I want instead of when the weather is cooperating. Going to a shop auction tomorrow to check out their 2 post lifts, tire machine and anything else that might go for a reasonable price since it is all old. Crossing fingers.
      1990TSIAWDTALON, Mar 16, 2018
      19gsx91 likes this.
    3. 19gsx91
      2 post lifts are around $2200 installed locally. And I will upgrade to a tubular mani. mr peepers style.. as soon as I sell the other 4 cars I have to get rid of.. gsx is hitting a backburner now that we're looking for a house
      19gsx91, Mar 16, 2018
      1990TSIAWDTALON likes this.
    4. Vegas Smith
      You just had to throw in that you're running the beefier head studs to make us look bad didn't you?
      Vegas Smith, Mar 16, 2018
      19gsx91 and 1990TSIAWDTALON like this.
  4. Vegas Smith
    Alright old man, what's the hold up on getting this thing running again!
    1. 1990TSIAWDTALON
      Cold weather, rain and NO SHOP to work in. Man I want my baby back, baby back, baby back....
      I am trying to find a 2g head to put all new stuff into so when the time comes, I can swap the heads (w new cams, springs ect) and not have as much extra down time. Puttin the QM twin in at that time also.
      I'm sure ready to fix her and settle my boost withdrawals.
      I am currently building my Saturn SC2 1.9L DD motor on my back porch. The Street Sleeper is next, so I can go terrorize the V8's runnin around here!
      1990TSIAWDTALON, Feb 24, 2018
  5. 19gsx91
    Hey Marty what's your 70-90 time on a 3rd gear pull? I really want to do a holset swap but I'm just not sure it's gonna be worth it atm
    1. View previous replies...
    2. 19gsx91
      I hear you there, I'm thinking about trying to use some of my vacation time to pull the engine out of my turbo forester because otherwise it just isn't happening. LOL. Yeah I'd actually love to take a peek at a log sometime if you wouldn't mind, I'm still running the v1 68hta but I'm logging 1.4 70-90 times which *estimates* 11second passes and is faster then my friends FWD with an FP green at 24psi.. he's only logging a 1.8 70-90 and I figured being fwd he'd smoke me
      19gsx91, Aug 17, 2017
    3. 1990TSIAWDTALON
      In my log named "died then refired so I ran the piss out of it" I am 1.44 at 535hp. But...seat of the pants tells me its more like 1.2. My car back halfs very hard. Thats why I DON'T enter our local "street drags" which ARE legal but they are only 660' and my car likes a good ole 1320!!!
      1990TSIAWDTALON, Aug 17, 2017
    4. 1990TSIAWDTALON
      I couldn't find any 580-614hp logs but they won't be much different. Do you think I need to get my spray hooked up? Lol
      1990TSIAWDTALON, Aug 17, 2017
    Time for the 2150's and a retune!
    1. Vegas Smith
      Meh, wake me up when you're running dual-rail 2150s!!
      Vegas Smith, Aug 16, 2017
    2. 1990TSIAWDTALON
      I will poke ya in the ribs when I get that goin!!!
      Along with the dual HX40's!!! :)
      1990TSIAWDTALON, Aug 16, 2017
  7. Zcrum123
    nice car
    1. 1990TSIAWDTALON
      Thanks, lots of work, time and money. I am so ready to get it started which I hope is this weekend after a year being down! :)
      1990TSIAWDTALON, Jul 17, 2015
    Thanks Victor. Its always nice to have buddies on here! I should be getting around to starting it and breaking in within a couple weeks, crossing fingers!
  9. iugrad92turbo
    Love it marty i got somene to work with vice versa so we can have some killer 1gs.
    1. 1990TSIAWDTALON
      Sure do. Love my 1g and no one else has one around here! Thanks Vic!!!! :)
      1990TSIAWDTALON, Dec 11, 2014
    2. 1990TSIAWDTALON
      Do you like my Team Wilson Racing Logo and business cards? I did some handy work to make those.
      1990TSIAWDTALON, Dec 11, 2014
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