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Jacks Transmissions


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4.75/5, 4 votes
    I just want to say that Tim at Jacks set me up with all the broken parts after my 5th gear end nut came loose and it was so bad I needed a new end cover. Everything I needed they had and I had my parts for the repair within the week. Great job Tim! Great business Jacks has.
  2. 300hpbound
    Although I cannot attest to their transmission builds, I do want to let you all know that if you take your vehicle to get a timing belt done that you actually have to specify replacing the water pump as well. Otherwise, they will only replace the timing belt.

    Just finished replacing the water pump on my Talon because it started leaking and bad bearings. Pulled it out and found out, after multiple emails between them and I, that they don't replace the water pump unless you go out of your way to specify they will.

    All of us on DSMtuners know both need to be replaced at the same time, but they do not promote a "Timing Belt Job" as all inclusive, and that you need to ask for a "Timing Belt Job PLUS a water pump".

    Just a heads up for anyone that may not have the time or the money to purchase a new pump and 3-5 ish hours to replace it
  3. Limegrntaln
    I ordered a transmission from Jack's. I opted for getting one built to me and sent out. Which was $600 more for the core charge. About a 2 weeks after I ordered the transmission, my father went into the hospital. I left instructions for my friend to receive the transmission. I was out of town on the other coast for a little more than 2 weeks. Which was fine because the transmission build and ship took about 3 weeks. I get home and I have so much going on trying to catch up with everything I missed, and the cost of taking weeks off of work and paying for the trip will do some damage to the wallet.

    I immediately emailed Jacks when I got home and said, I know I have had the transmission for 3 weeks by now and I would get my core in the mail as soon as possible. I received an email reply from Tim, saying they were pretty lenient on this subject and I thanked him for understanding. And he replied hoping my father was ok.

    It ended up taking me a few days to get the tranny out and back in. I got everything together transmission shifts very good. Only one minor problem with the tranny was one of the bolt holes on the front where the clutch dampener attached was stripped out on the new unit. Not too big of a deal, there are 2 other mounting holes. I boxed the old tranny up used most of the old material. The original box was completely unusable. I reconstructed a new box and got the package out. It arrived at Jacks 3 days later, on a thursday. Anticipating the delivery from the tracking number I had when I sent the package, I emailed Tim. He emailed back saying they wouldnt be able to get to it until "probably" tomorrow (Friday) Friday comes, Saturday passes Sunday and Monday they are closed.

    Tuesday I email them, get an email back. They will hopefully get someone to look at it tomorrow, wednesday nothing. Thursday I email and PM Jack on the Forum. 7 Days after they received my core. A few hours later I get a refund for $300 of my $600 core refund through Paypal, citing extensive damage to the case and input shaft. Now I know taking the transmission out of the car the input shaft came out with the transfer case, I looked at the entire shaft, no damage. The clip holding the shaft in came off. And there was absolutely no damage whatsoever to the case on the "outside" which was all I could see. now, Im not saying that something didnt come off inside and get wedged in between a gear and tear the inside of the case up. Im saying from where I am standing, owning DSMs for 17 years I didnt see $300 worth the damage.

    I get a PM response from Jack 2-3 days later from the Forum asking me if they had refunded my money yet. I was a little confused as to why he didnt know that he refunded half of my money 3 days before. So I explained to him what happened, its been a few days and I havent heard anything back.

    I dont have anything bad to say about Jacks Transmissions. As you can see from the many comments left before me that they are very reputable. I understand they get hundreds of emails everyday. I would email them versus trying to call. I never got a hold of them in the 5-6 weeks I tried. They got back to me usually by the next day with an email reply.

    I only have about 50 miles on the car since the new tranny install. There is nothing I could have done this early in the game to determine how well the transmission is built. I dont plan on killing it with some side step launches until I get about 800 miles on the clutch. So from what I can tell, so far Jacks builds a good transmission.
  4. talon77
    Extremely knowledgeable, very willing to help, and excellent customer service! Jack's has built 2 cylinder heads for me. Their post-purchase support is awesome and Jack really stands behind his products.
  5. 90gst_sean
    I now have my GSX back up and running and can honestly say Jack did a great job on my transmission build.
    I was rather impressed with his offices ability to track my order over a lengthy payment and shipping time frame on my part. I paid for my build 9 months in advance and had no issues concerning communication. Jacks' had someone review our email correspondence confirming my special requests and honored the year old price quote with out question.

    »»»»☆☆☆☆☆☆-five stars-☆☆☆☆☆««««

    Well handled!
  6. iamtall77
    Jack's attention to his customers is nothing short of personal and exceptional. I have dealt with his shop on numerous occasions and have nothing but great things to say about him and his shop. Not only does he do transmissions and engines, but also has some great odd projects he does. Always the innovator. He also has lifetime warranties against Crankwalk on all his built motors including 7-bolt bottom ends.
  7. DSMsOwnYourV8
    Awesome Transmission Builds and Customer Service.
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