what is MPI control unit? need help ASAP

Posted by notmycar, Oct 11, 2007

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  1. notmycar

    notmycar Probationary Member

    Joined Oct 11, 2007
    as you can tell from my user name im not here for my car. a friend of mine who knows nothing about cars is about to get ripped off pretty badly though if i cant help him.

    ill give the long story now and cliffnotes at the end if anyone wants to skip the long part -

    a chrysler talon left to a friend had been sitting longer than 6 months until it was given to another friend, it had massive problems and wouldnt even run so it was towed into a local shop. the shop said that the MPI control unit was faulty based on the fact power was going in but not coming out so they replaced the relay which didnt correct the problem. apparently to start the car they are bypassing this MPI control unit. since they could get it to start theres a few other things like it was running on 2 cylinders but they got it to work on 4 now, and they say the timing and adjustments are way off while its running, but im not concerned about that.
    the part that concerns me is they say they can only get an MPI control unit from the dealer for $2045.00..... ive called both the mechanic and the dealer and i cant get them to admit that this MPI control unit is just an ECU. the most they will say is that its "like the main brain" and controls the timing for everything else. i have a guy with a talon of the same year thats willing to part the whole car out but hes at a loss as to what an MPI control unit is. so, to sum it all up -

    CLIFFS - i need to know what an MPI control unit is, the usual price for one (both new and used), and any compatability concerns i should be aware of by getting one out of another car.

    stats on the car - 2.0L NA, 91 chrysler talon, automatic, pretty sure its not AWD.

    i havent seen the car yet so im just going on mostly heresay but if you need more info to help just let me know what you need.

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  2. luv2rallye

    luv2rallye DSM Wiseman

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    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    MPI stands for multi port injection. There is a MPI relay which turns power on to the ECU and most of the engine. It's about $5 and sometimes is called the MPI control relay. The unit they say is $2045 is the ECU (engine control unit) which is the brains of all the engine control. Some people incorrectly call it a MPI control unit. From the dealer you get ripped off with a $2000 price. You can get them from companies for around $800-$1000 or send your old one in to be repaired for a lot less:
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  3. notmycar

    notmycar Probationary Member

    Joined Oct 11, 2007
    aaahhh... so i was right. dont know why i couldnt get the mechanic or the dealer to admit it was just an ecu, oh well. ill be sure to let him know as soon as i see him. if we have any other problems ill either stop back by this site or just turn this account over to him. thanks for the help and the links.

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