Viper 5901 alarm remote start error

Posted by freakingbori617, May 22, 2010

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  1. freakingbori617

    freakingbori617 Proven Member

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    BOSTON, Massachusetts
    ok guys so i did my first alarm install. Time consuming but i wired everything up. The alarm works perfect. No problems but the remote start shows error. I wired the neutral safety wire to the ebrake. But there is H1/1 WHITE/BLUE (-) REMOTE START/ TURBO TIMER ACTIVATION INPUT H1/1 that i donot know where it goes to. I heard it doesnt need to be connected not sure though. please help guys

    BElow is how I wired the remote start harness from the alarm to my ignition harness.

    (H3) 10-pin connector
    H3/1 PINK (+) IGNITION 1 INPUT/OUTPUT =Black/White ignition harness
    H3/2 RED/WHITE (+) FUSED (30A) IGNITION 2 / FLEX RELAY INPUT 87 = White ignition harness

    H3/4 VIOLET (+) STARTER OUTPUT (CAR SIDE OF THE STARTER KILL) = Black/Red Ignition Switch Harness

    H3/5 GREEN (+) STARTER INPUT (KEY SIDE OF THE STARTER KILL WIRE) = Black/Red Ignition Switch Harness

    H3/6 RED (+) FUSED (30A) IGNITION 1 INPUT = White ignition harness
    H3/7 PINK/WHITE (+) IGNITION 2 / FLEX RELAY OUTPUT = Blue/Black ignition harness

    H3/8 PINK/BLACK (+) FLEX RELAY INPUT 87A key side (if required) of FLEX
    RELAY = Cut short and tape off

    H3/9 RED/BLACK (+) FUSED (30A) ACCESSORY/STARTER INPUT = White ignition harness

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  2. PXHero

    PXHero Proven Member

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    Bloomington, Illinois
    There's a couple things that it could be, but I'm almost willing to put money on the notion that you didn't plug in the little toggle switch. That toggle has to be put into it's plug on the 5901 (and all other Viper remote starts) AND in the on position. It's plug is the black 2 pin that should be near a black 3 pin (I think... I don't have one in front of me, so it might be elsewhere... 90% sure though)

    If the error you're getting is something like 10 flashes of the parking lights, then that's it.

    It could also be your neutral safety switch wiring. Ground it for now to make sure.

    It may also depend on your programming of the remote start. i.e. If you have an automatic transmission, the 5901 (and all Viper remote starts) comes pre-programmed for a manual transmission. Look in your instruction manual under programming options for how to change it.

    If it's a manual, then you'll need to hook up the tachometer wire (purple/white) in the same plug as the brake (small gauge brown) and hood pin (small gauge gray) inputs. And then 'learn' the tachometer signal (it's easy, just start the car with the key, then press and hold the valet button on the antenna until the LED lights up.)

    Hope that helps!

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