Running Rough, Hard Starting after rebuild

Posted by Andrew7DG, Aug 27, 2007

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  1. Andrew7DG

    Andrew7DG Proven Member

    Joined Oct 11, 2004
    Rosemount, Minnesota
    I recently did a mild rebuild of the engine and I am having problems. I am just going to post one big thread instead of lots of little threads

    Just some discriptions

    1990 Eclipse GSX

    things done to it during rebuild

    Engine apart to bare block

    Balance shafts removed and blocked
    3G valve lash ajusters installed
    new valve seals
    new head gasket
    ARP studs
    oil feed tube to oil filter location
    Oil block off on side of block
    Battery relocation
    Light Fly wheel

    It just doesn't want to run very well and the check engine light comes on every once in a while. It starts hard as well.

    So there is a couple of questions with this

    First I rerouted some vacuum hoses. I have a AFPR and at first they were connected to a device on the side of the car. It had wires going to the device however I thought this was to control emmisions. I undid that and routed it right to the intake manifold. Should I have done this? Should I hook it back up?

    Second I think I hear a slight ticking coming from underneith the valve cover. I am not sure if it is normal and I am listening to every sound, or if this is something serious.

    I relocated the battery a while ago and it has been cranking over slower ever since. I upgraded the line using 2 guage wire with lots of strands and I was hoping this would fix the problem. However it has not. I haven't heard of red top optimum batterys going bad but can they? Should I ground the grounds out better? I have one wire going to the screw of the spare tire and one running underneith the car to the frame. Maybe I should look at grounding the engine better?

    I was also wondering what are the symptoms of balance shaft block off being installed incorrectly. I know one of them is low oil pressure in part of the engine. Would the guage be able to detect that. Right now I have good oil pressure.

    Those are just a couple of things. I did a lot of modifications at once and now I don't know which are causing problems
    I am going to have a big check off sheet.
    Please add to it

    So far
    Fuel pressure
    Boost leak
    Spark plug gaps
    Add ground cables to engine to frame
    When/if starts get timing light and double check that. It could have been bumped
    Check MAF-T

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  2. Andrew7DG

    Andrew7DG Proven Member

    Joined Oct 11, 2004
    Rosemount, Minnesota
    For the battery problem I just grounded everything. I have a ground going to the alternator, coils, transmission, throttle body, and another one going to the starter. It was made of 4 guage wire. The wire that I have for the positive is a 2 guage welding wire. has a high strand count and works really well. I grounded the battery in two locations also. Maybe it was a little overkill but I think it fixed whatever problem I was having.

    I did another boost leak test... and to my surprise the clamp to the gm sensor to the throttle body elbow was loose. it must have been when i was working on something else. Clamped it down hard this time and double checked everything.

    The check engine light is because of the coolent sensor. I love my logger! I am going to check connections later.

    Ticking went away... don't know if that is good or bad...

    Checked timing and it is where it should be...

    checked fuel pressure and it was at 40, turned it back down to 37

    Running a lot better now!!!!!!!

    Another question can the logger tell if you have a bad O2 sensor?
    I got done putting on a 2g o2 housing, I didn't realize how close the o2 sensor comes to the alt and sparked it. It could have killed the sensor, I don't know.

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