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ECMlink Resolved! stalling on speed density and popping out of 2nd, 4th, reverse

Posted by usmcjay, Sep 12, 2017

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  1. usmcjay

    usmcjay Proven Member

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    DeLand, Florida
    This is how I resolved the two issues listed above. Worked for my car but I'm not sure if it will work for yours or not. Im simply explaining what i did and not telling you to do the same.

    Basically my setup is 6 bolt block with 7 bolt head, E85, HTA68 turbo with supporting fuel upgrades.

    1. Stalling when coming to a stop on speed density.
    A. First thing noticed was that my cheap eBay oil catch can had a huge crack around one of the fittings that created a huge vacuum leak. This was a big deal because the catch can was using a nipple on the intake manifold to help suck out crank case vapors. I ended up getting a calan catch can and welded on a fitting on the intake to use as suction instead of the nipple on the intake manifold.
    B. Next i went into ecmlink under idleair and enabled idle air clamp. This is suppose to prevent random stalling when coming to a stop when you have a upgraded intake and hard intercooler piping. There is a wright up on ecmlink website.
    C. With the first two things done, my stalling issue went away but my rpm would drop too low when i come to a stop. The last thing i did was to go to live direct access, then STFT and 02 feedback. Under that i went to o2 feedback adjustment rate and changed those two values for "idle and other". I put both of those at 18. This is suppose to increase the speed at which the air fuel ratio is adjusted to where it needs to be based on o2 feed back. There is also a wright up on there.
    D. Again, this is what worked for me so I'm sharing the information and not telling you what to do.

    2. Popping out of 2nd, 4th and reverse.
    A. I literally went in and changed all the bushings in the shifter base and on the ends of the shifter cable. That didn't help. While putting everything back together I noticed the bracket the held the shifter cables to the transmission was moving back and forth slightly so I changed out those bushings also. Made a huge difference actually.
    B. The last issue i noticed is that the damn counter weight was hitting the lower radiator hose in 2nd 4th and reverse. Instead of cutting off the counter weight, I played with the radiator hose until it was clear of the counter weight. I ran a zip tie around the hose and then on the bottom part of the radiator fan when it bolts to the radiator. I just did not want the hose to make its was back where it was.
    C. I took the car for a test drive and it shifts beautifully, no popping out of any gears!! I hope this helps someone who is facing similar issues.

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