Question about JB Weld drying time. . .

Posted by 98FWDSM, Jan 15, 2005

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  1. 98FWDSM

    98FWDSM Proven Member

    Joined Jul 27, 2003
    ok, if anyone has been keeping up with my last post then you will know that i have a crack in my valve cover...well i used JB Weld to fix it (hopefully)....anyways i put it on at 6:15 tonight and was wondering if it would be ready for me to drive at 7:45 tomorrow morning...that is 13.5 hours of drying time but the package says "dries fully in 15 hours" you all think that i will be ok to drive it at 7:45 if i am really easy on the car (thus keeping the pressure down) or do you all think that i definetly need to wait the 15 hours??? also, it is about 40 degrees out.

    Thanks :thumb:

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  2. Defiant

    Defiant DSM Wiseman

    Joined Jan 13, 2003
    glorious Galt, California
    If it has a good grip on the surface, it's okay if it's not fully cured. The oil heat will finish it up. It should be fully-skinned. Don't go poking at it, just leave it alone.
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  3. luv4turbos

    luv4turbos Proven Member

    Joined Aug 17, 2003
    Argos, Indiana
    I let mine cure for 24 hours. Why take the chance.It's only one day. Or you could have to redo it and take 2. Just my $0.02
  4. PaleDSM

    PaleDSM Proven Member

    Joined Oct 25, 2004
    Dublin, Pennsylvania
    I have used JB Weld to fix pinhole leaks in welds and stuff and it has held up to pressure in much less curing time than 15 hours. I think you will be fine.
  5. IHeartTurbo

    IHeartTurbo Proven Member

    Joined Aug 15, 2003
    Weld, Maine
    Yeah, when I fixed mine, I only waited at the most 2 hours. But that was because I had no choice. It held up fine tho.
  6. defrag010

    defrag010 Proven Member

    Joined Sep 24, 2004
    Fort Smith, Arkansas
    You can usually mix in a little bit more hardener, and it will fullly setup a few hours sooner than usual.. It won't set as quick in the cold, though.
  7. JiveMasterT

    JiveMasterT Proven Member

    Joined Jan 3, 2004
    Chest of Westerson, New York
    i used jb weld on my old gauge pod when i broke it :cry: and i let it sit until the following morning before i put it in. just let it sit, its not worth breaking it because you got impatient. 24 hours i believe is what it says on the package...

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