maximum timing advance for a stock car?

Posted by 14.5 drift, Jul 2, 2004

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  1. 14.5 drift

    14.5 drift Banned Member

    Joined Feb 25, 2004
    o.c., California
    I dont really know if there are any differences with turbo cars or not, but can we safely advance timing in our cars?

    I ran across some guys who are advancing up to 15 degrees on there 240's with some high octane, I was shocked. I have only heard people bumping a few degrees.

    Any help is appreciated.

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  2. ryu

    ryu Proven Member

    Joined Feb 6, 2003
    never never land, Maryland
    i would also like to know if you can do this on a stock car. not just can. but will it make power? anybody??? :talon:
  3. juso

    juso Proven Member

    Joined Dec 3, 2004
    Is it 15 degree advanced from base timing or 15 degrees advanced timing?

    15 degrees advance is pretty normal timing.
    I see about 20 degrees advanced on race gas

    15 degrees advanced from base timing is a horse of a different color.

    And no you can't adjust your timing on your car unless you buy an aftermarket piggyback timing controller. Because you have a 2gen. Base timing is set by the ECU. 1G have a CAS that can be adjust for more BASE timing and in turn will give more advanced timing if the ECU sees that all is fine. If it does see something wrong(knock) it will take away timing.

    Timing will almost always make more power but you have to be able to support it.
    More fuel, high octane, stronger pistons, and so on or your motor will just melt from all the heat extra timing will create.
  4. definitiveno

    definitiveno Proven Member

    Joined Sep 8, 2004
    Reno/Sacramento, California
    way to bring back a 7 month old thread :)

    Thanks for the quick response juso :p

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