Manual Transmission ECU = Automatic Transmission ECU ?

Posted by Telltell, Jan 11, 2010

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  1. Telltell

    Telltell Proven Member

    Joined Jul 13, 2009
    Dallas, Texas
    Hey guys, I've done some research here and am still not quite sure about this.

    My car is a 96 Eagle Talon 2.0 non-turbo with automatic transmission.

    The ECU i want to put in it came off a 97 Eclipse 2.0 non-turbo with manual transmission.

    So same car the only difference is the automatic vs manual transmissions.
    Can i put the manual transmission ecu into the automatic transmission car? thanks a lot guys.

    By the way. here are the posts i was looking at, both for 2gs, but one for turbo and the other for non turbo if you wanna check it out

    Thanks guys!!

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  2. black cotton

    black cotton Proven Member

    Joined Mar 2, 2009
    Naugatuck, Connecticut
    verify production dates to be 100% accurate, but most 97 and newer PCMs use a 2 plug 100 or so pin PCM. Where as most 95-96 if not all use a 1 plug (connector) 65 pin PCM.

    That would be your first issue. Secondly, a manual pcm will be missing the pin outs for the can system to your ATX pcm, with out these reference signal pins, you will have no ATX function. That is of course that you are still planning on using an ATX and have not already switched to an MTX.

    Further more on top of that, between early 96 and late 96 their are several provision p/n for ATX transmissions referring to federal or California emissions, and ect.

    Here is the possible chart/list for PCMs in relation to production date:

    Build Date_________Type___________Part No./Replacement Part No.
    From - To
    9401.1-9409.1 _ RS/GS,5FM/T Cal.____M05293318
    9401.1-9409.1 _ RS/GS,5FM/T Fed.____M05293319
    9401.1-9409.1 _ A/T (All RS/GS)______M05293319
    9409.2-9409.3 _ RS/GS,5FM/T Cal.____M05269641
    9409.2-9409.3 _ RS/GS,5FM/T Fed.____M05293322/M04874191
    9409.2-9409.3 _ A/T (All RS/GS)______M05269653/MR4874192 RP
    9410.1-9506.3 _ RS/GS,5FM/T Cal.____M05269653/M05269729 RP
    9410.1-9506.3 _ RS/GS,5FM/T Fed.____M05269656/M04874191 RP
    9410.1-9506.3 _ A/T (All RS/GS)______M05269658/M04874192
    9507.1-9507.1 _ all exc A/T (cal?)_____M04699062/M04887051 RP
    9507.1-9507.1 _ all exc A/T (fed?)_____M04699064/M04887050 RP
    9507.2-9508.1 _ all exc A/T (cal?)_____M05269812/M05269905 RP
    9507.2-9508.1 _ all exc A/T (fed?)_____M05269813/M04887050 RP
    9508.2-9512.1 _ all exc A/T (cal?)_____M05269810/M05269929 RP
    9508.2-9512.1 _ all exc A/T (fed?)_____M05269811/M04887050 RP
    9512.2-9606.3 _ all exc A/T (cal?)_____M05269862 RP
    9512.2-9606.3 _ all exc A/T (fed?)_____M05269905/M04887051 RP
    9601.1-9606.3 _ Base A/T (fed.&cal.)__M05269862 RP
    9601.1-9606.3 _ Base M/T (fed.&cal.)__M05269905/M04887051 RP
    9607.1-9706.3 _ M/T (All RS/GS)______05293013AC
    9607.1-9706.3 _ A/T (All RS/GS)______05293014AC
    9701.1-9905.3 _ M/T (All RS/GS)______05269833AI/0526833A RP
    9701.1-9905.3 _ A/T (All RS/GS)______05269834AI/0526834A RP
  3. Assmatic

    Assmatic Proven Member

    Joined Apr 30, 2009
    Wilton, Connecticut
    The manuals have a different PCM vs the automatic as i believe...After i did a manual swap, it required a PCM from a manual car
  4. Fotowntalon

    Fotowntalon Proven Member

    Joined May 14, 2008
    Fostoria, Ohio
    As black cotton stated, the 96 and 97 ecu's are different. Not only that there are differences in the auto and manual. It might be more inclined to work if you had the same years, but if you are going to spring for the same years, then you might as well grab the same transmission ecu type as well.

    I personally wouldn't read much into the turbo forums, its a completely different engine, only real things in common are the body styles
  5. Telltell

    Telltell Proven Member

    Joined Jul 13, 2009
    Dallas, Texas
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2010
  6. VelocitàPaola

    VelocitàPaola DSM N/T Moderator

    Joined Jun 14, 2005
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
    That FAQ was built to provide information to 4G63 owners; its information doesn't necessarily pertain to the 420A. The 420A TCU does have several direct connections to the ECU. In addition, the TCU interprets the signals from the input and output speed sensors and provides the ECU with one signal.
    My DSM:
  7. Telltell

    Telltell Proven Member

    Joined Jul 13, 2009
    Dallas, Texas
    That's great stuff Paul. Thanks for coming through and clearing that up.

    You guys are great. Thank you!

    So bottom line the answer to my question is NO.

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