LS1 V8 powered Talon ,Anyone done this?

Posted by Fern-tsi, Sep 9, 2010

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  1. Fern-tsi

    Fern-tsi Proven Member

    Joined Feb 5, 2009
    Lakeland, Florida
  2. rarest_90_DsM

    rarest_90_DsM Proven Member

    Joined Jul 21, 2004
    akron, Ohio
    Waiting for the flaming to commence :heystupid: Saw some guys in abu dhabi put a ls1 in a evo8 but never in a eclipse all that heat must fry your brain????
    there is also a guy with a 440 in a 3kgt < tube chassis drag car
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  3. SlowSpyder

    SlowSpyder Proven Member

    Joined Oct 27, 2002
    Los Angeles, California
    I remember seeing a video awhile back that had a evo7and up with a ls1 in it. I believe there is a red 2g sporting a small block v8. I can be done.
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  4. Fern-tsi

    Fern-tsi Proven Member

    Joined Feb 5, 2009
    Lakeland, Florida
    Ya i know i'm waiting on the flamming as well , LOL i know its comming.
    I'm a hard core DSMer but love doing wild new things and like i said it's just a thought. Soo let me have it:hellyeah:
  5. Oliver@Slowboy

    Oliver@Slowboy Proven Member

    Joined Mar 8, 2009
    Indiana, Pennsylvania
    I would love to do this, but I don't have the pockets for it.

  6. importracr317

    importracr317 Proven Member

    Joined Apr 16, 2003
    South Chicago S, Illinois
    I wonder how the shear physics of it would work. Could the engine bay even accommodate a V8? Even then you'd probably have to mount it longitudinally to fit a trans, but if there was enough room, hell, that'd be a nice torque upgrade! I'd do it!
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  7. badas93tsi

    badas93tsi Proven Member

    Joined Oct 17, 2002
    Augusta, West Virginia
    It wouldn't have been too hard to put an LSX in Black Betty. Did that ever sell?
  8. Fern-tsi

    Fern-tsi Proven Member

    Joined Feb 5, 2009
    Lakeland, Florida
    Not sure i can't believe we haven't seen one yet ,these engines seem to be making it into a number of projects like 240's, RX7's, Miatas, hell even WRX's.
    JUST A MAtter of Time.
    The guy on the video utilized the LQ4 iron block truck engine(6.0L) but for weight purposes i would go with the All alluminum LS1 unless you plan on high boost then the LQ4 or LQ9 would be better.
  9. turbotalon31

    turbotalon31 Proven Member

    Joined Jan 9, 2010
    reading, Pennsylvania
    I think its a waste of time 400hp is not that much we can make that out a 4 banger with not alot of work and probably half the cost of rigging a v8 in there. If u want a muscle car buy one do not hack apart a perfectly good dsm Just my opinion
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  10. FLASH1970

    FLASH1970 Proven Member

    Joined Aug 22, 2005
    Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
    I saw pics of a V8 in a first gen DSM. I can't remember where but it has been done. It wasn't an LS engine but it was a small block Chevy V8.
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    FLASH1970 1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD

    50trim   manual
  11. 92tsiawdguy

    92tsiawdguy Proven Member

    Joined Sep 11, 2008
    kansas city, Missouri
    What a waste. Sounds like another v8 fanboy...
  12. housegsx

    housegsx Moderator

    Joined May 28, 2004
    Greensburg, Pennsylvania
    I want an LS3 in an S2000. Not a DSM.
  13. tjbiker031

    tjbiker031 Proven Member

    Joined May 4, 2007
    Bradenton, Florida
    anything is possible if you have deep enough pockets
  14. DSMnoobsause

    DSMnoobsause Supporting Member

    Joined Jun 13, 2010
    Aloha, Oregon
    for less money and less of a headache. you could make a 4g63t have 400awhp. dont see why you would want to do the swap in a dsm.
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  15. Tyeler18

    Tyeler18 Proven Member

    Joined Dec 16, 2008
    Casa Grande, Arizona
    There's a red 2g from Puerto Rico (I believe) that a 350 RWD in it. Look it up on youtube.
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    1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

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    1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4

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  16. knochgoon24

    knochgoon24 DSM Wiseman

    Joined Jan 29, 2008
    Troy, Michigan

    I got photos of this at a drag strip a while back.

    I should have taken a few pictures of the inside of the car. The driver's side foot well was barely big enough to fit 2 pedals. It has twin rear mounted turbos tucked inside a custom box where the back seats used to be. "They were from a diesel pickup. The turbos are some brand that begins with an 'H'." :p

    He had it dyno'd. 850hp to the wheels and 1150hp crank est.
    Oh, and FYI, it's street legal.
  17. GSXSixteenG

    GSXSixteenG Proven Member

    Joined Jun 29, 2007
    Buffalo, New York
    I remember this too. I think it was in the craigslist thread.
  18. Fern-tsi

    Fern-tsi Proven Member

    Joined Feb 5, 2009
    Lakeland, Florida
    I agree less headache yes but for less money um not sure about that, It might equal out $$$ Maybe so Maybe not . I havn't done it so i couldn't tell you. Buliding a 4g63 isn't cheap especially when you start getting into BB turbo's and custom shearer manifolds ,Shep Tranny's and what not. Thats if you want a good reliable high powered 4g motor. And i'm not a V8 fanboy I'm a HorsePower fanboy.
    And i mentioned 400hp as just an avg number , Thats just N/A not boosted.
    Backed by a t56 tranny would be a deadly combo.
    Not sure how the stock rear end would hold up tho.
    HMMMMM All good questions.
    Don't get your panties in a wad remember it was just a thought:hmm:
  19. red_devil

    red_devil Proven Member

    Joined Jul 13, 2005
    Cape Coral, Florida
    Is that just a wrx made to look like an STI? because if its an STI the guy did all that work and for the same amount of money he cold of build the boxer. If your going to put a v8 in a car like that or a DSM why not go all out?? I just think that DSMs are not very good platforms for swaps, it requires a lot of fab and would be to much weight up front with a short wheelbase. S2000s and RX7s are v8 swaps that make sense.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2010
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  20. Fern-tsi

    Fern-tsi Proven Member

    Joined Feb 5, 2009
    Lakeland, Florida
    Good point:thumb: But how much does a 4g63 weight and how much does a all alluminum ls1 weight?
  21. WolfsFang

    WolfsFang Proven Member

    Joined Mar 18, 2010
    Mahwah, New Jersey
  22. schroder

    schroder Proven Member

    Joined Oct 26, 2007
    Roanoke, Virginia
    As for cost, I'll tell you first hand its not even cheap to put a RWD 4g63 in something that was designed to BE rear wheel drive. For the amount of money I have in my DSM Truck, I could have built a pretty nasty 1g AWD and been completely happy. To swap a RWD platform into something thats not even RWD, its still costly. I know you can find the parts cheaper, but heres a rough guess for something that COULD help with costs:

    240sx Parts car - use the front and rear subframes to get the suspension to fit. Also, the rear subframe will allow you to fit a J30/300zx (non turbo) rear diff for some RWD LSD love. And with the subframe, you could basically put the 240's suspension into the DSM...You have the parts car, swap it over :)

    Then you need the motor and trans...and if you are looing for a cheap LS1 (title is LS1 specific), good luck. Those that have them know how much to let them go for. The cost of the trans alone would net you a motor build if you can build it yourself. Then the motor? Hello bigger turbo and some goodies.

    Can it be done, yes. With enough time and money you could put anything into anything - jet powered cars are a good example.

    Should it be done? Its up to the individual. If you are going to do it, get a N/T dsm to hack up...preferably a 1.8L. You have to fab everything into it anyways, this couldn't hurt to fab a little more.

    Is it practical? Not at all. Again, for the cost of the motor and trans alone you could build a very solid motor with a very nice turbo...and with the money saved from the swap itself, enjoy all of the rest of the new parts you just acquired :)
  23. spartan69x

    spartan69x Proven Member

    Joined May 2, 2008
    jackson, Michigan
    To be honest if you built the Ls1 short block up, or got very lucky to find a nice used one they are about the cost of an E316g and install kit, which is not bad honestly. I will add too, now that I have owned both a FWD, and AWD DSM that my Camaro is a bit more fun when you can slide around and do burnouts, but I miss my AWD for the rain, and soon to be snow.
  24. Ludachris

    Ludachris Founder & Zookeeper

    Joined Nov 12, 2001
    Roseville, California
    The main allure of the DSM is the AWD and the turbo engine. It would seem to me that it wouldn't make a great donor for a V8. I'd rather have a 240Z or a Datsun 510 or something really light and RWD. But that's me.
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    JEFFREYCASTGSX Proven Member

    Joined Oct 1, 2008
    hobbs, New Mexico
    Usually the idea is to fix a car by putting a better motor in the car gettin a LS engine , there is nothing wrong with the 4g63, there is nothing wrong with AWD. There is a reason they swap LS engines into RX-7, and thats because there engines are garbage, 4g63's aernt garbage. But if your gonna swap anything into a DSM then make sure its a LS, at least.
    My DSM:
    1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

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