I need a rebuild

Posted by wdawson4, May 6, 2011

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  1. wdawson4

    wdawson4 Proven Member

    Joined Oct 16, 2007
    Edgewood, Maryland
    I am a true dsmer at heart but unfortunately with with 3 kids, a nagging wife, 60 hr a week job, and no garage i am not able work on my 1g. I know there are plenty of people with dsms and want to earn some money or probably work on cars for a living that would love to take on my project.... enough intro i will get down to what needs to be done.

    first off i have a ridiculous amount of blow-by everything still runs but if i get into boost i fill my coolant overflow with oil, the dipstick pops out and sprays oil everywhere so i believe it is time for a rebuild. i have no problem with paying for a job i just don't want to pay shop cost every again... person must supply build plan before i hand over any type of money and i will be requesting receipts at completion.

    you can pm me
    email me will.dawson@wirelessworldmd.com
    text or call me at 443 five six three 0246

    **modification listed below for reference**

    1990 eclipse gsx
    6bolt longblock has 112000 miles

    less than 200 miles listed belowtiming components (timing belt, tensioner, water pump, harmonic balancer, etc.
    drive-train (full set pro-thane mounts, master/slave cylinder, clutch, 4bolt rear end, xfer case, trans, etc.)
    force performance E3 16g
    e3 exhaust manifold
    turbo back
    850cc injectors
    walbro 255
    aeromotive afpr
    dsmlink v3
    bc 272 cams
    Arp head studs
    Aem wideband
    Autometer phantom II oil pressure and boost gauge
    Hallman mbc

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  2. concreteTSI

    concreteTSI Probationary Member

    Joined Oct 21, 2008
    Baltimore, Maryland
    wish i had time to take on another project,,,not only am i a dsm'er but work on cars for aliving..thus the reason why my car is never going to be finished. hell and to top it off i work right outside fallston, the dipstick thing is typical, oil in the overflow isnt, could be something simple though.
  3. wdawson4

    wdawson4 Proven Member

    Joined Oct 16, 2007
    Edgewood, Maryland
    Well I'm pretty sure its time for a rebuild because my oil pressure spikes over 100 as soon as I get into boost and I'm bummed cause ## so close to me
  4. Gooberlog

    Gooberlog Proven Member

    Joined Dec 30, 2002
    Westminster, Maryland
    Chances are you could benefit from a complete rebuild, but your coolant symptom suggests a blown head gasket. As far as the oil pressure shooting past 100 psi, that may be normal. 4G63s are known to produce a lot of oil pressure under load from what i have read. Some non stock turbos like the one i run are only designed to see well under 100psi at the turbo. As far as a 14b or 16g, they can take more oil pressure. I'm guessing that you have an aftermarket oil pressure gauge but it only goes up to 100psi, since you said under boost it shoots past 100. You can port your oil port relief valve on the filter housing to lower your oil pressure some. This is recommended to be done when balance shafts are eliminated so that the oil pressure will remain close to stock with the deleted shafts.

    Either way you go, a complete rebuild is going to be more expensive and more time consuming that you probably are expecting. The further i looked in to my engine the more work that needed to be done and that raised the price. I was ball parked about $300-400 for machine shop costs, but by the time i got all of the work i needed done to support my set up it was about $1000 for the bottom end and another $300 or so for the head just for machine shop services. I don't mean to scare you away from rebuilding it, but just plan to spend more money AND TIME if you go for a complete rebuild.
    My DSM:
    1992 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo AWD

    11.180 @ 127.000 MPH
  5. wdawson4

    wdawson4 Proven Member

    Joined Oct 16, 2007
    Edgewood, Maryland
    Thank you for the respond and i understand the dollar aspect of what you saying which can be expected when u rebuild anything... machine shop cost is a given, parts have to be found, and labor has to be paid (within reason) i have called multiple shop and for whatever reason i cant get under the 5 grand marker:( and the worse part is i know it can be done for less thats why I'm looking for help from some locals that have more time than me to take on my project... to be honest i wish my kids were in school and i wish we weren't opening another store because then i could just take 2 weeks and only work on this myself but unfortunately i cant and now my dizzum is down so it has been cramping my transportation:(
  6. Blair21

    Blair21 Probationary Member

    Joined May 20, 2011
    I have Honda Accuard which is smash in road accident and I want to rebuild it. Please suggest me the right place and work shop for the repair.

    Baltimore Fitness Boot Camp
    Last edited: May 21, 2011

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