How to remove a Transfer Case.

Posted by BaddAssGst, Apr 26, 2006

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    Well, it was time to get my recall down on the leaky transfer case and not wanting to risk it locking up, I decided to fill it up. I could've done it the "easy" way and just used a funnel but I feel like its hard to until you have 2 people, so I pulled it.

    -- You do NOT have to drain the transfer case before removing it but I chose to do so.

    Step 1: Jack the car up and USE jackstands. :p

    Step 2: Drain the old fluid out of the transfer case. I recommend removing the 17mm fill plug first to avoid any trappage of air. The drain plug in mine ended up using a 15/16th" socket. You can see where I circled the drain plug. After the fluid has drained, put the plug back in.
    Step 2.JPG

    Step 3: Remove the downpipe from the o2 housing, by pulling off the 2 19mm nuts and swinging the downpipe off the to driver side. You may need to tie it, mine stayed put.
    Step 3.JPG

    Step 4: It's now time to pull off the 5 bolts that hold the transfer case on. These are 17mm bolts and there are 3 long and 2 short ones.
    Step 4.JPG
    Step 4.5.JPG
    Step 4.75.JPG

    Step 5: Once the bolts are removed, you just have to slide the transfer case towards the driver side and off of the transmission input shaft. If it feels hard to get off, take a screwdriver and lightly pry around and it will come off.
    Step 5.JPG

    Tip: It is a little heavy so I don't recommend having your face or anything under there.

    Step 6: So now you have it off the transmission and it's laying on the ground. All you have left to do is pull it straight towards the front bumper and off the driveshaft. Depending how long it's going to be off, I would possibly recommend hanging the drive shaft to keep it off the ground.
    Step 6.JPG
    Step 6.25.JPG

    Tip: There are 2 "dowel pins" that hold the transfer case in. Make sure these are still in the trans and did not fall out when you pulled the transfer case out.
    Step 6.5.JPG

    Step 7: Remove either the drain or fill plug and fill up your transfer case to spec. I used the drain plug as it was easier to get to. I filled it with 0.5qts of a mix of RedLine ShockProof and 75-90 gear oil. I chose to fill it up more then the specified amount so I could let the extra seep out of the fill plug. That way, I know I have the right amount in it.

    Step 8: Slide the transfer case back onto the driveshaft and then slide it onto the input shaft. Put the 5 bolts back in and torque them to spec.

    Step 9: Have the car on a level surface and remove the fill plug. Any extra fluid will end up draining out assuming you have to much in. When it's done dripping, put the fill plug back in and your done.

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