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How to read transmission serial numbers / codes

Posted by eclipsh, Feb 18, 2008
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    I borrowed this list from TOTAL PERFORMANCE

    I've called all over the US and Canada looking for a specific trans and needed the numbers to identify them. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

    GearBox Code Vehicle Front LSD Ratio

    W5M33-2-NGRE Lancer gsr RS (1992, 1800cc) ?

    W5M33-2-NNZT Eclipse AWD 5spd mfg 3/94 ?

    W5M33-2-NPXV 91-94 Eclipse AWD 5spd mfg 6/90-2/94 ?

    W5M33-2-NPZT 95-96 Eclipse AWD 5spd mfg 3/94-6/96 ?

    W5M33-2-NQBE Libero/Lancer Gsr, non lsd version of NRWE No 3.545

    W5M33-2-NQBK 1991-92 to 4/92 VR4/ZR4 Galant ?

    W5M33-2-NQBM 1992 Galant to 5/92 ?

    W5M33-2-NRBE 92-95 Lancer GSR, lightweight synco's 2nd & 3rd No 3.545

    W5M33-2-NRWE 92-95 Lancer GSR, stronger box, dbl syncro 2nd Yes 3.545

    W5M33-2-NRXD 1990 Cyborg No 3.545

    W5M33-2-UPFE Evo3 RS with front LSD Yes 3.909

    W5M33-2-UPGE Evo3 GSR non LSD No 3.909

    W5M33-2-UPWE Evo3 GSR with front LSD Yes 3.909

    W5M33-2-UPYE Evo3 RS non LSD No 3.909

    W5M33-2-WPFE Evo2 RS with front LSD Yes 3.909

    W5M33-2-WPGE Evo2 GSR non LSD No 3.909

    W5M33-2-WPVF Galant VR4 E84A ?

    W5M33-2-WPWE Evo2 GSR with front LSD Yes 3.909

    W5M33-2-WPYE Evo2 RS non LSD No 3.909

    W5M33-2-WQFE Evo1 RS with front LSD Yes 3.909

    W5M33-2-WQFK Galant VR4 evo ? ?

    W5M33-2-WQGE Evo1 GSR non LSD No 3.909

    W5M33-2-WQNK VR4 Evo, close ratio box ? No 3.909

    W5M33-2-WQWE Evo1 GSR (and RS?) with front LSD Yes 3.909

    W5M33-2-WQYE Evo1 RS non LSD No 3.909

    I hope this helps someone else out.

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