How To Read OBD II Codes and Code Meanings (ecu)

Posted by versatilx1, Jul 19, 2005

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    Hey there Ive been researching and reading up on obd-II Diagnostics codes and etc i know some of can be lazy and not want to look them up but this is a good how to and helpful thread to those with obd-II Readers which you can purchase at any pepboys,kragens,etc, well here goes a list of ecu codes

    PO100 Volume Air Flow Circuit Malfunction
    PO105 Barometric Pressure circuit Malfunction
    Po107 Map Sensor Voltage Too low
    PO108 Map Sensor Voltage Too High
    PO110 IAT Circuit Malfunction
    PO112 IAT Sensor Voltage Low
    PO113 IAT Sensor Voltage High
    PO115 ECT Circuit Malfunction
    PO117 ECT Sensor Voltage too Low
    PO118 ECT Sensor Voltage too High
    PO120 Tp Sensor Malfunction
    PO121 Tp Sensor Fault
    PO121 TP Sensor Voltage Does not agree With MAP(m/t)
    PO122 TP sensor Reference Signal Voltage Too low
    PO123 TP sensor Reference Signal voltage too high
    PO125 Closed Loop Temperature Not Reached(m/t)
    PO125 Excessive Time To Enter Closed loop fuel Control
    PO130 o2 Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 sensor 1)
    PO131 Upstream HO2S Voltage grounded
    PO132 Upstream HO2S Shorted to Voltage
    PO133 Upstream HO2S Response (m/t)
    PO134 Upstream Ho2S stays at center
    PO135 o2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (bank 1 Sensor 1)
    PO136 o2 sensor circuit malfunction (Bank 1 sensor 2)
    PO137 Downstream HO2S Voltage Grounded
    PO138 Downstream HO2S Shortage to voltage (m/t)
    PO139 Downstream HO2S Stays at center (m/t)
    PO141 Downstream Ho2S Heater Failure (m/t)
    PO141 o2 sensor heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 sensor 2)
    PO170 Fuel Trim Malfunction
    PO171 Fuel System to lean
    PO171 Fuel System to Rich
    PO201 Injector #1 Control Circuit
    PO202 Injector #2 Control Circuit
    PO203 Injector #3 Control Circuit
    PO204 Injector #4 Control Circuit
    PO220 Fuel Pimp Relay Control Circuit
    PO300 Mulitiple Cyliner Misfire (m/t)
    PO301 Cylinder #1 Misfire
    PO302 Cylinder #2 Misfire
    PO303 Cylinder #3 Misfire
    PO304 Cylinder #4 Misfire
    PO325 Knock Sensor #1 Circuit
    PO335 No Crankshaft Reference Signal At PCM
    PO335 CKP Sensor Circuit Malfunction
    PO351 Ignition Coil #1 Primary Circuit
    PO352 Ignition Coil #2 Primary Circuit
    PO340 NO Cam Signal at PCM
    PO340 CMP Sensor Circuit Malfunction
    PO400 EGR Flow Malfunction
    PO401 EGR System Failure
    PO403 EGR SOlenoid Circuit
    PO411 Too little or To mcuh secondary Air(m/t)
    PO412 Pulsed Secondary air injection solenoid circuit(m/t)
    PO420 Catalyst Effiecncy below threshold (bank 1)
    PO422 Cataltic Converter effiency failure
    PO440 Evaporative Emission control system malfunction
    PO441 Evaporative Purge Flow Monitor Failure
    PO442 EVAP Leak Monitor Small Leak detected
    PO443 EVAP Solenoid Circuit
    PO443 EVAP COntrol System Purge Control Valve Circuit Malfunction
    PO455 EvAP Leak Monitor Large Leak Detected
    PO500 No Vehicle Speed Sensor Signal/Sensor Malfunction
    PO505 Idle air/control Motor Malfunction
    PO510 Closed Throttle Position switch
    PO551 Power Steering Pressure Switch Failure (m/t)
    PO605 INternal Controller Failure
    PO605 PCM Failure-SPI Communications
    PO700 Transmission Failure
    PO700 EATX COntroller DTC Center
    PO705 Transaxle Range sensor Circuit Malfunction
    PO710 Transaxle Fluid Temparture Sensor Circuit Failure
    P1103 Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator Malfunction
    P1104 Turbocharger wastegate solenoid Malfunction
    P1105 Fuel Pressure Solenoid Malfunction (turbo)4g63t
    P1294 Target Idle Not reached Within 200RPM (m/t)
    P1295 No 5 Volts to TP sensor
    P1296 No 5 Volts to MAP Sensor
    P1297 No Change in MAP from Start To Run
    P1300 Ignition Timing adjustment Circuit Malfunction
    P1390 Timing Belt Skipped 1 Tooth Or More
    P1391 Intermitlent Loss of CMP Or CKP
    P1400 Manifold Differential Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction
    P1486 EVAP Leak Monitor Pinch Hose Found
    P1487 High Speed Radiator Fan Control Relay
    P1489 High Speed Fan Control Relay Circuit
    P1490 Low Speed Fan Control Relay Circuit
    P1492 Battery Temparture Sensor Voltage To High
    P1493 Battery Temparture Sensor Voltage to Low
    P1494 Evaporative Emissions Ventalation Solenoid switch Or Mechanical Fault
    P1495 Evaporative Emissions Ventalation Solenoid Circuit
    P1496 5 Volts Supply to low
    P1500 Generator FR Terminal Circuit Malfunction
    P1600 Serial Communications Link failure
    P1698 No CCD Message from TCM (A/T)
    P1715 PG Assembly malfunction
    P1750 Solenoid Assembly Malfunction
    P1791 Engine Coolant temparture Level Input Circuit to Tcm failure
    P1899 Park/NeutralPosition switch failure

    If you dont know what the abbrv are like TP,MAP,ETC I will post them here for you those are sensors for those trying to figure this out here goes

    TP=Throttle Position Sensor
    CPS=Crankshaft Postioning Sensor
    IAT-Intake Temparture Sensor
    MPS-Motor Position Sensor
    o2-Oxygen Sensor
    ECT-Engine Coolant Temparture Sensor
    MAF-Mass Air Flow sensor
    BPS-Barometric Pressure Sensor
    CPS-Camshaft Positioning sensor
    EGR-Exhaust Gas Recirculation(California Emissions)

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