how to port an exhaust manifold

Posted by nocturnalspirit, Jan 30, 2006

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    For those of you looking for some free horse power this will show you how to port your exhaust manifold the purpose of this is to allow more exhaust gas to reach your turbo thus allowing it to spin faster and have a better flow of exhaust gasses this modification was done on a 1g eagle talon but porting for any other car is similar

    NOTE this can also be done with aftermarket exhaust manifolds and turbo’s

    WARNINGthis mod WILL take some of time so make sure you have a free weekend and do NOT attempt this with a dermal cause it will take forever and I do not take any responsibility for any damage so do this at your own risk


    Safety glasses- safety first…I highly recommend that you use them
    Die grinder- 15$
    2-3 carbide bits- 15$
    New exhaust manifold gaskets- just get the whole turbo gasket set up kit for like 40$
    Big Vise or some clamps
    Compressed air- they have 5 gallon bottles of these at Wal-Mart I don’t know how much they are though
    And allot of patience especially if you do this with a dermal

    1. Always wear your safety glasses when grinding
    2. take your entire turbo set up(manifold turbo and o2 pipe) out if your gonna do a Complete porting job (recomended) if not then just take the manifold out
    3. Start with the front end (the one that connects to the engine and has 4 holes) of the manifold and clap the manifold so that u can grind comfortably
    4.set the pressure on the die grinder 85 –90 psi
    5. Grind off all rust or grime around the holes – you might want to use an angle grinder for this the die grinder will do
    6. Get the new head gasket you just bought and pre fit it on the manifold
    7. Mark the area you will be grinding off
    8. Start grinding- grind so that the line you drew is no longer visible
    9. Each hole should take about 10-15 minutes so the whole thing will take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour once your done and satisfied with your work flip the manifold so u can grinding the back side (the side that connect to your turbo) of your manifold you will see metal that is uneven with the flange on the inside, grind it out so its flush with the flange
    10. If you look inside the manifold from the same hole and you will see a wall of metal grind as much of that wall out as u can
    11. Once you are done and satisfied with your work toss that circular piece of metal that came off from the manifold you won’t need it

    Now port your turbo and o2 or just pop the manifold back on and you will get much better turbo response

    feel free to ask me questions or post comments

    Ill post pics and how to port your turbo and O2 pipe and how to fix a cracked exhaust manifold later

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