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Posted by EclipseGST-95, Jan 6, 2004

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    There are many ways to make your car look "good"...."Cool" neon lights, body kits, spoilers, rims, hoods, vents, grills, tint, and much much more. You can put as much money as you want into your car but nothin makes it look better then a good old fashioned car wash. Sure you can pay money to go though a car wash but car washes these days just dont cut it, hand wash is the way to go. Depending on the temperature outside you may have to work very fast or you can take your time. First get a butcket, a water hose, a car wash hand glove, and some car wash soap. First, put 1-2 cap fulls of soap into the butcket next fill the bucket with water and soak the glove. Next, start with a simple spray down and make sure you hit every spot right. Then, take some soapie water and use the glove to wipe down the roof of the car. (Note: if its warm out you must spray down the section of the car that you just soaped) Then soak up some more soap water and scrub down the side of the car make sure your scrubbing every square inch of the car. Then you may want to use the hose and spray a little more water on the unscrubbed sections of the car to make it a little easier to get the dirt off. Next, after you spray the hood/windshield scrub that down with some more soap and water (make sure you lift up the windshield wipers) then proceed to scrubbing the hood/ front bumper/head and fog lights. This is a very detailed area and its easy to miss spots so dont rush just take your time. After that proceed to the opposite side of the car you washed earlier give it a quick spray down a scrub the side down (covering every square inch). Next spray down the rear of the car and the rear window, soak up some soap water and scrub it down. Make sure that you make the back of the car look better than any other part of the car because if your like me thats the only part of my car that the people see...on the road road anyway...after your done the rear of the car...give the car one final spray down make sure ur spraying every spot on the car so that and soap that hasn't already evaporated will get washed off. Not only is a car look only as good as you wash it, the wheels look only as good as you wash them...i start with an old rag/tshirt/towel and spray down the wheels with water and then i spray down the wheels with a wheel cleaner (one thats good with degreaser) let it soak on the wheel for a minute or two possible even go on to the next one...then wipe down the wheels with that old towel until you see no break dust/dirt/grease...then spray some water on the wheels and repeat the process for the rest of the i use wet and black and a sponge...exactly what they use to give a car that wet tire look on the show room floor...on a show room it lasts a long time but street drivin it lasts about a week but it makes your car look complete... spray down every 5 inches around the not spray on the rim....then wipe down the tire in a motion around the tirew until you see no drips or runs...repeat process for the next tires...after im done that i get a shamy and wipe down the rest of the water on the car that hasnt already evaporated....after that your done unless you want to wax your car...waxing your car is a difficult process too if done correctly...again your working with sections of the car....start with a bottle of car wax and a sponge and a new clean towel....start with the roof of the car and squirt a lot of wax on it, then rub it in with the sponge in a circular motion (little circles). (Note: waxing should be done in the shade for faster results) then proceed to the hood/front bumper of the car...squirt it all over the hood and bumper and rub again in tiny cicrcles...wax should not sit too long on a car so only do two sections at a time....after the hood go back to the roof and wipe it down with the sure you use a lil muscle because its difficult to rub off sometimes....after your done the roof proceed to the hood and bumper and wipe that down with the towel....make sure you wipe off every spot other wise youll have a foggy faded spot of dried up wax on your car...after your done wiping it down proceed to the sides of the car...squirt some wax on and rub it in work fast so you can get to the other side and do the same thing....after the 2nd side has wax on it go to the first side and wipe it off...after that go to the 2nd side and wipe it off...if your doing it correctly is should be a little difficult to get off....after that go to the back of the car and remember the back MUST look the the same to the back it may be difficult to get under the spoiler but experiment you'll find a way....then after you wait about 2 minutes you can wipe down the rear of the car so theres no wax....finally do a final check for any wax left on the car if there is wipe it off....if your a freak you can go all out and clean the inside...quite simple...windex for the windows armoral for the dash and other leather trimmed parts a vaccuum for the carpet and seats and carpet cleaner for the carpet that has stains... remember to spray the armour all on the towel first then wipe down the leather...other wise you may get some of it on the windshield and it looks like crap....after your done all that you can sit back admire the you never knew you had....and that my friends is how to make your car look good without all the expensive costs of your ricer parts that dont do anything but give you the title of a ricer and make dsms repuation go kno who you are....

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