How to make custom 2.5 inch intercooler pipes

Posted by 99 gst 420a dsm, Jan 6, 2004

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    Makng your own 2.5inch intercooler pipes is a great way to save money and get exactly what you want, first off i went to a local shop (my father) and had him make me 5 press bent 45 degree angles and 5 90 degree angles out of 2.5 inch exhaust pipe to simulate what the mandrel bent pipes would be like ( for $25 ea. out of jcwhitney magazine you dont want to order to many or to few pipes) then i also got a 10 foot stick of the same cheap 2.5 inch exhaust pipe, went to the local hardware store and got 10 2.5inch pvc pipe cuplers. so far i have like $40 into this, (its worth it in the end) if you are building this kit for a 1g/2g 4g63 turbo dsm you will want to get the modded throttle body with 2.5inch inlet, off the throttle body you will use one of the 90 degree angles off the throttle body, and so on and so forth, after you have all the angles figured out you will need to cut the 10 foot stick of exhaust pipe down to go between the angles, connect the straight pipes and the angles with the rubber pipe cuplers, and you will have a complete 2.5inch pipe setup( this is only your example), now order the angles that you used, i.e. 4 45degree angles and 3 90 degree angles( make sure to get stainless), when you get the mandrel bent angles in the mail replace each press bent angle witht he mandrel bent angle, when all angles have been replaced go back to the muffler shop and get a stick of 2.5 inch stainless pipe, use the straight peices of exhaust pipe as an example of how long to cut the stainless pipe, when the lenghts of the stainless pipe have been made and the standard exhaust pipe has been replaced with the new stainless lengths of exhaust pipes you have a full mandrel bent stainless intercooler pipe system, now you will have to cut a square in one of the pipe cuplers, this will be so you can see where the pipes touch each other, you will have to use a marker to mark a line accross both pipes where they meet (this shows you where the pipes conect together), now you can take the pipe cuplers off and have the pipes braised together just make sure to grind the edges of the pipes so you will have a V to braise in (i dont recomend having them weilded because of weild berrys getting inside the pipes and getting into your intake manifold) if you have seen other uper and lower intercooler pipes you will know where the pipes dont need to be conected (you dont want a 1 peice intercooler pipe because you wont be able to get it into the car) now you are able to grind down the braise smooth to the pipes and paint them what ever color you would like, where you have the Blow off valve port is your choice, its recomended to have it 14 inchs from the throttle body, BOV flanges can be purchased from ebay for very little money. i would connect the new pipes together with some fancy pipe cuplers from ebay as well, and now that you have a complete press bent intercooler pipe setupn the on the side.... you can probably find someone to buy that so that they dont have to go through the trouble of all that work, someone may even want the press bent setup to use on there car, this is a very great idea for those who have turbocharged there 420a or now using the GM maf because specific intercooler pipesetups are hard to find and very expencise, i make my own pipes for everything turbocharged, and i use this same prosess.....


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