How do I test cam sensor and crank sensor

Posted by cramec2, Aug 17, 2005

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  1. cramec2

    cramec2 Proven Member

    Joined Sep 7, 2004
    Manchester, Connecticut
    What is the procedures on how to test the cam postion sensor and crank angle sensor?Book all points to special tools.I what to use a multi meter.All the values they give are for special do-dad

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  2. turbotalon46825

    turbotalon46825 Probationary Member

    Joined Aug 4, 2005
    Fort Wayne, Indiana
    all you need is a voltameter.
    to test the camshaft sensor, turn the key on and check the supply voltage at terminal number 3.(should be around 12 volts)also check #1 to be sure it should be 4.8-5.2 volts
    crank sensor is the same but check terminal #2 instead of #1.
    also check terminal #4 for constant ground.
    hope this helps...let me know if you need that clarified at all! :thumb:
  3. ADrewzki

    ADrewzki Proven Member

    Joined Dec 7, 2003
    Denver, Colorado
    Both the cam and crank sensor will have a power, ground, and a signal wire. You basically want the signal wire but the trick with a 2g is to trigger the signal. The easiest way that I can think of doing this is to simply turn your engine over slowly by hand until the trigger plate causes the signal to go high for each. Can I ask why you need to test these?
  4. cramec2

    cramec2 Proven Member

    Joined Sep 7, 2004
    Manchester, Connecticut
    After I rebuilt engine I now have no spark..It ran fine B4 I pulled engine..All wire are plugged in I labled them all..If engine is time 180 out will it still spark?
  5. hopwoodp

    hopwoodp Proven Member

    Joined Dec 9, 2004
    Oak Harbor, Washington
    I have a good question for you guys that is related to this. I have a 95 gsx that wa salvaged. I have both cam and crank angle sensors but, cannot find my wiring harness. Either it got ripped out and I can't find it. I looked in one of my manuals and cannot get an accurate description or where it is located. I searched all over my enginne bay. If there is any way someone can trace there wires back to the harness to see what other wires it connects to(ie. coolant sensor, spark, bcs, etc) It would be very helpful for me. If anyone has any input for me I would defenatly utilize it. Thanks
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    BISHILVR Banned Member

    Joined Nov 14, 2003
    salem, Ohio
    The best way to test the cas is to buy a fairly cheap volt meter that has a frequency meter built in. Alot of the cheaper ones have that feature now. The next step would be to crank the engine over while probing the output wire(s) on the cas (you will have to get a schematic to find the output wires). If you have a good cas you will see a frequency generated on the output line(s) otherwise it will be a flat liner, and it's then a paper weight. :dsm:
  7. Reject

    Reject Proven Member

    Joined Feb 27, 2009
    Saint Paul, Minnesota
    Sorry for bringing back an old thread, but is the procedure for a 420a the same?
    And are the voltages that I am looking for the same?

    The haynes manual is a POS when it comes to the camshaft sensor.

    Probe results;

    Terminal One; 11.56 volts
    Terminal Two; Continuity checkout between it and ground
    Terminal Three; Ranged from .16-5.2 when dry cranking

    This sound like the correct ranges?

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