How do I gap the dual tip bpr6ekn plugs?

Posted by Gleason, Jun 22, 2005

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  1. Gleason

    Gleason Proven Member

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    Henrietta, New York
    I got the bpr6ekn because i've read they generally have a decent life span, and aren't too much more $$ over the bpr6es's.

    Anyways, I just realized thier double tipped and i'm not sure how to gap them. They come pre-grapped at .032.

    I've read that, a good reason why the bosch plug tips 'generally' break is because ofthier .032 gap that can't be changed[not sure if this was true], so running the .032 gap with the bpr6ekns has me abit worried.

    Do I need a special gapper tool, or do I just use these plugs at .032? I checked NGKs site, and the guide here, but both only use examples of single tipped plugs and NGK makes no mention about gapping the dual tip plugs.


    Sorry if this is a repost, I've tried a bunch of searches involving plug gap, but mainly only found threads of people asking what the gap is for plugs, nothing about actually gapping the dual tipped bpr6ekn's.

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  2. NjzRedGST

    NjzRedGST Awaiting Email Verification

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    SJ, New Jersey
  3. asexton6969

    asexton6969 Proven Member

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    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Dont listen to all that. Your first question is are you running other than stock boost? If you are running stock boost levels get the bpr6es. (single tip) If you are running higher than stock go a step colder with the 7es. Make sure they are single tip. They cost less and generally are better. Do not get Bosch at all. Go with the NGK's.
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  4. Budget90GST

    Budget90GST Proven Member

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    Anaheim, California
    You don't gap them. They should be gapped from the factory. Mine was anyway. Just install them and drive away. :thumb:
  5. BergayaJS

    BergayaJS Proven Member

    Joined Aug 30, 2004
    Wichita, Kansas
    Yes they come gapped from the factory but you should always check and regap if necessary. my bpr6es came gapped like 0.06 :confused:

    oh to gap them u can just use a needle nose plier. just don't touch the center electrode if they're iridiums.
  6. IHeartTurbo

    IHeartTurbo Proven Member

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    Weld, Maine
    Please ignore this post. /\ /\ /\

    The only difference between your BPR6EKN plugs and the BPR6ES plugs is the dual tip. This isn't going to give you any gains, but you aren't going to lose anything either. The dual tip is just to provide more reliability/slightly longer life since you have 2 ground electrodes instead of just one. The reason you aren't going to see any performance gain over the single electrode's is because electricity is lazy, it will take the shortest path to ground as possible. This means it will only use one ground electrode at a time, not both like the manufacturer's like people to believe. But, like I said before you will gain a slightly longer life since as one electrode wears out, the spark will use the other one, and will keep doing that.

    Oh, and you should be able to gap them just like any single electrode plug. Just check the gap and bend the electrode in or out depending. DO NOT hit the electrode to get it to bend in as that tends to crack the insulator.
  7. steve

    steve DSM Wiseman

    Joined Feb 3, 2002
    St. Charles, Illinois
    Unless somebody dropped the box all plugs are gapped but to what. There are a whole bunch of different engines that use these plugs. You always check and set the gap on any plug before installing it. It might be right on and it might not, but you never know unless you check.

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  8. RamenPride

    RamenPride Proven Member

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    Virginia Beach, Virginia
    I was wondering how far down I'd have to scroll before someone posted something that made any sense
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  9. katz

    katz Proven Member

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    Newark, Delaware
    To make sure that the plugs are gapped correctly you might have to buy a tool or get creative and try to pull up on the electrode little by little and measure the gap with a feeler gauge until you have the distance. I forget what company makes it, but I've seen a tool for this situation in a issue of sport compact car that was featured before.
  10. Dan-TSS

    Dan-TSS Proven Member

    Joined May 4, 2005
    Portville, New York
    ;) When gapping the dual tip NGK BPR6EKN's.....the electrodes are "U" shaped...are you supposed to measure the gap at the tips of the "U" to the electrode(they are the closest point to the electrode) or in the center of the "U"(this is the farthest point away from the center electrode)?
  11. toojung2die

    toojung2die Proven Member

    Joined May 4, 2004
    La$ Vega$, Nevada
    I may have the definitive answer to this plug gapping question. When adjusting the gap on a spark plug, any spark plug, the best tool to use is a wire feeler gauge. Flat blade feeler gauges can give you an erroneous result because the gap between the tip and ground electrode is rarely perfectly flat even on a single electrode plug. The gap is obviously not flat on the dual electrode NGK BPR6EKN, it's u-shaped. Buy a genuine spark plug gapping tool. It will have a complete selection of wire gauges and the correct attachment for bending the ground electrodes to adjust the gap.
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