Highway Miles VS City Miles

Posted by paranoidTSi, Apr 7, 2005
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  1. paranoidTSi

    paranoidTSi Proven Member

    Dec 27, 2002
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    none, Utah
    I don't understand why when people sell cars they are insistant in telling people "Mostly Highway Miles"...why exactly is it easier on a car or better on the car when compared to City Miles?
  2. L2RTSiAWD

    L2RTSiAWD Moderator

    Apr 8, 2002
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    Mesa, Arizona
    I don't either.

    I'd never buy a car with higher milage for a lower price just because they were "Highway miles' only.
  3. leet

    leet Proven Member

    Jan 10, 2003
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    Atwater, California
    Generally, there is less transmission shifting and RPM changes on a car that is mostly highway driven.

    Whereas, in the city, you are constantly starting and stopping, which in turn will cause more wear of parts.
  4. jasoncitrano

    jasoncitrano Proven Member

    Jul 10, 2004
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    schaumburg, Illinois
    It's becuase there is less wear on some major parts.

    1. If it's manual there's obviously less wear on the clutch.
    2. The suspension would be alot less worn, considering there's alot more potholes and bumps during city driving then highway driving.
    3. Frequent stoping and starting of the engine is harmful to it, so when a car is driving mostly highway miles obviously it's not started and stopped in a short period of time so I would definitly buy a car that was cheaper becuase of highway miles.

    Only problem is you never know if they're telling the truth :p

    BGRIPTP Proven Member

    May 29, 2003
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    Parma Hts., Ohio

    Yeah, it basicly has to do with the start/stopping. Your car much rather have you stay at 3500 rpm on the highway then always stop and going from 1000 to 4500 or whenever you shift on the street. :thumb:
  6. Defiant

    Defiant DSM Wiseman

    DSM Profiles:
    Jan 13, 2003
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    glorious Galt, California
    Because they want more of your money than you should have to give for that car, and it's a term that can be tossed-off in the way one can say, 'Well, he was a murderer, but he didn't dismember anyone afterward."

    High miles are high miles. It's only been in about the last fifteen or twenty years that cars, metalurgy, lubrication, fuels and and fuel controls have come into a harmonious concordance such that engines commonly last a quarter-million miles. It used to be a miracle if you heard of one that'd gone 75K without at least a valve job, and usually a ring-and-valve. This is a lot of why I say synthetic oils are overkill- they're just not needed. I'm not sure which has contributed the most to the current longevity, but my suspects are the removal of tetraethyl lead from fuels, closed-loop feedback fuel injection doing away with mechanical chokes, better oil additive packages, and better ring and block alloys.

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