Head lifting or bad headgasket?

Posted by stevetalon, Feb 17, 2010

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  1. stevetalon

    stevetalon Proven Member

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    Frederick, Colorado
    So when i bought the car the previous owner installed a 5 layer metal head gasket. It has been running great for like 5 years on 14psi and has seen 18psi but recently i was pushing 19 psi with a peak timing of 22 on e85 and i starting pushing coolant and my temp would go up really fast. I'm not burning coolant or oil and they are not mixing. I freaked out when i got on it and my heater went cold. I did a compression check and its good and i pressurized the coolant system and it held pressure. I replaced the radiator cap. If i lifted the head could my 6 bolt geadstuds stretched and if the head lifted is the head gasket no good? It driving fine right now and im wondering if i should put in the arp's and see if it stops or should i just replace the headgasket with a felpro composite i have?

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  2. iugrad92turbo

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    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    If it lifte it seems more problems, i use oem head gaskets its a cheap part and arps, for some good insurance to a certain limit. Sounds like a head gasket is blown. I would just replace it with what you want, and see what happeneds, whats the worse scenario if you just change the gasket.
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