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Posted by 4g63tsiawd, Jan 20, 2004

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    If you own a 1g like i do and have changed the fuel pump then you know how hard the fitting can be to take off. Well when i went to disconnect mine I broke the metal line that went down into the fuel pump. I priced a new one but it was way too much and I knew that a junkyard one would probably do the same thing, so I fixed it myself. The metal line broke right at the base of the access plate so I couldnt put a compression fitting on so heres what I did. Took the plate over to my friends house he has a drill press. Found the biggest drill bit he had (which was a 1/2 metal bit if you can go bigger I would I had to do some filing on the hole) and drilled out where the metal line goes down into the access plate so that elimanated the entire metal fuel line down to the pump. So I took off the male fitting that gave me the trouble in the first place and took it down to the hardware store, I found a piece of pipe (steel would work best if they have it i used aluminum) that would fit into the fitting you only need like 2 inches of pipe but it was sold it 1 foot sections. I also bought 1 foot of 3/8 rubber fuel line and a rubber gromet that the fuel line fit in. I got a couple of clamps also and if you dont have a flaring tool you will need one, and also a small metal file. Now depending on what size hole you drilled half inch like me you will have to do some filing on the hole, remember the hole has to be big enough that when you put the gromet into it that the fuel line will go into the gromet. Once you have the gromet and fuel line pushed though the hole put the fuel pump on and make sure you hose clamp it I aslos used a bigger clamp to hold my fuel pump to the fuel pump housing I didn't trust the wire tie that came with the new fuel pump. After you have the fuel pump connected up and secured you can go ahead and drop it back into the fuel tank. Now take the piece of small pipe you bought and the flaring kit and flare a end of the pipe if using aluminum dont flare it too muck it will crack. I believe the flare size was 5/16 but double check. Cut the piece of pipe about 3 inches long, slid the old male fitting on the new pipe and put it back on the fueline where it came off of. Now cut the rubber fuel line that is coming out of the access plate so it will go onto the new metal line and clamp them together. Start the car and check for leaks. I have a 1g so I don't know if it will work for a 2g dsm

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