Door Handle Not Opening

Posted by my dreamt dsm, Jan 1, 2011

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    Just installed new door handles for your 2g. What! Now you can't open the door BUT the handles are not broken.
    Will your problem lies within the Door Handle Lever that pushes down on the Lower Lever when the door is pulled to open from outside. This will be located behind your door handle and follow that little lever to the assembly housed by white plastic.

    You will need:
    Patients- for it is a hard to reach place
    Small hand- if you have one
    Good music
    Choice of beer or cigarette
    Phillip screw driver- taking off door interior
    1 heavy duty cotter pin- insert through hole
    Needle nose pliers- use to hold cotter pin to place it through hole
    Flash light- maybe
    Good eyes to read my crappy painting

    This is for the driver door. Passenger door is the same. Instead of looking left you will look right into the door.
    I assume you already know how to take the door interior apart and the plastic screen with black glue WHICH IS VERY EASY.
    When you get to the driver door and take apart the plastic screen look inside to the left you will see the parts you will be working with. It is very tight so camera shots are kind of useless. For that I resided to old school elementary skills.

    Example #1. It shows the door at resting position and mechanisms associated with it.

    Example #2. Shows how the mechanisms should work on a proper working door. When you pull the handle the Door Handle Lever will push down on the Lower Lever allowing you to open the door.

    Example#3. Shows you what happens when there is slack from pushing the Door Handle Lever down to open the door, you can't because nothing is pushing the Lower Lever to open.

    Example #4 Make sure you use the heavy duty cotter pins that are used for axle nuts and ball joints. You will be opening the door forever. How many times you use your door handle in 1 month, get my point.

    Example #5. It is very very tight for hands to get the pin into the hole described. You will need a needle nose pliers to hold the cotter pin while you insert it to the hole.

    Example #6 You will need to bend the cotter pin from coming loose. First use the needle nose pliers in close position to bend it so it stays in place, if you use your hands you RISK dropping that pin and there is close to no way of getting it out. Then stick your hands in there to bend it after you secure it with the pliers. Be sure to test out the door handle to make sure you got rid of the slack which is PREVENTING you to open the door.

    After you are done you WILL NOTICE the door opening way way easier. You can barely move the handle and it would open. I rate this job as a 3/10. As easy as changing spark plugs, just a little harder then changing oil. If you have any questions please feel free to pm if I wasn't clear on some parts- assuming if I'm still a member on this site. Have fun and good luck. Don't make it seem harder then it is. It is very easy!

    If I ever have the door off again I will take a vid shot of how it looks and post it along this.

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