car wont go over 35-40 mph!!

Posted by darrinevans253, Jun 12, 2011

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  1. darrinevans253

    darrinevans253 Probationary Member

    Joined Jun 7, 2011
    auburn, Washington
    How's it goin guys I just bought a 1990 plymouth laser (turbo)... I don't kno too much about turbos still learning about them... so it starts up fine smells like its burnin fuel little bit of black smoke. But when I drive it, it won't go anything over 35 to 45 and sounds like sh** and boggs and starts jerking but I can shift through all my gears... I can't figure it out for nothen ### help! Thx guys!

    And won't go over 3000 rpms

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  2. highlandgst

    highlandgst Proven Member

    Joined May 11, 2009
    miller, Indiana
    boost leak... do a boost leak test
  3. luv2rallye

    luv2rallye DSM Wiseman

    Joined Jun 7, 2003
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    A fast check before doing a full BLT is check all your clamps on all the intake hoses.
    My DSM:
    1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST

    14.200 @ 95.000 MPH
  4. darrinevans253

    darrinevans253 Probationary Member

    Joined Jun 7, 2011
    auburn, Washington
    Ya I checked them and all the hoses were good...
  5. miguelmcv

    miguelmcv Proven Member

    Joined May 3, 2009
    Fresno, California
    Check your TPS.
    It could be your problem as well.
    My DSM:
  6. Chaosweaver

    Chaosweaver Proven Member

    Joined Mar 25, 2009
    South Jersey, New Jersey
    The transistor (Ignition control module) will kill of cylinders if its bad, I had the same problem with my 2G and it ended up being a bad transistor.
  7. Infamous33

    Infamous33 Proven Member

    Joined May 30, 2011
    Chicopee, Massachusetts
    You haven't given us much to go on here....
    Is the check engine light on? Here is a short list of possibilities:
    Bad MAF
    Bad spark plug/ignition wire
    Oil leaking into spark plug tube
    Ignition timing

    I could go on for a while, but how bout starting with the basics. Does it seem to run real rough at idle? If so, start by checking your plugs and wires. If it misfires under a load, it could be the wire shorting to the head.
    Don't overthink a problem until the simple stuff has been checked. Get back to us with the findings.
  8. Boomdeeze

    Boomdeeze Proven Member

    Joined Jul 5, 2009
    Independence, Minnesota
    I had a similar problem and it turned out to be a ton of boost leaks. Do a BLT and go from there, cheapest and easiest fix.
    My DSM:
    1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

    10.793 @ 128.98 MPH
  9. motozachl

    motozachl Proven Member

    Joined Jul 15, 2008
    Cleveland, Ohio
    +1 million
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  10. gufi

    gufi Proven Member

    Joined Apr 12, 2011
    Chula Vista, California
    i had a parts car that i had to drive home that was sortof like this, the turbo was seized.

    check that also, just pop off the intake and see if it spins freely
  11. niddydsm

    niddydsm Proven Member

    Joined Jan 25, 2009
    Thornton, Colorado
    my 94 sat for 11 months and when i started it up it did the same thing... My problem was wouldnt go past 3k would just bog down at it.. turned out to be ECU leaking
    My DSM:
  12. GettinPaper

    GettinPaper Proven Member

    Joined Aug 31, 2009
    Battle Ground, Washington
    I had the same problem with my 91 talon awd turbo when i first bought it..
    It would not go past 4grand whatsoever shifting normal or when i get on it..
    Swapped the ecu with an eprom and everythings cool now ;)
    Spooling hard to redline.
    My DSM:
  13. 92turbotalonpink

    92turbotalonpink Probationary Member

    Joined May 20, 2014
    kalispell, Montana
    well I have a 92 talon that someone started to pull apart, I got the car on trade, put it back together and looks like I missing a few things like iac, and thermol valve, now should I be able to rotate the blow off arm, dose anyone have a iac or thermol valve. also my car runs fine but just will not go over 25 revs fine I need help Kalispell mt if there is someone out there that can help me406-755- 3330 please call It would be better for me thanks

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